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Super Bass (Acoustic Version) - Tyler Ward & Alex G & Eppic . beyond angelic Gets my heart melting like chocolate fondue On the first date I'm already thinking . Alex Greene. For the fourth year in a row Deanes EIPIC has won the prestigious Michelin Star accolade! Alex Greene is from Dundrum in the Mourne country in. Check out Perfectly Known by Alex G & Eppic Tyler Ward on Amazon Music. Original Release Date: December 20, ; Release Date: December 20,

EPIC argued that "Cell phones are now as necessary to the life of Americans as they are ubiquitous" and that users expect their location data will remain private. The Court agreed, in a decision by the Chief Justice, emphasizing the importance of protecting privacy as technology advances: United States concerning the Fourth Amendment and location data. Marylandthat allows for the warrantless collection of calling data. CaliforniaUnited States v.

JonesState v.

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Earlsand Commonwealth v. Prompted by recent privacy scandals, the representatives asked Google and Apple whether their devices track users' location even when location services are disabled or record users' private conversations without a "trigger" word. The issue of smartphones and privacy has generated widespread attention following the Supreme Court's landmark ruling in Carpenter v.

EPIC recently advised Congress to strengthen privacy protections for mobile location data in response to the Supreme Court's ruling. United Statesa case about warrantless searches of rental vehicles. EPIC explained cars today "make little distinction between driver and occupant, those on a rental agreement and those who are not. The lower court held that because the driver was not an authorized renter, he was not entitled to privacy protection.

Congress regarding the privacy and consumer safety risks posed by connected vehicles. JonesRiley v. Californiaand Florida v. Virginiathe Court will decide whether police can search a vehicle parked in the driveway of a private home without first obtaining a warrant. United Statesthe Court will decide whether a person driving a rental car loses their expectation of privacy in the vehicle solely because they are not the official driver on the rental agreement.

The Court is already set to hear Carpenter v.

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United States this fall, a major Fourth Amendment case about warrantless searches of cell phone location data. EPIC filed a "friend-of-the-court" brief in that case urging the Court to extend Constitutional protection to cell phone data.

StrieffLos Angeles v. Pateland Riley v. Court of Appeals has ruled that warrantless use of a cell-site simulator or "stingray" violates the Fourth Amendment. The court found that Stingray devices enable "officers who possess a person's telephone number to discover that person's precise location remotely and at will.

EPIC recently filed a brief in a U. Supreme Court case arguing that warrantless location tracking violates the Fourth Amendment. EPIC has also promoted oversight of Stingrays by law enforcement agencies. EPIC has also filed amicus briefs in federal and states courts arguing that cell phone location data is protected by the Fourth Amendment. Supreme Court has granted review in Carpenter v. United Statesa case concerning the privacy of cell phone location data. At issue is data that can be used to track cell phone users and whether police are required to obtain warrants to conduct these searches.

A lower court ruled that the Fourth Amendment does not require officers to get a warrant before they obtain location records from a cell phone provider. EPIC will file an amicus in Carpenter supporting the application of the warrant standard to obtain location data. The Department of Justice adopted guidelines that require a warrant before using Stingray devices to track the location of mobile devices.

California passed a law requiring a warrant for a Stingray. EPIC also filed amicus briefs in U. Jones and State v.

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Earlsarguing that a warrant is required to obtain location information from cell phone subscribers. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit ruled that the Fourth Amendment protects a cell phone user's location records and that officers must get a warrant to inspect them. The Fourth Circuit is the first federal appeals court to hold that the Fourth Amendment warrant requirement applies to location data following the decision by the Eleventh Circuit earlier this year permitting warrantless searches.

The Supreme Court will likely review one of these two cases to resolve the split between federal appeals courts. The court found individuals have a "reasonable expectation of privacy" in their cell phone location data, based on the Supreme Court's recent decisions in United States v. Jones and Riley v. These records, the court found, can be even "more invasive" than the "GPS device attached to the defendant's car in Jones. New Hampshire joins several other states that protect the privacy of cell phone location records, by public law or court decision.

EPIC has filed amicus curiae briefs in the U. Supreme Court and the Supreme Court of New Jersey arguing that location tracking by the government is a search under the Fourth Amendment and should be conducted only with a judicial warrant.

The Project builds on EPIC's extensive work on emerging privacy and civil liberties issues in the states. The new State Project will focus on student privacydronesconsumer data securitydata breach notificationlocation privacygenetic privacythe right to be forgottenand auto black boxes.

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Nomi's privacy policy stated that customers would be able to opt out of tracking, however, customers were not informed when they were being tracked. The settlement agreement will prohibit Nomi from deceiving consumers in their privacy policies. EPIC supports the use of privacy enhancing technologies to protect consumers from trackingincluding the adoption of randomized MAC addresses that prevent persistent identification.

Based on memoirs, it follows the journey of Jewish counterfeiter, Sally Sorowitsch, who is forced to lead the operation in Sachsenhausen concentration camp. Nirgendwo in Afrika Nowhere in Africa - Set mostly in remote Kenya, this beautiful classic is another Oscar-winner, and a truly moving piece.

Made more authentic by the mixture of German, English and Swahili, the film chronicles a family of Jewish refugees that migrates to a small farm in the middle of Kenya before the outbreak of the Second World War. Focusing on the relationships between the family members and the native people, this one is guaranteed to move you. Stasi agent Gerd Wiesler is assigned to spy on a Berliner playwright, but he becomes increasingly uncomfortable doing so.

When asked how he prepared for the role, he simply replied: Barbara - For those who prefer slower, more arthouse films, this could be the one for you. Whereas most German Cold War movies are based in Berlin, this feature shows what life was like in provincial East Germany.

Barbara, a physician who applied to leave for the West, is punished by the state and finds herself in an isolated rural hospital. No explosions or gunfire, but a very heartfelt story and beautifully filmed. Der Baader-Meinhof Komplex The Baader-Meinhof Complex - Especially for those who are too young to remember the Cold War, West Germany is often seen as the prosperous and peaceful one in comparison with its eastern sibling. This movie proves the opposite: A great film that gives insight into the minds of these extreme activists.

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