Alex zane and alexa chung dating

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alex zane and alexa chung dating

Alexa Chung tells Elizabeth Day about life with Arctic Monkey Alex Turner, MTV's flagship rock show Gonzo, taking over from Radio 1 DJ Zane Lowe. with the fact that her boyfriend is Arctic Monkeys frontman Alex Turner. With William J. Brown, Alexa Chung, Nathan Connolly, Dirty Pretty Things. From this episode on, Alexa Chung and Alex Zane took over as presenters of the . Alexa Chung: America's new idol Model, teen TV presenter, fashion icon style hero to a generation, girlfriend to Arctic Monkeys' Alex Turner and one half of Britain's coolest couple – off to America. . She and co-host Alex Zane lasted a year.

Well, no, it did do my head in a bit. It depends on the day. It's like being at school. I didn't expect everyone to like me and they certainly didn't, so I don't see why it should differ just because I got older and started being on TV. She went to New York last summer in a blaze of glory to present It's on With Alexa Chung, a daily show broadcast live from Times Square for MTV, but the series was cancelled after two series, partly because the slick American television executives did not quite understand Chung's quirky British predilection for saying exactly what she thought and partly because her irreverent humour was lost in translation.

I hate feeling left out, so I'm obsessed with seeing what everyone else is up to," Chung admits, but then someone started making death threats on her Twitter page while she was in New York, which understandably put her off the whole thing. Partly, one imagines, it is because she is strikingly beautiful and yet simultaneously unafraid of expressing her own opinion, a combination that leaves her open to accusations of condescension even though, in person, she is extremely nice, warm and witty.

How does her boyfriend react when people write horrible things about her on the internet? She had a successful spell as a teenage model she was scouted three times before signing to Storm at the age of 16 and left school with three A-levels two As and a B and an offer to study English at King's College London, but was too busy to take it up. Chung first burst on to our screens in as the sarcastic co-presenter of Channel 4's teen music show, Popworld.

Episode dated 9 December 2006

She once famously corrected the grammar of Brendon Urie, frontman of rock band Panic! At the Disco, mid-interview. You're such a bunch of idiots' and I guess I just didn't hide it," she says. So what does she consider to be the most aggravating grammatical error? Along the way, Chung found herself tagged with the label of "it girl". Frequently seen at fashion shows surrounded by her cool celebrity friends Pixie Geldof, Agyness Deyn, Daisy Lowe and parading her own brand of tomboyish sartorial chic, Chung has become something of a trendsetter.

Her influence extends beyond her target audience. Last year, Vogue named her its best-dressed woman and when high-end fashion label Mulberry designed an "Alexa" handbag, it rapidly became its bestselling accessory.

Dolly Jones, the editor of Vogue. You get the impression she's doing what she likes, rather than simply playing up to the camera". There's also a knowing quality to Chung that ensures she never takes herself too seriously.

Alexa Chung jokes about being 30 but getting older won't affect her style

Being vain or thinking about oneself too much, she says, "just seems really self-indulgent". As a result of the rock star boyfriend and the fact that she used to be a model, Chung has inevitably been touted as "the new Kate Moss". And yet, unlike Moss, who seemed in many ways to define the excesses of the economic boom with her drug scandals and her wild partying, Chung belongs to a less brash generation that has grown up surrounded by the excesses of reality television and that appears more aware of fame's intrinsic absurdity.

It's just so silly and it makes people behave in such a weird way," she says. Please don't turn this into a big moany diatribe, but sometimes you've just got really fucking bad period pain or I just had root canal on Friday and someone's like, 'Can I have a picture? Why would you want that?

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Silk kimono and sexy videos. Page 2-alexa chung tells elizabeth day. Menu absolutely free dating sites no credit card Ignorance about life with popworld with popworld with alexa chung.

alex zane and alexa chung dating

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alex zane and alexa chung dating

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