Are dillon and coleysia still dating after 3

‘Are You The One’ Reunion: Which Couples Are Still Together? - Oh No They Didn't!

are dillon and coleysia still dating after 3

Though it's currently on season seven, only a handful of couples from the series have remained together. who are still together — whether they were deemed perfect matches by MTV's matchmakers or not. Of all of the couples that remain together, Amber and Ethan are the only ones. Well, after last week's Are You The Onefinale resulted in a “perfect 10,” it's time to find out just how many couples stayed together. . mte but i'm not surprised, dillon never seemed all that into it . i totally thought dillan and coleysia were together but i'm also not at all surprised that April 3 , UTC 4 years ago. I am going to fucking cry, Dillan and Coleysia, I was really rooting for them and now This is an extras clip showing what the 3 perfect matches are up too. second time and still heartbroken that Dillan and Coleysia aren't together anymore.

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are dillon and coleysia still dating after 3