Are drake and serena williams dating

Serena Williams and Drake relationship history ▷

are drake and serena williams dating

Alexis and serena reportedly met at a alexis ohanian serena williams boyfriend lunch and started dating soon after who is serena dating Serena Williams, Drake, Alexis Ohanian of the Great Cincinnati Cuddle-Off E! News learned that they had been dating for about a month. Now that Drake is rumored to be dating Rihanna yet again, let us not forget that brief and wonderful moment in when it looked like Aubrey.

Drake became a fan of Serena Williams back in and began watching her matches from the stands. He was spotted at a number of her games cheering her on from the sidelines.

are drake and serena williams dating

Then he posted this Back inDrake let everyone know that he had a thing for the US tennis champion when he posted this very suggestive message on Twitter. The tweet also hinted the pair were spending time together off the court.

are drake and serena williams dating

Remember when Drake mentioned Serena Williams in a song? Adding to his previous suggestion the two spent time together, he rapped: Serena Williams' ex-boyfriend Common did, and he fired off a diss track at Drake.

Serena Williams' ex-fling Common sent subliminal shots at Drake on his song 'Sweet', inferring that the Canadian rapper was "soft".

A few standout lines from the track include: And Drake fired back at Common with one of his hottest verses yet.

are drake and serena williams dating

After hearing Common's diss song, Drizzy wasn't impressed. Drake then unleashed one of his greatest verses on Rick Ross' song 'Stay Schemin' firing off lyrics such as: Common confirmed that he dissed Drake because of his relationship with Serena Williams. After firing off a number of diss tracks at Drake, Common and Drake eventually squashed their rap feud in Drake supporting Serena on her game, photo from capitalxtra. The rapper sat in the stands with her team, and there were reports that he spent some time with her after the game.

are drake and serena williams dating

On Instagram, Drake celebrated Serena's Wimbledon victory, posting the photo of her with the trophy and congratulating her on winning the tournament. Nevertheless, both sides were remained silent on their supposed romantic connection and did not comment on it. Still, the media would not stop until they manage to dig out a sensation about Drake and Serena, and soon enough, they succeeded.

The rapper and the tennis player were photographed kissing in Cincinnati. Their passionate moment happened in the VIP section of the prestigious restaurant, where they probably thought they would escape from prying eyes. Within minutes, the footage of this moment was posted on the Internet, and the fans had an opportunity to witness their romance with their own eyes.

Oh, Baby! Serena Williams' Journey From Drake Drama to Under-the-Radar Happiness | E! News

Not long after, the two lovebirds were spotted kissing again — this time it was near the building that looked like a hotel or restaurant. Drake then walked Serena to the car that was waiting for her. There were a lot of references to the sports and tennis in particular in the song, and the fans took it as another reminder of his relationship with Serena Williams.

Speaking of Serena, paparazzi caught her having tea with Kim Kardashian, and some avid fans started theorizing that Drake was the one who introduced these ladies to each other. However, after Serena lost the US Open semifinal, many people started blaming the famous rapper for her defeat and believing that he made the tennis star lose her focus. The pair then proceeded to leave the game together.

There were so many proofs that Serena and Drake have something going on between them. Even though they never confirmed anything, they never denied their connection either. Drake and Serena, photo from espn.

Photos fiercest female athletes. Although williams, 34, was recently linked to drake, a second source says it was simply a flirty friendship. Now, the tennis pro is making love part of her routine, bringing her new guy, 32, to her workout at the los.

Are Drake and Serena Williams dating? Rapper spotted courtside at Wimbledon again after fling

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Is Serena Williams dating Drake?

Serena williams has the wisest dating advice. First things first, she's the realest. Thea leaned back into the shadow of the rock room and warmed her hands over the coals. Tennis great serena williams and reddit co-founder alexis ohanian are engaged.

are drake and serena williams dating