Are jack white and alison mosshart dating

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are jack white and alison mosshart dating

Eh. Looks like Allison is just doing her normal manufactured looks that she also does with Jamie in the Kills. Jack isn't reacting much to her in. Etched in black ink on the heel of Alison Mosshart's left hand is a Lately, she's even gotten a second project started, coming together with musicians Jack White, Jack Lawrence, . Hell, I was still dating girls in sixth grade. Alison Mosshart and Jack White photos, news and gossip. Find out more about.

Did people ask for their money back? I have gotten a few mean letters. My skin was literally cooking. And the gold boots? I love my gold boots. Hedi Slimane made these, and now I have three pairs of the gold, plus pairs in every other color, in black, in patent. I have a friend [at Dior] who reorders a pair for me whenever mine get tired. I challenge anyone to show me a boot I like better.

Is it weird for us to talk about what you wear, your style? But I loved the way the bands I grew up admiring looked and the way they dressed. That was just as inspiring as the other elements. What were the bands you most admired when you were young?

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When did you start playing music? When I was What was life like before The Kills? I was in another band in Florida, touring and going to school. I was still passing notes in sixth grade.

Hell, I was still dating girls in sixth grade. It was, like, an indie-punk band. It was called Discount. That might have been better.

are jack white and alison mosshart dating

I was touring at How did you two hook up? Touring then was low-budget. Downstairs were my friends Ben Corrigan, who drove our tour bus at the time and who is now a photographer, and Sean Forbes, who works in a record store.

are jack white and alison mosshart dating

I stayed with them, and Jamie lived upstairs with this unpredictably difficult kid called Simon, who once got wasted on whiskey and started waving a big bread knife at me and talking nonsense.

I expressed an interest to Jamie in working with him.

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I told him I wanted to start writing myself, and he lent me a four-track to take on the road for the rest of my tour, which I took as an opportunity to mix, like, 20 tapes of music and bring them back to have Jamie listen to them.

I really looked up to him. But this is purely musical? There was no funny business between you two? He made me laugh all the time. How do you two work together now? Your last record was everywhere. The music enters this public realm, whereas before it was private. No, but I was very proud of that. I love that show.

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I have friends on that show. For a rocker in London to discover her song is the anthem of an American teen drama? I think it would be more bizarre for my mom to hear it on TV. When you do music, your friends are writers, actors, painters. So anything creative is interesting to me.

are jack white and alison mosshart dating

But being on a show that I watch? And Jamie dates Kate Moss, which is a whole other element. Is it weird having Kate around? Of course we do—we always have. She has bangs now, too, you know. What are you talking about? Your tour just wrapped. You seem to me like a person who would get off on lonely moments on the road.

Only recently have we gotten control over it. Can you work on your music on the road? No, but we do other things. Or when your bus driver has stolen your tour bus with all your things on it and ditched you in Texas, which is what happened on this tour. Whatsapp Henry Wagons' first Artist in Residence program focuses on the power of the front person. Front people are the ultimate torchbearers of rock'n'roll fantasy. Often they're the most desirable figures, the centre of attention both on and off stage and the member of the band with the pressure of connecting with a crowd, no matter the circumstance.

The best of these swaggering, animated, charismatic leading figures have their performance down to a fine art.


No matter how they feel, where they are or who's in front of them, they will stand and deliver. Mosshart joined Wagons for a chat about being a front person, revealing that it took some time for her to work up the courage to put on a show. YouTube "When I was first in a band at the age of 13, I was so shy I couldn't even sing in the same room as the rest of the band," she reveals. One time it was in a park and there was a big pillar and I stood behind the pillar and sang from there.

So the band looked like they had no singer.

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I could not come out from behind that pillar. I don't know what I was afraid of. You're soaked to the bone, every ounce of energy in you is gone, you've given everything and you're kinda crawling off stage. Alison Mosshart Mosshart has been in the spotlight for almost 20 years now, with her reign out the front of Florida punk rockers Discount beginning in No matter how much experience she gets, pre-show jitters won't leave her alone.

Then, the second I'm up there it feels like it's nothing short of paradise. It's like being in a dream.

are jack white and alison mosshart dating

I totally feel at home.