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Is Oneal and Feza still dating 2 years after Big Brother Africa The Chase? Oneal and Feza are reported to have decided to end their relationship because they couldn't keep up with their careers and long FEZA When inside The Chase house he was well known for his ability to a conversation that would make the whole of Africa stand still. 4. After Big Brother, O'Neal was head-hunted by Gareth Cliff to be a Feza Kessy made African headlines,but the 2 are no longer together. Botswana Youth Portal © Study in South Africa: ( or Kenya: Oneal evicted from BBA , "the Chase" other than Botswana's O'Neal who left his Tanzanian heartthrob, Feza behi. Bolt Maria Bolt and Maria were the weakest link this week, they are out of The Date: August 24,

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