Craig and donna parks rec dating

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craig and donna parks rec dating

Parks and Recreation () was an American political comedy television sitcom, airing . Craig: Oh I have a medical condition alright, it's called caring too much!! AND IT'S INCURABLE!! Also, I have eczema. Leslie: Alright Donna there's gonna have to be some cut-backs. .. I was dating an older man at the time. It's the day before Donna and Joe's wedding and Craig is on high alert. 7 of the NBC television series Parks and Recreation, and the th episode overall. Directed by Craig Zisk. Amy Poehler and Chris Pratt in Parks and Recreation ( ) Jason Schwartzman and Amy Poehler Donna Meagle Release Date.

Donna asks her maid of honor, Aprilto make sure the Meagles behave themselves at her wedding. Her family loves drama but they also give good presents. Leslie and Ben prepare for the rehearsal dinner and thank their nanny, Roz, for her effort at the impossible task of watching the triplets.

Jennifer Barkley arrives and Leslie assumes she's going to ask her to run for an office but instead she asks Ben to run for Congress. The rehearsal party is held at Tom's Bistro. Leslie wants Ben to run for Congress but she tells him she's neutral.

She suggests he pretend as if he were running to see how it feels. After falling intoxicated, the pair party the night away. Meanwhile, Ron accidentally tells Lucy that Tom could imagine marrying her, which upsets Tom.

Ron tries to backtrack but only makes things worse by telling her Tom wants kids and to live on an island. In the kitchen, April and Andy have wrangled all the trouble-causing Meagles.

Donna & Joe

Donna compliments April on how smooth the event is going. The next morning, Leslie and Ben wake up hungover and discover Ben left drunk messages for Jennifer, accepting the offer to run for Congress. Yeah hi, is there, and I'm just guessing here, some kind of medication that you maybe need a lot of and have taken none of or maybe too much of today?

Oh I have a medical condition alright, it's called caring too much!!

craig and donna parks rec dating

Also, I have eczema. Alright Donna there's gonna have to be some cut-backs. I mean your job is secure of course. You're basically the glue of this department. But I think Craig's gonna have to go. No you should keep him. He's crazy intense but I've never met anyone who cares more about this job. He might care more than you. Honestly if I had to choose between him and me, I'd choose him. What are you saying, are you thinking about leaving!?

I wasn't planning on it but I could. You know I got the condo in Seattle, the fiance in Denver Okay we need to talk! I'm sorry Ann I can't understand you. You've developed some accent from that new town you might move to!! Why are you doing this? What's the big deal?

craig and donna parks rec dating

I'm just trying to stop time with legally binding friendship contracts! What part of that do you not understand!? You have lost your mind. You only have to work here until I'm dead!! What in the name of all that is holy is that smell?

It's an all-natural plant extract. Shut your damn mouth. No need to curse. There most certainly is!

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Okay all Eagleton people meet me in the conference room. So what's your story new Ann? I mean you're not "Ann pretty" but you have potential.

Thank you but I don't work in this department- Leslie: Shut your kinda pretty mouth and eat a mustard cookie. Okay so let's chit chat huh? Let's get to know each other and then become familiar best friends. I don't have time for this. I'm halfway through designing a bamboo gazebo as a tribute to the founders of Motown! Oh Craig we have fun don't we? Do you guys remember when this all started? I came here with the cookies and then Craig said something so Craig and we all laughed and we were like "Craig!

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Excuse me Ron, I am talking to my best friends! Best friends attack Ron!!! What is wrong with you woman!?

craig and donna parks rec dating

I don't have to explain myself to you! I am the Czar! I can do as I please. Those who cross the Czar, feel the wrath of the Czar!! Ann is thinking about leaving Pawnee. Edible arrangements are nice. This is volcanically hot betrayal!!! We all know that I can not spend as much money on ads as my opponent but, I printed out 10, "Don't" stickers and 10, question mark stickers.

That way, if you see a sign that says "Recall Knope," all you need to do is add the question mark and the "Don't" and suddenly it reads "Recall Knope?

Why don't you just put the "Don't" in front of "Recall Knope? Yeah that's a much better idea. Can I have these question mark stickers? I wanna put them on stop signs!

Craig, The Other Donna Goes Crazy and Cares Too Much

You need that many pages to say "Give my stuff to my wife"? It's a complicated legal document. It doesn't have to be. The man who kills me will know.

Ok, you should really have a will that's more than one sentence long. You have a wife and kids now. I could introduce you to our lawyer. The three most useless jobs in the world are, in order, lawyer, congressman and doctor.

Ron, that document is nothing, it's not even notarized. You know, if you die and you don't have a real will, most of what you own will go to the government. That's what you really think of me? You think I'm annoying?

craig and donna parks rec dating

Leslie, sometimes you're kind of annoying. I mean I thought that was your thing. My thing is not being annoying! My things are making friendship bracelets and dancing like nobody's watching and thinking up really cool nicknames for my friends.

You of all people should know that El Diablo! Look the only reason I'm even on twitter is to blow off steam about work and tweet nasty stuff to dudes with washboard abs. I have a question for you.