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( DVD) 20 ALL TOGETHER NOW The Beatles/Cirque du Soleil CARRIE UNDERWOOD 19/ARISTA NASHVILLE 17 THE CLIMB □- MILEY CYRUS . 8 8 30 CRUSH ○9 DAVID ARCHULETA (19/JIVE/JLG) 10 20 LOVE REMAINS THE 27 2 WRONG ○21 DEPECHE MODE (MUTE/VIRGIN/CAPITOL ) 23 6. No doubt: A week after winning, Cook smashed Miley Cyrus's record of six songs But the show wasn't just a career boon: He dated season 2 finalist Kimberly tour: “I still touch base with [runner-up] David Archuleta about once a month. Enter your digit service number or digit SIM serial number. Check number. Cancel. Back to top. Telstra Home · Consumer advice · Critical Information.

I actually talked to Laura Ziskin in when we were lobbying for an appearance by David Archuleta on their broadcast. Her assistant put my call in directly to her.

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Take a look at how this has made a difference. Together, Archies can make such a difference! The SU2C site has a nice write up on the team: This team, led by pediatric oncologist Dr.

In addition to the online challenges the team continues to inspire and encourage its members to stay active in the fight against cancer, with frequent email updates and motivating messages to take action and donate now. Not sure, but that total could be as of the last drive in Sept. Here is some pre-broadcast fun. You can spot David during the introduction, standing behind Selena Gomez, then you can see his segment starting at 2: Robin wrote in with her story today!

My friendship with Holly hollyreFOD though, started off truly uniquely.

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For those of you who were at the Allentown concert, you will remember the snowstorm. I believe it started snowing during the concert…if not it was shortly after when we were on our way back to the hotel. It was a beautiful snowfall in a small Pennsylvania town.

Of course the next morning we all needed to get back to reality and either drive home or fly home. The roads really were not that bad and I was surprised that so many flights had been canceled. On the trip to the airport my phone rang and it was an automated message from my airline stating my flight had been canceled…UGH!

She was already at the airport when her flight was canceled.

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Here we were, two women who had met two days before sharing a room in a not so great hotel — we were at that time back in the days when friends and family were concerned we were meeting up with ax murderers although we had learned quite differently. David has the best and kindest fans. This was also before either of our phones were smart and so we had no access to the internet so we talked about David and got to know each other and we relived the wonderful concerts and just completely bonded.

We both still agree that being snowed in outside of the Philly airport was totally meant to be. I treasure each one. His message for young people is always keep striving to move forward with their dreams and never be discouraged by the conditions they live in. Regarding his book, Chords of Strength, he said his reason for writing it is as a guide to young people, through his experience, particularly what he learned from suffering from vocal chord paralysis years ago.

He tries to encourage them to continue on no matter what, by demonstrating how adversity can be overcome and you can triumph in what you propose to do.

After this, we were invited to a room where there was talking mixed with music. I should mention, this took place in the chapel of a Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and David did not charge for his appearance. Actually nobody had to pay to be at the meeting.

The type of presentation was a bit religious in nature and as such the majority of the songs were hymns chosen by David Archuleta. He actually admitted to being nervous several times through the evening. There is no arrogance on his face, nor in his way of expressing himself.

He even looked to his mother for support during the press conference when he felt nervous.

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A member of the Church of Latter Day Saints Mormonhis main focus was about God and his belief that the Gospel is true and how this has helped him in his life. Whether or not you believe in God, I assure you that upon hearing him you will feel a sense of peace and tranquility. When I knew that I was going to cover a report on David Archuleta, I thought he was going to be talking about his musical interpretations and his powerful voice.

Fame and success have been achieved by many artists, but what David Archuleta has as a human being is something different. I ended up more inspired after this event than any other thing. David Archuleta wiIl be encouraging young entrepeneurs with small businesses and will have a concert afterwards.

We are inside an LDS Church. You can feel the excitement in the air! People are nervous David Arch is not here yet. He is on his way. His transport was delayed. Will let you know as soon as he arrives. Okay, so it seems he really is much more late than expectated. His footage is starting to be repeated. Wonder what happened Okay, so they brought us journalists to a private room. Please be a bit more patient, I will update shortly Reason for being so late?

Lots of traffic in the city. One of the organizers if beginning to lose his patience lol David: To make people understand why I am the way I am. At first it was enough to just sing to myself, but when I realized the effect I had on people… …I decided this is what I wanted to do for a living.

I like focusing on possitive things for people. I want to show the youth that they can enjoy music not focused on bad lyrics, but music that transmits a possitive message… …and makes people feel a good emotion.

I want the youth to know that passion is the most important attribute an artist can have, and the desire to transmit their feelings Q: How was it working with Miley Cyrus? At first I want like, Wow, Hannah Montana.

But then I realized what a cool person she is, and it was fun. He will sing a capella for us now.