Dillish and melvin dating

''maybe Looking Pretty Worked For Me'' – Bba 8 Winner Dillish

dillish and melvin dating

Namibian Big Brother winner Dillish Mathews who has for the past few weeks and fellow housemate at the big brother house Melvin Oduah. Melvin confessed to Dellish that he liked her. Just before this revelation, Dillish playingly mentioned to Melvin that she knows she's in a relationship. WILL DILLISH GO FOR IN NIGERIA? FLAVOR,MELVIN OR GOV OSHIOMOLE? Nigerian Singer Flavour And Dillish Secretly. Dating?.

The rumours were ignited recently after sources claimed that last year's Big Brother Africa: A friend of Dillish, who spoke on condition of anonymity, has since rejected rumours that the two aren't together anymore and instead said that their relationship is under strain, but the two are committed to making it work.

dillish and melvin dating

Asked why Dillish has been travelling alone these days, the source said she has her own business interests and so does Stephen, but that doesn't take away from the fact that they are together. Other, sources have, however, claimed that the couple have split up.

Dillish travelled to China last year, during which time she was involved in a so-called Instagram photo stealing scandal in which she posted another woman's picture and claimed it was her own.

BBA Winner, Dillish Breaks Up with long Time Boyfriend Stephen

Dillish recently finished shooting her first Nollywood movie, in which she is said to be playing the lead role and is apparently in Zimbabwe right now promoting her lipstick line. The lipstick line will also be launched this Friday in Namibia. Meanwhile, other sources revealed that Dillish has been seen at an upmarket flat in Rocky Crest, where she is said to be living alone.

dillish and melvin dating

Although Dillish is often seen at her new place, there is no sign of Stephen - sparking rumours that they don't live together. Last year a Ugandan publication asked Dillish whether she and Stephen will tie the knot, to which she reportedly responded that she would have said yes, had he proposed at the Big Brother Africa finale.

Out of 15 country votes, Dillish got five, Cleo four, Elikem three, Melvin two and Beverly, the fifth finalist, got one.

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So what ace did this psychology student, arguably the most beautiful this season, have up her sleeve? How does it feel? This is the greatest achievement in my life ever, and I am still trying to get used to it.

dillish and melvin dating

Thanks to Uganda for being one of the five countries that voted me. Denzel and I were close, and I am glad our closeness paid off in the end.

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So will you marry him then? Hahaha, you are weird. What Denzel and I had was just a friendship, nothing more.

dillish and melvin dating

How far did you go? Why does everyone think Melvin and I had a thing going? Look, Melvin and my country-mate Maria, who happens to be my best friend, were attracted to each other.

Dillish Mathews finally exposure her boyfriend

So by default, we just had to connect, especially after Maria left because Melvin needed a friend. How did it feel when your boyfriend Steven showed up on stage to congratulate you?

Now that you are loaded, are you going to propose to him? Hey, Steven is more loaded than I am, so he should propose.

dillish and melvin dating

What if he had proposed during the live show, would you have said yes? Man, I actually feared he would propose, especially when he pulled out from his back the tiara he crowned me with. I thought it was a ring and had freaked out.