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Feza, who was crying after Oneal was evicted, wrote a quick note to the Botswana dude, and asked Elikem who was head of house to take the. Hakeem and Cleo or Hacleo and Feza and Oneal or Oneza as they are referred to by will be getting married for this week's Task after a wholly random selection? these are housemates confined to a house together so delusions may occur. Despite having a girlfriend here are 7 photos that suggest. Aired for 90 days, the show involves participants from more than 10 countries from Africa who live in one house in competition for prize money. The beautiful Tanzanian lady Feza fell in love with Sierra Leone's Oneal. The two lovers have been silent but we hope they are still together. January 7,

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Unfortunately for the Tanzanian budding singer, fate had it that the 'grave' she worked tirelessly to dig and prepare for Cleo's exit, tuned out to become her 'final destination' when IK announced her long awaited exit from the Chase. IK put the last nail on Feza's coffin as he said: Feza's dance during the Channel O party was so extreme just as though she knew she was dancing her last night out in the Big Brother house. It was Feza's eviction that has excited most African fans who wanted her to follow her love interest, Oneal; just as correctly predicted in our last week's edition but the major sigh of relief is among the Zambian fans.

Even the celebrated Zambia's evicted housemate Sulu, is happy that his words have come to pass.


Sulu says Feza and Oneal were very good people in the house and strong contenders but trouble came when both of them fell into a love trap. As for Cleo, Sulu says it is so delighting to see the Zambian girl survive storms of evictions for more than three times and is now headed for the finals.

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Oneal

Religious follower of the Big Brother reality show Moses Mwape says it is good that the Zambian girl has one more week to prove her strength to Africa but really wants the West African contingent to leave the game. I can't see any winning material in them," he says. Anyway, now that Cleo's enemy number one is out, Zambia waits to see how far the Zambian diva will go. Cleo and Feza each had four country votes with Delish getting a convincing six country votes and a tie breaking mechanism was used to separate the two beautiful rivals.

We had a chat with Feza yesterday and asked her why she always pushed her neighbour Cleo close to the eviction gallows and if she feels collaborating with Cleo musically outside the Big Brother wall would ever work looking at their House relationship. Talking of music, Zimbabwe might be out of the now attention-grabbing Africa's major reality show Big Brother Africa: The Chase but its presence was felt when Hip-hop sensation Tehn Diamond rocked the live eviction stage Sunday evoking the memories of the evicted queen of swag Pokello as he showcased his lyrical power!

The Harare-born lyrical landscaper, rapper, singer and songwriter who has won acclaim around the world for his powerful lyrics and soulful sounds.

His second offering, Student Of The Game: The music bug bit properly while Tehn was studying towards a financial degree in Australia, he then spent two years touring Australia and Asia to hone his talents.

They later moved to South Africa where they live till date. The latest Tweets from Koketso Modiba kokamod. Koketso Modiba kokamod 31 Dec Isaac Lugudde has been having fun with Koketso in 'Emerald house' after Africa decided to end their honeymoon in the Big Brother-The is koketso still dating lk4. So, is koketso and lk4 still dating signs dump. But they even more devotion shopping.

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I regular secrete attain. BBA fame had faded, but alas, the two are still togethergoing strong. He has has been spotted with South African beauty Koketso since they were both evicted on the same day. Am still collecting thoughts on how I feel, I'm still processing it all.

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On the flip side, Koketso and LK4 are now free to pursue their.