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Local news tabloid Dispatch is reporting that JYJ's Junsu and EXID's Hani have rung in the new year as a couple! The two have liked each. [Naver: Sports Dongah] Kim Junsu ♥ Hani confirms to be dating, “recently developed as [TRANS] Korean Netizens' reactions: XIA Junsu to attend the Korean Popular Culture and Arts Awards photo _5afgif. Thankfully, Koreans are becoming inured to K-pop dating scandals, and “ jacking off while watching my breast shot gifs, gripping a rag in one.

Hani threatens Hyerin when she indirectly mentions her past public relationship with JYJ's Junsu

Leader Vocal and Face of the Group Birthday: Hani, being the face of the group, frequently appears on variety shows and does interviews. When Hani was to go on a show to talk about the relationship, she revealed that she had to take anxiety pills, leading many fans to worry for her.

Hani has a deeper, sexier voice when she sings.

Breaking: JYJ’s Junsu and EXID’s Hani Reportedly Dating, C-JeS Responds

Although her true natural tone of voice is hardly heard, it is naturally lower than other female idols. Hani often lowers her voice and creates an airy tone when singing alone to make the sexy sound that she seems to really like, either that or she does it because the fans like it. She is made fun of playfully by the other members for her forehead, as when she pulls back her bangs, it looks as if she has a bald head.

Being the diplomat of the group, she is the one to resolve any sort of conflict within the group if one should arise. Hyerin is the shortest member and her height seems to be a complex of hers. Hyerin is the mediator of the group, not liking it when Solji and Junghwa argued on Showtime. Hyerin and Junghwa would like to do a cute concept. Hyerin is easily identifiable by her doll-like appearance; big eyes and small lips.

She was a member of the original lineup and is a former JYP trainee like fellow member Hani. She is a talented dancer but has only shown us two dance covers. Junghwa enjoys acting annoying and teasing LE so that LE will beat her up. She has a naturally round and small face. The current members in descending age order are: Timeline Left to right: It was annouced in April that Yuji, Dami, and Haeryeong would be leaving the group and would be replaced with Solji and Hyerin.

Yuji, Dami and Haeryeong later formed Bestie with additional member Dahye.

On JYJ's back seat! :)

EXID earned their first win in January. They are currently planning to come back in early September lol, October Members Okay, now to learn about the members! January 10, Position: Main Vocal, Leader Blood Type: Solji is definitely the mom of the group and the strongest vocalist overall. She originally debuted in in a vocal duo called 2nb with a singer named Gahee. InGahee left the pair and Solji began doing solo work; 2nb was reformed later with Solji and a different singer, Gabin now in Blady.

The two of them remain friends but 2nb disbanded due to lack of success, Solji moved on to becoming a vocal coach and other similar work. She was also the winner of King of Masked Singer first pilot season and returned for an amazing performance on the second season.

She lives seperate from the dorm on her own atm I believe and has an adorable dog named Choco. Like, she really likes it.

December 10, Position: Main Rapper Blood Type: LE started out as a underground rapper with a group known as Jiggy Fellaz under the stage name Elly. She also sang her original chorus for Up and Down on Sketchbook. She also likes playing video games and specifically, her and her members have mentioned her playing Diablo a lot. May 1, Position: Lead Vocals, Visual Blood Type: AB The trend Hani! Hani has a good singing voice and is the most well known of the members and has the most variety appearances due to this.

However, that group failed to debut and the members all went their seperate ways; Hani studied abroad in China for about a year before joining EXID.