Hiv and single dating

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hiv and single dating

HIV Dating. HIV Personals. HIV Personal Ads. HIV Positive Owned HIV Dating Community. - HIV dating for HIV Singles is one of the largest dating sites for HIV-infected singles from all over the world. I had chosen the single life since my diagnosis five years ago. But now I feel ready to start dating again and would love to find a partner that I.

hiv and single dating

HIV dating a great success! We are pleased with the results, as we regularly receive emails from our members letting us know they finally found someone. Mission accomplished, if you ask us. This makes us happy and means that the site is truly working. Please share your story with us as well, it will be greatly appreciated.

hiv and single dating

Our mission is clear. The best HIV dating site. How does it work? Thanks to convenient search filters, you can look for a match based on gender, age and place of residence, making finding a buddy really easy.

Because we greatly value privacy and integrity, outsiders will not be able to view members profiles. We also opted for the setting not to allow your profile to be included in Google or other search engines. Through use of this site, you will be completely anonymous and only other HIV positive singles will be able to view your data. Within 1 minute, you could get in touch with other HIV positive members. Register for free and start flirting or making contact. Positive Recently, I broke up an abusive relationship that had lasted 3 years.

It took a lot of courage for me to break free.

hiv and single dating

My fear was primarily based in the fact that I thought I would find myself in the "dating dread," again. Bad with him, worse without him: Instead, what I found out, has changed my whole outlook on dating and HIV.

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Most of the positive men I've met are gay. The few who were not gay wouldn't give up the hard drugs. That life-style is just too depressing for me. I don't want to be a part of all that death and misery.

hiv and single dating

But now, the disease and the way we live with it has changed. There are many more heterosexual men and women with HIV than there used to be.

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People are living longer and healthier. Relationships are a major part in achieving a better quality of life for many people, including myself. I was not the only positive heterosexual looking for a partner anymore. The Internet gives you anonymity and confidence to reach out. And for people like myself, living in a small town, it may become a major bridge to the HIV community.

Some agencies, including Women Alive, have HIV heterosexual socials and support groups where you can meet all kinds of interesting people in safe and confidential settings. And the best thing that I've found out is; HIV- positive men will treat you like a queen! They too have been through rejection.

They too, have felt the fear of being alone. They too, have dreaded spreading HIV any further.

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So they can fully appreciate a relationship where both partners can share the ups and downs of living with HIV. Positive couples can be there for each other without having any fear of intimacy. Isn't that what we are all looking for?

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This knowledge has changed me into a much stronger woman. A woman who knows how precious and desirable I am.

A woman who will not settle for second best, there are plenty of great positive guys out there. Negative men no longer frighten me. New Freedom A few weeks ago I went out with a negative man who had been hitting on me at the gym for over two months.

The only reason I decided to go out with him was to tell him that I was HIV positive and that's the reason why I would not date him. He was surprised, confused, and moved.

He asked me a few questions, thought for a while and decided: If felt totally in control again!