Jeanine mason and phillip chbeeb dating

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jeanine mason and phillip chbeeb dating

Jeanine mason and phillip chbeeb dating. He danced in the finale, eventually finishing the competition as first runner-up to winner Jeanine Mason. Born on. Where have you seen Phillip Chbeeb before? And what's Brandon Jeanine Mason, 18, is a contemporary dancer from Miami. She turned She's a contemporary dancer, but she matched hip-hoppity-hopper Phillip Chbeeb in their hip hop routine. And let's be honest: Jeanine and.

And, you know, dance like whoa. And why post it on a Monday?

Oh yeah, SYTYCD!, tachedevin: Phillip Chbeeb and Jeanine Mason

On top of that, I have the day off from work, thanks to a swine flu outbreak. At this point all the dancers are great, so why not spread the love? From the first week of the top 20, Jeanine was a force to be reckoned with. Jeanine and Phillip were an adorable couple.

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I was hoping that they were an off-screen item, even though it seemed like Phillip might have been dating the girl he auditioned with or maybe no girls at all! Being paired with Phillip was a blessing and a curse because he already had such a big SYTYCD fan base, having been featured on the show last year.

jeanine mason and phillip chbeeb dating

Seriously, I would have to rewind and watch Phillip and Jeanine separately, because they were both total eye-magnets. And whatever the judges said, I loved every dance Jeanine and Phillip did.

When Jeanine reappropriated it and used it as her solo dance? Does Nigel has some sort of beef with Russia and Poland?

I thought it was fun! And remember when she wore the Amy Winehouse costume? I'm guessing Caitlin goes, because the Judges will find a way to "justify" saving Kayla.

Jeanine mason and phillip chbeeb dating

And it's a toss up between Jason and Kupono — which ever one does not give a fantastic "dance for your life" solo. Now, if both Kupono and Jason deliver breath-taking solos. The same could happen for Phillip, who like Hok, danced his only style fantastically, but out of his style, was obviously inadequate! First two couples out: You imagine that Phillip is popular because he is so unique in his style — but just how many "street-dance" lovers are watching this show?

jeanine mason and phillip chbeeb dating

Wow, this one could go either way. Yes, the PR Campaigne worked, and the last couple in the Bottom 3: So, you here them kind of change the rules right before our eyes.

In previos weeks they made it seem like the "dance for your life" solos were the MAIN criteria for who stays and who goes. Truth is, the solos are USED as a convenient criteria. Nigel openly told everyone that they looked at the Polling numbers this morning, and the Judges already have made up their mind as to who they want to keep.

So, that means they will be down playing the value of the "dance for your life" solos, a bit. Caitlin goes among the girls.

With Kupono out of the mix, I was thinking that Jason might go? Yet, as I've been noticing and pointing out all season: Phillip is WEAK outside of his genre. Phillip is eliminated on the basis of his whole body of work, and NOT just his fantastic popping!

19 Jeanine and Phillip's Lyrical hip-hop (Part 1 the performance) Se5Eo6.

Personally, I'm happy that the Judges came down this way! It eliminates the possibility of what happened last year: Twitch was WEAK outside of his genre too, yet, because he made it into the Top 10, and elimination was handed over to America. America keep voting Twitch right up to the final Two. This means the person who wins is NOT necessarily. We've got the scoop I love to go camping and four-wheeling, so this is a very glam side of me.

You have to be very fluid and upright, and I think I'm more of a gritty attack kind of dancer so I think it's going to be a good challenge for me. She didn't decide to hit Memphis auditions until the day before they were held, but both she and her sister Megan who auditioned in Miami made it through to Vegas Week. I just adore watching it, so I want to be able to not just watch, but do it myself. She swoons for Dr.

jeanine mason and phillip chbeeb dating

Imagine me, this, krumping. That's going to be a sight to see. She started her performing career in musical theater and realized she loved the dancing aspect the most out of all the creative elements that go into a stage production. She always wanted to be a ballerina, but she never had the opportunity to. She's terrified of ballroom dancing.