Jim florentine and robin quivers dating

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jim florentine and robin quivers dating

First the Jim Florentine affair. They dated. She was into him, big time and they seemed to have all sorts of exciting plans every weekend. Howard revealed that Robin was being dishonest about something and said that Tom Chiusano called him after having lunch with Robin last. viajeras.info Joined February . @Mrjimflorentine dont worry jim cant be racist he dated robin quivers. 1 reply 0 retweets 0 likes. Reply. 1. Retweet.

In JuneQuivers began a strict vegan diet which she says helped to increase her energy and helped her to lose 60 pounds over a six month period. The use of coffee enemas has managed to shift into her professional life for obvious reasons.

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In addition to the newfound diet, Quivers informed the world on September 12th, that she had begun treatment with the controversial EECP machine, which is essentially a giant blood pump, typically reserved for people suffering from severe angina. During the July 31st broadcast of the show Robin confessed to having a sexual attraction to the actor Peter Dinklage.

This became a source of ridicule by the on air team in subsequent shows.

jim florentine and robin quivers dating

In Augustcomedian Jim Florentine asked Quivers to go on a date with him live on the air. Due to the attention this garnered, Quivers has become tight-lipped about the topic due to a fear of the Howard News team reporting any details on the radio. At one point in her career, Robin asked that everyone address by her middle name, Ophelia.

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As with Fred's experiment with being called Eric, this did not last long. This project is currently on hold.

jim florentine and robin quivers dating

Februaryin appreciation for years of hard work and dedication, Howard buys Robin a new Mercedes convertible. March tells everyone she has been taking boating lessons in order to drive her new boat.

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She has not been taking swimming lessons though. Robin has been dating a man known only as, Mr. X for the last several years. Both parents had only seventh grade educations. She has an older brother, Charles Quivers, Jr. On April 7,Quivers released her autobiography, Quivers: She reveals that her father molested her on several occasions when she was a pre-teen. She was into him, big time and they seemed to have all sorts of exciting plans every weekend. Traveling, going to her Jersey Shore home, attending shows.

Then rumors came out Jim was promoting his career by using his relationship with her to book dates. I think a listener called THHS and told Robin Jim was advertising himself with the Quivertine tag, and she denied it and called the guy a liar.

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Then they pulled up Jim's profile on his agents' website and saw that Jim was pimping her as publicity. Anyway, Jim got married to a young hottie and had a kid within a year of his breakup with Robin.

jim florentine and robin quivers dating

As far as I know, Jim has never dished dirt publicly about her, which is nice. And word is that Jim is getting divorced now because he caught his wife having an affair with a personal trainer.

I think he hired a detective to tail her, she was so shady. He was some blonde twink artist and Robin was swooning all over and spending thousands throwing charity functions which also pushed his art, by the way.

jim florentine and robin quivers dating