Jimmy neutron boy genius and cindy dating

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jimmy neutron boy genius and cindy dating

This is a romance story about how Jimmy and Cindy start dating but are my mind, confirmed that I was indeed Jimmy Neutron, boy genius. Jimmy Neutron and Cindy Vortex are distaff counterparts, next-door By the end of the season, both of them acknowledged their feelings for each other and had begun dating, although they did In Normal Boy, Jimmy's intelligence is removed and he was no longer smart . The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius. By the end of League Of Villains, Jimmy and Cindy start dating, and in Lady . In The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius, she has green eyes but in the.

Her name was Mrs. I am very impressed with your article about science and it was pretty accurate. School is a place for learning and challenging your mind so I did my resources and went over them times to exact to make sure no errors were made. He was a threat and a rival and he was smarter than her.

He wasn't just smart; he was a genius. She wasn't even sure if it even existed. She was the smartest in the whole school so wouldn't she have gotten this grade too?

I created him myself. Maybe I could bring him for show and tell. It was his first day and he was already a threat.

jimmy neutron boy genius and cindy dating

She couldn't let him replace her as the smartest. Her mom would be truly disappointed. She was going to talk to this boy as soon as the bell rings and everyone leaves for lunch. As Jimmy was getting ready to leave the class room, Cindy grabbed him by his shirt and pulled him in the halls. She pushed him against a wall and held his hands back. She had a threating look in her eyes as she stared at him.

He felt scared and threatened. Just the vicious look in her eyes. Do I make myself clear? I am just here to learn like everyone else and so what if I am smarter than you! It's not the end of the world. You don't have to be such a teacher's pet. She gasped at this. Being the best and being good at everything and I'm not going to be the second best. Well grades are very important to me too and I love science.

And I'm not going to give up on being a genius just because you're such a jealous sore loser. She couldn't believe he was actually standing up to her. Well at least I don't have such a big head, and what up with the hair brain boy? Are you a troll? First off; my name's not 'brain boy' it's Jimmy Neutron and secondly, I am positive that I'm percent human!

He began to walk off and she just smiled wickedly as she watched him. They would constantly argue and yell at each other. She would tease, insult and call him mean names and he did it right back.

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They stuck their tounges out at each other and made faces. They hated each other. She hated him cause he stole her title and he hated her cause she was annoying and made his life miserable. The first awkward moment they had was when they were in space to save their parents. It was last year when they were in the fourth grade Jimmy and Cindy were across from each other in rocket ships and they were smiling at each other.

They were just lost in each other and when Jimmy realized what he was doing; he immediately made a face at her and turned away. She did the same. The first time she was ever nice to him was when they were locked in the dungeon in space. She actually comforted him and encouraged him to put his big brain to use and help everyone. Things went back to normal right after they rescued their parents.

Jimmy and Cindy continued their constant fighting but they also started to have more moments were they actually got along and even complimented each other. When she realized she was starting to have feelings for him, the way she treated him was more to cover up her real feelings for him instead of just rivalry. He began to like her too and when they were on that island; things seemed simple and they were able to get along without having to worry about pressure, stress, or mean people.

Just the two of them and all the time in the world. Cindy sighed thinking about that beautiful island. Sometimes she wished that Libby, Carl and Sheen never found them and they could still be there. They would have nothing to hide cause no one would be around. Jimmy was also thinking about the island.

Carl really wanted to ask Elke to be his date for the dance but he wanted to ask her somewhere special. He knew one place they both loved. How would you like to go to the petting zoo with me? We can pet the lamas and I also have something really important that I wanna ask you.

So at around 4?

jimmy neutron boy genius and cindy dating

The bus stopped at his place and he asked the driver if Elke could get off with him. After he said yes; Carl and Elke skipped off the bus, still holding hands. Soon all the kids were dropped off and Jimmy and Cindy were the only two left. She got up from her seat and sat next to him. My parents are not going to be home till for awhile but they figure I'll be with friends, so we can just walk straight to the park after we get our roller blades. When the bus stopped near Jimmy's house; they got off and headed for Retropark.

Cindy's eyes widened with interest. As you know; I used to win every single science fair until you showed up. They arrived the park and looked around. Kids were on the playground, playing in the sand and running around while their parents watched from the benches reading their newspapers. A father was playing frisbee with his daughter and her mother was petting a golden retriever.

It was a beautiful afternoon. They stopped near a gated fence. Inside that fence were skating ramps and several kids were in there; skating. They couldn't let him see them together or they'd be in trouble. We can't let him see us. We nearly got caught last time. She saw a girl walk over to Nick.

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Even though he liked Cindy now, he still found Betty attractive. Cindy elbowed him in the ribs, hard. She immediately covered his mouth and hissed; "Do you want him to hear us and know we're here? They found an empty bench and sat down so they could put on their skates. They also watched as the kids skated and were on the look out for familiar people.

He really liked her and she was the only girl in school that he found interesting and they had stuff in common. She turned his head and he saw his classmates. She always had a feeling they would end up together someday.

jimmy neutron boy genius and cindy dating

She wondered if the whole argument at the arcade was just a facade and maybe they were even secretly dating! Jimmy and Cindy noticed that Betty and Nick were staring at them and their checks turned red as they awkwardly scooted away from each other. Betty could tell just from that; that they were hiding something and her asumption was right. Nick and Betty walked over. The secret couple looked up. Cindy forced a wider smile as her cheeks grew more red even though she tried to hide it.

Cindy smiled, however this was only in Carl's dream. While both of them were unconscious they imagined each other holding hands and kissing. They both denied this however. He falls in love with Cindy. She was flattered by this and they go on a date for Valentine's Day. Jimmy invites Cindy to his lab, however he was trying to avoid these feelings so he kicked Cindy out of his lab before they could kiss.

One of which was a romantic one, he came to Cindy's house and expressed love to her and started singing a song.

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Cindy thought this was the real Jimmy in which she fainted. However, Jimmy doesn't sign. Cindy becomes increasingly jealous of April The Gorlock flirting with Jimmy. And the two of them get in a fight over Jimmy.

At the end Cindy finally gets Jimmy to sign the contract, and they almost kiss until they're interrupted by a space rock with a message sent by April, Cindy's jealousy continues and she walks away mad. Jimmy's power turned him into an Incredible Hulk-like monster after Cindy's constant teasing pushed him over the top.

Cindy tries to apologize to Jimmy.

jimmy neutron boy genius and cindy dating

She explains to him how she's only mean to him because she secretly loves him, but she faints before she has a chance to say the L word. They develop a deep relationship for each other. Meanwhile, Libby begins showing a lot of suspicion before, during, and after Jimmy and Cindy get stranded that they actually love each other.