Jj and reid dating

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jj and reid dating

And Reid had blurted out in a tangent, "JJ, I'm sorry to say, but I did know already. I knew from the moment you said you were pregnant. I knew. He also asked JJ out on a date, after being handed tickets to a football game by Gideon, who tells Reid that JJ is a big fan of football. In the next episode, Reid. He once asked J.J. out on a date. Gideon got Spencer VIP box tickets for a Redskins game and told him to have fun. Confused, Spencer asked.

I want your feedback whether it be good or bad. Any feedback can help improve the story. Expect at least 2 more fanfics based around this story: This story was written to fit the canon of the series up to Season 8.

From there on, it's fair game. Thank you for reading. And remember the original character we'll meet in this story. He might be of importance.

Anyway, enjoy the story!

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Spencer Reid was waiting outside the stadium for the Washington Redskins game. They had agreed to meet at the stadium and, being the way he was, he was there much earlier than he needed to be. He was dressed in his usual attire: A young man with a backpack slung over his shoulder close by noticed this and walked up to him. The young man removed his backpack. Don't worry, there clean. Trust me; it'll save your ass. When he saw the look on Spencer's face, he added, "Don't worry, I'm not a psychotic creeper.

He went to the bathroom and changed into the casual clothes. He returned with his dress attire neatly folded under his arm. He handed them to the young man, who put them in his backpack. Right at this spot," the young man said. Danny, if you don't mind," he responded. Danny was a year-old college student studying criminology and psychology at Georgetown. He lived on his own, but didn't say why. He just said it was a bad memory. Then Danny started asking Reid questions. Danny just stood in shock.

I have an IQ ofan eidetic memory, and can read 20, words per minute.

jj and reid dating

I graduated high school at the age of twelve. I currently have PhD's in chemistry, mathematics, and engineering as well as BA's in psychology and sociology. I was terrible at the physical aspect, so special exceptions were made to get me into the BAU.

Then he was able to continue talking. We all call her JJ. She's a huge Redskins fan. I honestly didn't even know that had anything to do with football.

jj and reid dating

She was dressed in sneakers, jeans, and a Redskins jersey. Her long hair was pulled up in a ponytail. Reid stared at her for a few moments.

Reid came back to his senses. I'll meet you here after the game to give you your clothes back. Spencer's date with JJ went just fine. Nothing overly bad happened. True, he spilt beer all over the guy in front of him, but JJ had scared him by trying to hold his hand. She eventually was able to get him to hold her hand.

He met with Danny after the game like they agreed. Spencer introduced him to JJ. He had explained the situation before the game to her and she didn't mind. She was actually thanking Danny for helping Spencer. Spencer drove her home from the game.

jj and reid dating

When they reached her house, he got out, opened her car door and led her to her house. When they reached the door, they stared into each other's eyes. I loved it," JJ told him.

Remind me to go to you when I want a prediction for a game. Your prediction was perfect, Spence. She wanted to go out with him again. He didn't know what to say. All that came out was, "I would love to, JJ. She took his face in her hands and pulled it to hers and engaged him in a passionate kiss.

JJ had always had feelings for Spencer, and now she had the bravery to act on them. She smiled at him and walked inside. He didn't know what to say at first but the words eventually came to him.

jj and reid dating

Whenever they were asked about the date, they responded with the words "Top Secret. They were practically inseparable. However, a month later, Spencer willing risked his life to free hostages on a train in Texas, one of which was their co-worker SSA Elle Greenaway. All he needed to do was perform a sleight of hand, but it was still too risky. JJ confronted him once he and Elle were safely off the train.

She never called him Spencer unless she was mad at him or she was speaking to him as a lover. This was obviously the former.

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It was that or everyone on that train would've been killed. It was the only way," Spencer told him. You had to act like a hero and save everyone at your own risk. Did you even think about me losing you in that situation? He didn't mean it the way it came out. But he couldn't take it back. Our job comes before our love? I didn't mean it like that," he yelled, but she already stopped listening and walked away.

Spencer stood there heartbroken by what had occurred. He continued working, still hurt by the break-up. Months later, he visited an art gallery in Los Angeles owned by an old high school classmate of his with Gideon. There he was introduced to Lila Archer. For months he had been hurt by his and JJ's break-up and was still affected by it. Even though they were on good terms she'd helped him with using chopsticksSpencer never felt the same around JJ.

He still loved her and wanted her back. However, the second he saw Lila and her smiling at him, he forgot all about their break-up. He was so stunned, he was stuttering to even say his own name.

Gideon went off with one of Lila's friends to look at art while Spencer and Lila talked and looked at art.

Spencer Reid

Gideon came back and told him that they were leaving. When JJ leans forward to cut him a piece of cake Reid tries not to look at her cleavage,and when JJ offers "Spence" a piece of cake for him he tells Gideon she is the only one in the whole world who calls him that and he has grin on his face as he says it.

Morgan also says in the background why doesn't JJ feed him. At the end of the episode Gideon gives Reid tickets to a Redskins match,because there JJ's favourite,and practically tells Reid to go for it.

Reid says it's top secret. Not denying it was a date. Season 2 2x"the Big Game: They are also paired of a lot during this episode. In this episode we see JJ deal with her guilt at Reid getting abducted and she becomes very emotional when she watches him on tape.

There is however one nice scene at the end when Reid is saved and he goes to JJ and hugs her. The Evilution of Frank: Fanfiction Add links to your favourite fanfiction about the couple in the coloumn opposite.

It would be a good idea to let the authors know first. A tag for what could have happened at the end of Amplification if JJ's baby was Reid's instead of Will.