Keanu reeves and david geffen dating

Gay information Source: Keanu Reeves and his gay marriage.

keanu reeves and david geffen dating

Keanu Reeves and Alan Cumming get married The duo, who had apparently been \"secretly dating on-and-off\" for over four years, wrote The rumor about me marrying David Geffen was actually false, but I did give him a. "I'm either on drugs, gay or married to David Geffen," Keanu once sighed in and if he thinks there is no future in a relationship with a potential date why bother. The duo, who had apparently been "secretly dating on-and-off" for over four years , The first rumor said that Keanu Reeves wed David Geffen.

I've never heard anyone outside DL accuse Keanu Reeves of being gay

Getty Images Keanu on the truth "The truth is often terrifying, which I think is one of the motifs of Larry and Andrew's cinema. The cost of knowledge is an important theme. In the second and third films, they explore the consequences of Nero's choice to know the truth. It's a beautiful, beautiful story. I go against it. Getty Images "When the people you love are gone, you're alone. Getty Images Keanu on fans searching for him online "Do they?

Keanu gets married!

I haven't checked it out, you know. I don't like go home and like Three weeks later I was in acting school. I heard Anthony Hopkins say this: Getty Images "Grief changes shape, but it never ends.

Getty Images "The simple act of paying attention can take you a long way.

I've never heard anyone outside DL accuse Keanu Reeves of being gay

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keanu reeves and david geffen dating

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keanu reeves and david geffen dating

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On the trail of a Keanu Rumor

Bots and bot-like accounts are not allowed. No link shorteners or HugeURL in either post links or comments. They will be deleted regardless of intent. The duo, who had apparently been "secretly dating on-and-off" for over four years, wrote their own vows and recited them while Melissa Etheridge softly hummed "Come Through my Window" in the background.

The state of Massachusetts was getting set to amend the state constitution to ban gay marriage but establish civil unions for same-sex couples, which is one of the reasons the long-time companions decided to speed up the process and marry right now.

Keanu Reeves Dating History

Ex-talk show host Rosie O'Donnell married her six-year companion Kelli Carpenter in a similar high-profile celebrity gay wedding in San Francisco on February 27th. Reeves said that this was the "happiest day of his life, both professionally and personally". The couple, who held hands and french-kissed openly in a press conference after the civil ceremony, were happy to get it all out in the open, "I wanted to come out when The Matrix hit big, but my agents told me that it would be career suicide.

I'm glad that I can finally tell the world that I am gay and proud today. Thanks to The Matrix Revolutions! Immediately after the license was issued, the marriage ceremony was performed by City Treasurer K. The ceremony was held behind closed doors in a Mayor Gavin McCleod's office.

He was definitely the more 'queen' of the two".