Keke palmer and corbin bleu dating

Keke palmer and corbin bleu dating

keke palmer and corbin bleu dating

Jul 24, Congrats to Corbin Bleu and Sasha Clements! in Disney's High School Musical , married his year-old longtime girlfriend, star of the Disney. Jul 21, Keke Palmer had her first kiss with Corbin Bleu while they were filming the DCOM Jump In! "I was 12 and It was on the lips," she shared on. Corbin Bleu dating history, , , list of Corbin Bleu relationships. Who is he dating right now? Corbin Bleu and .. Corbin Bleu and Keke Palmer Keke.

The film, which also starred Ashley TisdaleLucas GrabeelVanessa Hudgensand Monique Coleman in pivotal roles, became a major success and helped Bleu gain recognition among teenage audiences. The Concert — tour to promote the film, [42] work on the second film in the High School Musical series began, and Bleu was confirmed to be returning for the sequel.

High School Musical 2 was released on August 17, The premiere was seen by a total of over The show offered viewers a behind-the-scenes look into the production of the movie. Directed by Paul Hoenthe television movie revolved around a young boy named Izzy Daniels who trains regularly in order to try to follow in his fathers footsteps and win the Golden Glove, an amateur boxing tournament.

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While Bleu played the lead role of Daniels, Keke Palmer portrayed the role of Mary, his friend who has a crush on Daniels. Again, Disney scored a crossover hit with the Jump In! The School Play and Guide to: The Hotel Tangoan teen drama film version of the television series of the same name. Senior Yearthe first film in the High School Musical franchise to receive a theatrical release. Decades was deemed too sexy to dance. The following year, Bleu played the lead role in the film called Free Style Izzy brings his younger sister, Karin, and her friends to the Double Dutch regional competition, to watch Mary and her teammates, Shauna, Keisha, and Yolanda.

Watching the competition, though Izzy tries to hide it, he actually is impressed by the competition, and shows an interest in Double Dutch.

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The Joy Jumpers take fourth place, barely qualifying for the city finals. Upset with Mary's freestyle choreography, Yolanda leaves the team and joins their main competitors, the Dutch Dragons. The Joy Jumpers need to find another teammate, or they can't compete in the city finals.

Not taking Double Dutch seriously, Izzy mocks their dilemma. Mary challenges him then to jump rope, and prove that it's easy. Izzy manages to pull it off, having done jump roping to train for boxing. He's convinced by Shauna and Keisha to be a temporary replacement until they can find someone else. Mary also agrees to the arrangement.

keke palmer and corbin bleu dating

He practices with the Joy Jumpers before school at his father's gym, so no one can see them. Over the next several days, Izzy spends more time with the Joy Jumpers and improves tremendously at Double Dutch, though his boxing skills and punctuality suffer as a result. His fellow boxer, Tammy, finds out, but promises to keep it a secret if he stops teasing her. With some help from Izzy, the Joy Jumpers are able to put together a better freestyle routine.

Izzy agrees to join the team permanently, and suggests they change the name to Hot Chili Steppers instead, which Mary agrees to.

Izzy plans to perform with them at a Double Dutch exhibition to practice their routine.

  • Keke palmer and corbin bleu dating

That day, though, Izzy's dad shows up with tickets to a boxing match. Upset, Mary kicks him off the team, even though Izzy apologizes. Rodney, meanwhile, is furious over losing to Izzy, and demands a rematch, though Izzy continuously ignores him. He discovers Izzy's secret, and takes pictures of him, then puts them all over their school, exposing and ridiculing Izzy. After seeing this, Mary goes to Izzy, and tries to convince him to come back, but Izzy coldly turns her down, and Mary gives up.

keke palmer and corbin bleu dating

Kenneth gives Izzy a gift for his boxing match, but discovers the pictures Rodney posted, and confronts Izzy about it. Izzy admits that he didn't tell his dad because ever since Kenneth's wife, Izzy's mother, died, all he ever talks about is boxing. Izzy admits that he no longer likes the sport, and only does it for his father. Izzy apologizes, feeling guilty for his outburst, while Kenneth accepts the apology, then leaves the room.

Izzy takes out his anger practicing at the gym, until Tammy comes over, and reminds him that she's been teased by him and others constantly for being a female boxer, but she's never let it get to her, helping her become the best girl boxer in Brooklyn. As Izzy is leaving that night, Rodney arrives at the gymbringing a large crowd with him. He demands again that Izzy gives him the rematch, and after some mocking, Izzy agrees to it. In the ring, Izzy responds to Rodney's mockery with fact, that he was angry because his father was out of work, and everyone thought of him as a loud-mouthed bully.

He uses the tricks he honed in freestyle practice to dodge Rodney's attacks and push him against the ropes repeatedly, finally stating that they both had a lot to be mad about, but fighting would not improve them. He leaves the ring, and Rodney angrily follows, but trips and falls.

Everyone urges Izzy to finish him, but he refuses, stating that he's tired of being mad before leaving the gym. Rodney was impressed by Izzy, having felt the same way but not willing to admit it. He admired Izzy for standing up to him. The Hot Chili Steppers come to the city finals with an abysmal replacement, until Izzy shows up. He apologizes and, after some bantering, Mary quickly forgives him. Mary, though, shows a new attitude, not letting their snark get to her.

During the compulsory, the Steppers stun the Dragons by taking first place, while the Dragons take second. The Dragons take first in the speed, while the Steppers take second, which means the Freestyle round will determine the winners. Rodney shows up, as well, to watch. Just before they perform their freestyle routine, Izzy is surprised when his father and Karin show up to support him, too.

The Hot Chili Steppers take the stage, with Izzy showing the skills he's learned, impressing his friends, Rodney, and Kenneth. After they finish their performance, Izzy goes up to his father.