Lana and rusev summer rae dating

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lana and rusev summer rae dating

Apr 6, Summer Rae & Rusev," Lana said. "When they decided Lana was in a storyline where she was dating Dolph Ziggler. She posted a couple. In early May, Lana began dedicating Rusev's aiding Lana during a confrontation with Rusev and Summer Rae. Sep 2, There have been many bad love triangle storylines in WWE over the years. current storyline between Lana, Dolph Ziggler, Rusev and Summer Rae. this girl when her kayfabe ex-boyfriend Rusev IS her real life boyfriend?.

lana and rusev summer rae dating

However, most of the the time, they are incredibly hard to get into. Bryan Alvarez said it best. These fans would not watch wrestling for a cheap imitation of a soap opera. Let me just say that I feel bad for everyone involved in this storyline.

Why WWE Must End Love Storylines After Rusev and Lana Debacle

This storyline is one of the worst aspects of WWE television nowadays… and it was more prominently featured than anything else on the show. The other thing is the timing of every angle from this storyline on Monday seemed all messed up.

lana and rusev summer rae dating

This was a rematch from Summerslam that was announced two days before RAW. Fans would normally be getting excited about the prospect of seeing a clear winner after their Summerslam match solved nothing.

lana and rusev summer rae dating

However, they just shot this match on first like it meant nothing. It was basically there to act as a prelude for the rest of the night with regards to this storyline.

WWE Must End Love Storylines After Rusev and Lana Debacle

It was essentially the same finish from Summerslam! With everything that happened later on, surely those would be the sort of things that would hype up a match for later on? Why not have Lana and Dolph Ziggler cut the promo about the match at the start of the show? They can talk about their relationship and making out in Disneyland, etc.

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After that, Summer comes out and Ziggler is seen with his towel on in his locker room. We then hear from Summer Rae as she does her interview about the incident with Ziggler.

Lana is asked about this interview by Renee Young but she walks off. Ziggler then tries to explain what happened to Lana but she leaves the building sad and upset. This would leave Ziggler all alone to go up against Rusev.

Without Lana at ringside, Rusev beats him in the middle. Even IF they tweaked the timing of the angles, I still probably would have hated it!

WWE confirm Rusev-Lana engagement, Lana comments on the same

However, I am not a casual wrestling fan. If you want to get a soap opera storyline over with the casual fan base, you have to at least have it make SENSE. Her gigantic step did not only encourage women to pursue their dreams but also motivated most of them to stand against the wrong deeds.

Although she took away the spotlight via her wrestling profession she had once also been in headlines for her marriage plans.

So today we shall learn about her non-executed marriage plans and open up the mystery of her dating life.

WWE confirm Rusev-Lana engagement, Lana comments on the same

Failed or kept aside for a while? In the show of WWE, the lady was seen mingling with Rusev while she was helping the man overcome his breakup with his girlfriend Lana. The romance between Rusev and Rae brewed in the show, 'Keeping the stale love of Lana and Rusev' aside in the year As posted by Cagesideseats.

lana and rusev summer rae dating

Rae was so in love with the man, that she had made plans to marry the man who was equally competent in the wrestling field like her. She had even dreamt the title belt to be her engagement ring. But, the dream of the women failed when she found her man cheating with his ex-girlfriend behind her back.

lana and rusev summer rae dating

As posted by Nesn. Lana showing her engagement ring given by Rusev