Laura zerra and clint jivoin dating

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laura zerra and clint jivoin dating

Clint Jivoin Himself - Survivalist. Laura Zerra Herself - See also. Release Dates | Official Sites | Company Credits | Filming & Production | Technical Specs. Discovery. Nicklas Lautakoski · Discovery. Laura Thompson-Nelson · Discovery Discovery. Kellie Nightlinger · Discovery. Clint Jivoin · Discovery. Laura Zerra. Laura Zerra Laura became interested in survival as a way to connect to land in a visceral way, and gain freedom and independence in the wild. Clint Jivoin.

Survival instructor Kim is paired with extreme athlete Shane, pitted against extreme weather and dangerous animals in the Costa Rica rainforest. You'd Expect Shane, who has no formal survival training, to be glad to have an experienced partner.

Instead Shane spends the entire three week period trash-talking people in their twenties and women in general and Kim in specific, mocking her skills even after she is forced to take care of him after he breaks his foot while being ill herself. Survival instructors Laura Zerra and Clint Jivoin try to survive in a Panamanian desert island with nothing but a machete and swimming goggles. You'd Expect anyone who brings swimming goggles as their survival tool to not be afraid of swimming in the ocean.

Instead Clint refuses to use his goggles to search for food underwater because he is afraid of sharks that he never encounteredeffectively reducing their survival tools to Laura's machete until she decides to use the goggles herself.

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It Gets Worse when Clint panics and swims back to the shore, taking their shared makeshift raft with him while Laura is still underwater. Though Clint's PSR went up due to completing the challenge and some other stuff that was left on the cutting floorhe got nothing but scorn from the audience and was put to further shame in the season finale, when the similarly looking Forrest Gallante was dropped on the same location and with the same tool, yet managed to thrive despite dealing with worse weather and a completely uncooperative partner.

Two couples are dropped on the Panamanian coast, not told of the other team also being a part of the challenge. Eventually they meet up and decide to pool their efforts for survival.

You'd Expect the group to do quite well given that they have a larger base of tools and people with a wider variety of experiences and training to draw upon. Instead one of the female survivalists, Cassie, turns into The Load. She spends most of her time working on her tan, and refuses to look for food and water because " there is plenty of time " and she is used to fasting.

She also refuses food when it is offered to her, letting half an anteater that Forrest killed go to waste. When Forrest tells her days later that he found some oysters and ate them all because she wants no food from him, you can tell from her face that she is hungry now and realizes she screwed up, but is too proud to admit it. It Gets Worse when Cassie, not having learned her lesson, acts equally hostile to Manu and Russell after their groups join up, and she only has a sudden epiphany and apologizes for her behavior the day before departing, when the others were contemplating leaving her behind.

Though she successfully completed the challenge, her PSR dropped to 3. Amateur hunter Jeff and wilderness guide Eva face the wilds of Madagascar with nothing but a knife and a fire-starter. You'd Expect Jeff to defer to Eva's greater experience, given that she lives off the land for a living and has experience in dry climates he doesn't.

Instead Jeff, citing his Mormon faith, refuses to share body heat with his partner Eva, despite near-freezing temperatures and a lack of fire.

laura zerra and clint jivoin dating

He later burned the first bit of food they had in two weeks - a snake that Eva caught with her bare hands. To add insult to injury, he complained about not liking feminists and credited The Holy Father with their success in finding food rather than Eva's experience as a wilderness guide. To top it all off, he burned their camp down with his second attempt to cook a snake.

laura zerra and clint jivoin dating

In this episode, make-up artist Alana and sobriety coach Keith must survive on a deserted beach in Fiji with nothing but a machete and a fire-starter.

You'd Expect their first priority would be finding water. Instead Keith wastes time and energy trying to cut down trees with his machete and provokes poisonous sea snakes while playing the big-strong-man trying to "protect" Alana.

He winds up tapping out on Day 11, after getting some kind of intestinal disease drinking unclean water. It Gets Worse if you watch some of the bonus footage on the show's website. There we find out that not only did Keith allow their fire to go out but he wasted a day trying to build chairs for their shelter at a time when they had no fire, no food and no water. Firefighter Fernando and single-mom Samantha brave the rain forests of Malaysia with nothing but a machete and a fire-starter.

You'd Expect anyone with a modicum of survival training to know that eating strange mushrooms is a bad idea. Instead Fernando chows down on an unknown mushroom and almost immediately has an allergic reaction. His blood pressure drops to a lethal level and he develops a This was such a brazen act of stupidity that Fernando's final PSR score dropped, despite his successfully completing the challenge.

laura zerra and clint jivoin dating

Survival instructor Vincent and homemaker Sabrina tackle the tropical jungle of Bolivia with two fire-starting sticks and a hatchet. You'd Expect them to do quite well, given that they find a box canyon with a waterfall to make camp in. Instead Sabrina proves to be worse than useless, having the attitude that men are meant to provide for women.

She complains about Vincent needing to "step up his game" after he has difficulty hunting and foraging for food. Despite reportedly being an expert on plant identification, she makes no efforts to find edible plants and instead spends her days at their camp, casting protective spells and wood-crafting pentacles.

It Gets Worse after Vincent is force to tap out due to having contracted multiple tropical diseases. Sabrina almost makes it to Day 21, but is forcibly evacuated after she contracts food poisoning from trying to eat a decaying parrot head left behind by some animal with better sense about what was and wasn't edible.

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They realized they would have to build a fire to try to keep some of the critters and bugs away. Panama being very wet and humid made starting a fire very difficult. Clint bragged about how he could split bamboo and use a fire bow to start a fire.

laura zerra and clint jivoin dating

Well after a few attempts he quickly gave up. This was the first of many failed attempts by Clint.

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More on that later. Eventually I think it was day 10 or 12they finally got a fire going. But the bug bites had already taken their toll. It was difficult for her to walk around, and she said she was worried about Anaphylatic shock.

Well amazingly after about days with the swelled feet, she woke up and the swelling went down and she seemed fine. Just wish they were honest about it. One other odd thing happened as well.

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While opening a coconut with the machete, Laura sliced her finger open. It was a pretty good sized cut.

laura zerra and clint jivoin dating

They showed Clint wrapping leaves around her finger to stop the bleeding and to keep it clean. And later on in the show, Laura mentioned sutures. But it make sense. The couple found an abundance of drinking water, but like most of the other couples, they found food very hard to come by. They were both very weak and tired.

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So sometime around day 14 or so, they decided to venture into the water to see if they could catch something to eat. Clint jumped in with his goggles and after a few minutes said he had enough.

He was scared of sharks and the tide. So that left Laura out there by herself. She managed to spear a sea urchin, and she set a lobster trap that she had built on her own. When they got back to camp, she offered some of the sea urchin to Clint, but he turned his nose up at it and opted not to eat it.

Part of their extraction was for them to build a raft and to paddle past the breakers to a boat waiting for them off shore. They were both very weak and Clint barely had enough energy to scrounge together wood for the fire. Laura ventured out to check out her lobster trap. Again, as I pointed out with Kellie, as she got dirtier, and has her hair got more and more wild, the better looking she got. When Laura swam out to the lobster trap, this was when I found her to be strangely attractive.