Lemonade mouth olivia and wen dating simulator

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lemonade mouth olivia and wen dating simulator

Lemonade Stand is a business simulation game created in by Bob Jamison .. Lemonade Mouth is a American teen musical drama television film Plot High school students Olivia White (Bridgit Mendler), Mohini "Mo" To date, the band has released five albums, the most recent a release entitled Shine . Ray refers to Stella as "lemonade mouth" and Olivia, the narrator, states: "And they are saved by Olivia, who announces that she and Wen are the ones dating. Disney's latest teen block- buster, Lemonade Mouth, follows a gang of five kids with American boyband the Jonas Brothers - as lead singer Olivia White. Adam Hicks, 18, who plays keyboardist Wen Gifford in the film, is a gifted . his life' with John Stamos in Instagram post of a double date with their wives.

Lemonade Stand

Just what Mo said to me. Livy, Scott, and Ray went into the movie store. I think this is enough movies. In the house, Livy said to the girls that they should go up to her room to try on the clothes that Mo and Stella bought at the Mall.

The girls head upstairs to Livy's room to see what Mo and Stella bought. Something about me liking another girl. Remember in lunch when she tried to flirt with Wen and he rejected her and she got pissed off at him.

Now that was fucking hilarious. So who do u like now" asked Charlie and Scott. Scott and Charlie nodded their heads. I don't know when or how I fell in love with is so sexy.

Scott and Charlie were shocked at what Ray told them. Mo already knows who I am in love with. Stella nods her head. I am in love with Ray.

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Stell a was stunned at Livy's confession about being in love Ray Beech. Livy and Mo blushed a deep red. Mo picked out the Pink and Black Lace and matching Thong. They put the bra and thongs on and put then they put on Playboy Bunny Tank Tops and Shorts and then they went down stairs. With the girls down stairs "Hey u should sit on Ray's lap Livy. Now lets watch Madea Goes to Jail. My mom is expecting me home tonight.

Charlie can u give me a ride home. See u tomorrow afternoon. After Stella and Charlie left, Mo and Livy went to the kitchen to get some food.

lemonade mouth olivia and wen dating simulator

The girls exit the kitchen and go back to the living room where the guys were sitting. Scott and Ray start eating their sandwiches and Livy and Mo sit on their laps. I want the light pink one and I think u should take the white one. Come on then, let's go upstairs. With that said, Livy and Mo head upstairs to put on the outfits that Stella picked out on and to see if Ray and Scott get the hint on what they just said. I think they were talking about lingerie. He also thought that the band should be named "Wen" instead of " Lemonade Mouth ".

lemonade mouth olivia and wen dating simulator

Wen plays the keyboard and is currently Lemonade Mouth's lead keyboard player. Wen is an early convert to the idea of a band. He is upbeat, enthusiastic, great on keyboard and a fierce rapper.

Like Olivia, Wen is having a hard time at home because of his anger over his father's new relationship with a much younger Sydney. It's with Olivia's help that he realizes how fortunate he actually is to have the supportive, loving family that he does. Quotes "We believe in you, okay?

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I believe in you. Unless you're looking for a solo career Which I'd be happy to consider. Mo and Scott are married now for four years. Wen and Olivia have been married for two years. Stella and Charlie are engaged. The story may include the wedding. Mo and Scott have a two-year-old son named Jamie. This story is also mainly Wenlivia.

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I don't own Lemonade Mouth or any characters. It can't be that hard to tell Wen. For god sake's he is my husband and I love him with all my heart. But, what if he doesn't want a baby and leaves me.

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What will I do? If he is gone, I don't know how to live. I looked at myself in the mirror. I had bags under my eyes that's right I haven't slept because of this. Maybe I should call Mo and Scott.

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She's done this when she was pregnant with Jamie. Maybe I could ask Scott what he thought about it. Yeah, that's what I will do. I walked out of the bathroom and picked up my phone from the end of the bed.