Lincoln and kennedy coincidences yahoo dating

Lincoln and kennedy coincidences yahoo dating |

lincoln and kennedy coincidences yahoo dating

Historians have traditionally regarded the series of seven debates between Stephen A. Douglas and Abraham Lincoln during the Illinois. List describes a number of amazing coincidences that can be found between the assassinations of Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy. Abraham Lincoln was elected to Congress in John F. Kennedy was elected to Congress in Abraham Lincoln was elected President in John F.

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Absurdly early Top 25 college football rankings for

The fact that Mizzou gets South Carolina, Florida and Tennessee at home could be the difference between an average season and a double-digit win season. Utah Utah finally broke through and won its first Pac South title in The Utes could be the favorite to repeat entering the season, especially with running back Zack Moss 2, yards over the past two years deciding to return for his senior season.

View photos Utah running back Zack Moss L is coming back in Wisconsin Expectations were sky-high entering the season for the Badgers, but UW fell well short of reaching the College Football Playoff berth that many thought was possible. Is a rebound in store? It may be tough with the rest of the Big Ten West looking like a much-improved division on an upward trajectory. In two seasons, Taylor has 4, yards and 26 touchdowns rushing, including 2, yards in as a sophomore. After a nine-win season in year one, the expectations are only going to get higher for coach Jimbo Fisher.

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Lincoln and Kennedy Coincidences

Turning the page toWashington loses two of the best players in program history: At quarterback, UW has an excellent replacement in Jacob Eason. Eason, a Washington native, was a five-star recruit who left Georgia after Jake Fromm supplanted him as the starting quarterback.

Now he has a clean slate and two years to play at UW with Salvon Ahmed ready to step in at RB and potential first-round pick Trey Adams back at tackle. The defense, however, will replace a slew of all-conference players, including All-American linebacker Ben Burr-Kirven.

Not bad at all. Kyle Trask should be healthy and either he or Emory Jones could challenge Feleipe Franks at quarterback, though Franks improved as the season went on. He also provided a list of stunning length of the names of killers found from biographies on the web. Onyshkevych, the web is full of stange information. Both names are comprised of fifteen letters.

lincoln and kennedy coincidences yahoo dating

Comment What a bore I'm going to be here. Let us suppose that the length of a name is a random variable Poisson perhaps where the probability of very long or very short names is small and the expected length is about 5 letters.

Then, the distribution of the summed lengths of three names is going to be sharply peaked at 15 letters. In other words, this might be common.

I can think of 5 members of my immediate family who meet this test also. Lincoln was shot at the theatre named 'Kennedy'.

lincoln and kennedy coincidences yahoo dating

Kennedy was shot in a car called 'Lincoln'. Comment I had trouble believing what I was reading here, because I recalled distinctly from High School or earlier that Lincoln was shot at Ford's Theatre. Practically any person with high school education would recall this fact. Moreover, this seems to be a corruption of the original list of coicindences in which this one was "Lincoln was shot in a theatre built by Ford.

Kennedy was shot in a car built by Ford. Oswald ran from a warehouse and was caught in a theatre. Comment Well, I could explain this coincidence as resulting from the shear number of theaters and warehouses, but the story of Booth's escape is so complex that to characterize it as "ran from a theatre and was caught in a warehouse" skirts the suburbs of misrepresentation.

Booth was ultimately caught in a tobacco shed on a farm, which hardly qualifies as a warehouse. Booth and Oswald were assassinated before their trials. Comment Booth died in a gunbattle, so reports of his assassination are highly exaggerated. This is the climactic last alleged fact that the author decribed as "the kicker.

A week before Kennedy was shot, he was in Marilyn Monroe. Comment I was pretty sure at this point that the whole e-mail was a joke. Nevertheless, I have gone this far, and I may as well finish. Marilyn Monroe died over one year before Kennedy's assassination. Onyshkevych has written to tell me that there is no Monroe, Maryland known to the U. Post Office at least. Perhaps there was in Now you see Shayon, most of the miraculous co-incidences are actually not miraculous.

They are wide-spread lies and just wishful exaggeration. Then again question comes why do actually people spread lies and exaggeration? Let us try to be more skeptic, let us try to be more logical.

Let us try to be a real "Mukto-mona" by taking the following oath: You will certainly do it from now on, right Shayon? Avijit The article is kept in: It is used frequently by creationists in the evolution v. A creationist will look at a protein and say to you, "This protein contains amino acids. If any of these amino acids were different, this protein would not function properly.

Since there are 20 possible amino acids, the probability of this particular configuration is one in 20 to the th power. That is a very small probability, in fact one might say that it is too small to be a coincidence and therefore there must have been divine guidance.

To someone who has not been taught to think critically, this might seem to be a pretty convincing argument, but think about it this way There are members in this group and each of us has a birthday. Mine is August 6. There is a one in chance that this is your birthday. Now think about this--the chance that a group of people would have all of the birthdays that this group does is one in to the power. It would be pretty much impossible for a group of people to have this set of birthdays, right--yet it just happened, right here.

Many fanatics are masters of persuasion.

Lincoln and kennedy coincidences yahoo dating

Those who are not armed with knowledge are easy prey for these people. If there are any critical thinking or logic classes available to you, they are not a waste of time. When you find something that is just too amazing to be true, keep searching for answers and you will be amazed at what you find. I am to this day convinced that there is a logical explanation for everything, even if it has not been figured out yet.

Bound by coincidence Aparthib Zaman. My discussion is general and applies to those who may "see" some divine connection in those coincidences. The desire to see divine connections or design in mundane occurrences of coincidences is a strong human instinct arising out of a yearning for a world beyond this observable one and rooted in the desire for life after death in order to find a meaning of this life and to move on.

This yearning was behind Jung's theory of Synchronicity, which is nothing but a pseudo-scientific mish-mash, although in his desperation he even tried to enlist some help from his friends well-versed in Quantum Physics. He tried to link an aspect of Quantum Mechanics called Quantum non-locality Einstein called it spooky with apparent connections between human experiences.

A case of pure quackery like astrology. Anyway, the fact is that all coincidences appear to be strange connections to many because of a improper understanding of statistics b selective bias of human mind, and c sometimes due to succumbing to intentional manipulations of facts. Misunderstanding of statistics can lead one to view a not-so-unlikely occurrence as very unlikely.

Selective bias leads one to forget and ignore the majority of events, all of which are individually very unlikely, not treat them as coincidences or strange connections but only the ones that appear to be interesting to the human mind.

For example, if we roll ten dice the likelihood of getting the sequence is the same as both of which are equally likely and also very unlikely to occur in one trial.

FACT CHECK: Lincoln and Kennedy Coincidences

When one is dealt a bridge hand of thirteen cards, the probability of being dealt that particular hand is less than one in billion. Still, it would be absurd for someone to be dealt a hand, examine it carefully, calculate that the probability of getting it is less than one in billion, and then conclude that he must not have been dealt that very hand because it is so very improbable or that it must be a divine connection for him to get this rare hand!

Share It's either one of the great truisms or great myths of pop culture and politics in the last century: When President John F. Kennedy was assassinated on November 22,it created a depression in America that could only be cured by a massive outbreak of hand-holding. Would we still have needed them — would we still have fed them, with our dollars and screams— if, when they were '64 breakouts, the President had still been alive?

Would moptops have taken over the world anyway, even if the king of Camelot hadn't been taken out before America's very eyes? Only Rod Serling himself could come up with the alternate reality in which we could say for sure how the Fabs' career and the counterculture they subsequently ushered in would have gone if it had been business as usual through a Kennedy administration. And for 50 million adolescents in search of an exit, there was nothing to replace a shining young role model in a suit like four even sunnier and even younger heroes in suits.

The Grateful Dead's Jerry Garcia is among those who remembered the Beatles' emergence in those dark days as "a happy flash, post-Kennedy assassination. Like the first good news.