Lira galore and rick ross dating shateria

Rick Ross Celebrates Birthday With New Girl, Ex Lira Galore Responds | 92 Q

lira galore and rick ross dating shateria

Fresh off her relationship with Rick Ross, Lira Galore is spilling the beans on No way in hell would she consider dating another rapper again. Rick Ross apparently made his 40th birthday party the place to do Here's what we've exclusively learned: Rick and Cortney have been dating for about a month. UPDATE: As for Lira Galore's messy response to it all?. Just weeks after ending engagement with Lira Galore, the rapper wasted no time getting back with his ex Shateria Moragne-El.

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Rick seems excited about his upcoming LP which is expected to drop this December. It will certainly be a memorable project as it is his last album on Def Jam.

He said once this whole thing is behind him he plans on setting the record straight as to what exactly went down. Also, he talks about being caught in the middle of the beef between his MMG artist Meek Mill and and his homie Drake, his beef with 50 Cent and his baby mama winning a case against him and more.

lira galore and rick ross dating shateria

Below are the highlights: On his engagement to Lira Galore: Now lets go to Buddakan. You will have scrimmages going for that No. I really feel like they were two little homies coming home from high school fighting over a pair of Jordans. On the tweet he supposedly sent out supporting Drake during his beef with Meek: I would probably be in my emotions as well if my first album was titled Get Rich Or Die Trying and I filed bankruptcy.

lira galore and rick ross dating shateria

I guess his kidneys failed [laughs]. It's always about the team and whatever the team bring to the table it's most definitely appreciated. They first started dating in February and they suffered a lot because of how public their relationship was.

The fans meddled a lot in their life and caused them to break up for sometimes. They got back together a short time later and got engaged in September However, the engagement only lasted for two months and the couple broke up in December due to things that the fans dug up about both of them.

lira galore and rick ross dating shateria

Ideal Type Rick Ross has been known for his reputation of dating models, actresses, reality TV stars and women of such sort. He is the type of man that is not afraid of taking his relationships to the public despite the fuss that happened with Lira Galore. Recently he has broken the pattern when he started dating Liz Hagelthorn who is not from the Hollywood famous.

Judging by how fast their relationship is going we can tell that Rick fancies a serious woman who likes privacy and is looking to have a serious relationship.

lira galore and rick ross dating shateria

Opinions on Marriage Rick Ross has popped the question for at least for times if that is proof of something it is certainly that Rick is all about marriage and family. However, three of his potential serious relationship ended in a very short amount of time, leading us to believe that despite the fact that he is looking to commit he is not ready yet.

But, everyone seems to believe that his recent relationship with Liz Hagelthorn will be a huge success. Ideal Dating Situation In spite of the numerous relationships Rick Ross has been through he leans towards the seriously committed type of relationships.

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The fact that he proposed four times to his girlfriends shows us that he is really looking for stability and safety within his relationships. Yet all the breakups he had to deal with might have had a serious impact on his ideal situation of dating. He hung out with many girls, had many flings and even dated two girls at the same time.

lira galore and rick ross dating shateria

But he recently committed to what it seems a serious relationship with his girlfriend Liz Hagelthorn and proposed to her proving that he is still looking for some sort of steadiness and trust in his love life.