Lisa gormley and axle whitehead dating 2012

Bubble bursts for soap duo

lisa gormley and axle whitehead dating 2012

January 25, am When Axle Whitehead, who plays Liam Murphy on the show, found himself having to rescue a tourist His on-screen girlfriend Bianca Scott, played by Lisa Gormley, emphasised the necessity of. Stars in and won it with fabulous partner Luda Kroitor. AXLE WHITEHEAD in several scandalous storylines, including addiction and a love triangle with Bianca Scott (Lisa Gormley) and Heath Braxton (Dan Ewing). 'Home and Away' Axle Whitehead confirms Samara Weaving relationship 09/ 06/ the two were dating, stating: "It's only new but it's going really well." in , when he was in a brief relationship with Lisa Gormley.

Gormley and Cooper predicted that viewers would like Bianca and Gypsy's double act because they "had so much fun" filming the storyline. Liam assumes Bianca is sleeping with Heath and this is the "final straw" for Liam.

He has a deep conversation with Gypsy and they kiss, only for Bianca to find them together. Whitehead said that "it's pretty embarrassing for everyone". The incident has bigger implications because "Bianca and Gypsy also have to deal with this" and the effect it has on their friendship.

Gormley said that Bianca cannot believe it because she does not think it is something April would do.

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However, despite Liam's concerns she soon realises that Heath is telling the truth and Bianca sees a new side to Heath. Gormley said that "Bianca is so proud she's started seeing this good side of Heath and is disappointed that Liam's still judging him on face value, like she did initially, she defends him because he did good.

Though, Heath is not sure whether he can do the "settle down" scenario yet, Ewing said "he loves her, whether he knows it or not. I certainly think Heath's extremely attracted to her because he's never met anyone like her. However, she felt that there were so many "pros and cons" and too many cons for Bianca to seriously consider a relationship with him.

She concluded that Bianca is still "very much in love with Liam".

lisa gormley and axle whitehead dating 2012

Is she really going to lie to the police and the man she loves? There's no good way out of it.

Bianca Scott

The plot features an ensemble of the serial's characters as they fabricate the scene of a car accident which leaves Liam seriously injured. While Bianca and Heath are travelling in the car behind them, they are forced to involve the police.

However, Charlie is not allowed to be seen with a known criminal such as Darryl. To protect them, Bianca and Heath tell the police they were driving the vehicle. Gormley said "this is the man she cares so much for and she comes face-to-face with losing him and it's devastating — she's so scared she might lose him.

The characters realise the truth would have "monumental" consequences, so they decide to continue with the lie. He added that Gormley had already signed with a United States-based management firm. An Eye for an Eye in late She told Shannon Molloy of news.

Ewing called the couple's return storyline "a great, fun opportunity". Bianca starts to flirt with fellow teacher Liam and they develop an attraction. Bianca has a burst pipe in her new home and argues with her landlord. Speaking in Italian, she threatens to burn the property down, but the landlord understands and evicts her. Bianca warns Liam to stop spending time with Ruby.

She tells Ruby to get over her crush and informs Charlie Buckton Esther Anderson about her behaviour. Bianca slaps Liam after he insults her and Gina forces them to work in the library together. Bianca starts to receive text messages from Vittorio and she admits that she still loves him, even though she goes on a date with Liam.

Vittorio arrives in Summer Bay and though she is angry at first, Bianca gives into her feelings and kisses him. Liam sees the kiss and leaves town. Vittorio arranges a press conference and reveals he is in town to win Bianca back.

Bianca tells Vittorio that she does not want Liam any more and Bianca accepts Vittorio's proposal of marriage. Vittorio tells Bianca that he is going back to Italy, but he changes his mind. Liam leaves a message for Bianca, asking her to get in touch if she is still interested. She does not, but sits listening to the call. When Liam returns, he develops a rivalry with Vittorio. Liam and Bianca kiss and he confesses his love for her.

Bianca decides to stay with Vittorio and carries on with the wedding arrangements. However, the encounter causes Bianca to become confused about what she wants. During her wedding, Bianca makes it to the altar, but halfway through her vows, she tells Vittorio she cannot marry him. She runs into Liam's arms and they ride off on his motorbike. Upon their return, Bianca and Liam move into an outdoor home. They have sex every day, until Liam becomes worn out and decides to concentrate on his music.

Bianca thinks he has lost interest in her, but he soon convinces her otherwise. Bianca starts to tire of not having a proper home to live in and when she electrocutes herself, she moves back in with Irene. Liam starts taking drugs again and Bianca tries to help him.

lisa gormley and axle whitehead dating 2012

When Liam loses his job, Bianca tells him she will only stand by him if he kicks his habit. When he does not, she breaks up with him. Liam checks into rehab and Bianca changes her mind, but Liam refuses to speak to her until he recovers. Bianca refuses to talk about her ordeal despite Irene and April's attempts to help.

Liam returns and supports Bianca, but she still cannot open up. Bianca sees her attacker, Dean O'Mara, and he runs her over. Liam tracks Dean down and he is arrested. Bianca and Liam break up, but Bianca is jealous when she sees him having sex with Gypsy Nash.

Gypsy later tells Bianca that Liam is not over her. Charlie and Bianca decide to stay in a cabin in the country. Brax and his brother, Heath, join them and Heath has sex with Bianca.

As they are returning home, Brax and Charlie crash into Liam, who comes off his motorbike. Bianca stays by Liam's side while he recovers in the hospital. She and Heath tell the police they were in the car that hit Liam, to protect Brax and Charlie. Bianca rejects Heath and she convinces Liam that Charlie and Brax were not in the car. Bianca's friendship with Charlie deteriorates as a result of the deception. Bianca asks Liam to move in when he is discharged from hospital.

Bianca offers to lend him some money to buy a car, but she is displeased when he purchases a motorbike instead. Liam is furious with Bianca when he learns the truth about his accident and he moves back to the caravan park.

However, the couple reunite and Liam proposes to Bianca, who accepts. Bianca is shocked to find out that April has been seeing Heath and warns her sister to stay away from him.

Bianca is late to her wedding, when she tries to talk to Heath about April and they are chased by a paparazzo. Upon her return from her honeymoon, Bianca discovers that she is pregnant. Heath asks her is the baby is his, but she says no. However, at her scan she finds out the baby is further along than she thought.

Bianca and Liam try to keep the news from Heath, but April tells him the baby is his. Bianca and Liam decide to leave the Bay, but Liam realises that it is not what Bianca wants and he ends their marriage. Bianca develops Pre-eclampsia and is admitted to hospital. Sid Walker Robert Mammone tells her and Heath that the baby will have to be born early. Shortly before she goes into theatre, Bianca has a seizure and the doctors perform a caesarean section. When Bianca wakes up, she believes her baby has died, despite Heath taking her to meet their son.

Sid then diagnoses her with postnatal psychosis. Bianca leaves to find Liam, forcing Sid to sedate her to get her back to the hospital. When Bianca comes round, she cannot remember the past few days and finally acknowledges the existence of her son.

The baby has a fit and has to have a blood transfusion. Bianca and Heath decide to name their son Rocco. Bianca returns to work part-time, while Heath looks after Rocco.

Rocco falls ill with meningitisbut recovers. When Bianca goes to wake Rocco up for a feed, she finds he has died from cot death. Both Heath and Bianca struggle to come to terms with Rocco's death. Bianca breaks up with Heath and begins self-destructing.

She begins taking drugs, which are supplied by Adam Sharpe Martin Lynes. Bianca has sex with Adam, moves into his place and begins partying. April manages to make Bianca realise what she is doing and Bianca stops. Adam orders Heath to be killed, but he is found in time. Bianca visits Heath in hospital and they reunite.

Heath proposes and Bianca initially refuses, but changes her mind and proposes to him. Bianca supports Heath when Darcy's grandmother refuses to give him access to her. Bianca becomes acting principal of the high school when Gina dies. Bianca is demoted when she defies the department to make a statement about Zac MacGuire Charlie Clausenwho was being accused of sexual harassment by a student. However, a protest by the students sees Bianca reinstated as principal.

Bianca becomes attracted to Zac, who also has feelings for her. Bianca tells Heath that they should postpone the wedding. Feeling he might be to blame, Zac apologises and Bianca realises how much she loves Heath. During their wedding, Heath takes Bianca aside and confesses to cheating on her. Bianca punches Heath and declares their relationship is over.

Liam sees Aden and Nicole kissing, upset he takes a pill and is charged with drug possession. She manages to get Gina to agree to letting Liam be a guitar tutor at the school. Martha has a pregnancy scare and he does not like the idea of being a father. They sleep together again, but Martha still does not want a relationship. Xavier Austin David Jones-Roberts suspects Liam is taking drugs again and he did not want to ruin his friendship with Martha, so he decided to move out.

Liam starts working at the school with Ruby Buckton Rebecca Breedsthey become good friends and Ruby starts to fall for him. He finds out from Nicole and after advice from Alf Stewart Ray Meagher he continues to work with her until she makes a pass at him. A new language teacher Bianca arrives to work at Summer Bay High, he feels an attraction to her.

They sleep together in the library. Bianca's ex Vittorio returns to resume their relationship. Bianca agrees to marry him, even though she still likes Liam. He feels hurt that she does not want him and tries to accept the situation.

On Bianca's wedding day she decides not to go through with it and chooses Liam. She and April Rhiannon Fish move into the field house with Liam, but they later decide to move in with Irene. Liam's is dumped by his record label and he buys some pills from Heath Braxton Daniel Ewing. When Liam covers a class for Miles and sets the students an assignment, in which they have to plan a terrorist attack against Summer Bay. Gina withdraws the assignment and Liam is reported to the school authorities.

He takes some pills before a meeting with the state education officer. Liam launches a verbal attack and the meeting is cut short. Gina later tells him that he can no longer teach at Summer Bay High. Liam takes more pills and Bianca finds out, they break up. Liam then decides to check into rehab. He returns to the Bay unannounced and learns Bianca was raped and that she had a one-night stand with Heath. Charlie Buckton Esther Anderson asks Liam to testify against Heath on drug charges, Liam agrees, but is later beaten up.

Liam shuts Bianca out, but they eventually talk and forgive each other. Liam moves into the caravan park and asks Gina for some tutoring work, but she cannot give him any. Dean runs Bianca down and Liam later finds him and beats him up.

He was further upset to see her talking with Heath but accepted a job working for Brax at the restaurant. When he heard Bianca had been trapped when the school collapsed, he went to see if she was all right but was upset to see her joking with Heath and ended up in an argument with her.

After April chided him for his behaviour, he asked Gypsy, newly arrived in town, to pass on a letter to Bianca for him. He met her at the hospital while visiting Irene, who was undergoing treatment for breast cancer, and they agreed to an amicable split and he was disappointed to see her with Heath and Darcy not long after. He tried to help out when Gypsy and Bianca were harassed by a patron at the restaurant and later consoled Gypsy when she was stood up by her boyfriend Mark, as well as looking after Lily when she avoided meeting him.

When a singer he'd arranged to play at the restaurant cancelled, Gypsy and Lily persuaded him to play instead and he and Gypsy got on well after the gig.

He was pleased to hear Bianca was jealous but when he spoke to her she snapped at him and started eyeing up Heath. When he went round the Braxton house to drop the float off and found Bianca there in her dressing gown, he assumed something had happened and ended up having sex with Gypsy on the beach. Gypsy's boyfriend Mark later turned up and threatened him over their fling.

The next day, he spoke to Gypsy, admitting he'd used her to try to get over Bianca, and helped her realise she wouldn't have slept with him if she was serious about Mark. He wound up Brax when his relationship with Charlie made front page news.

When he heard April had collapsed because of drug use and Colleen claimed Heath was responsible, Liam went to confront him only for Bianca to step in and reveal Heath was innocent.

lisa gormley and axle whitehead dating 2012

He later commented to Miles that you know when a relationship is over. He saw Harvey Ryan sabotaging the Blaxland and told Romeo but left town before he could confirm the story to Alf. He was later involved in an accident when he drove into Charlie and Brax's vehicle when he went through an intersection and ended up in hospital. He came round to find Bianca by his side and was told Heath had hit him.