Logan and camille dating in real life

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logan and camille dating in real life

Are logan and camille dating in real life categories you should follow. Mentally dating nick miller the real stars of step up 3d are moose and camille this on. Big Time Rush is an American comedy television series that originally aired on Nickelodeon . Big Time Rush released their new song "If I Ruled the World" ft. James Maslow and Logan Henderson were the easiest and first actors cast. Other known apartments in the Palm Woods are the ones of Camille (4J), Jo (3I) and. Major Camille/Logan, Jo/Kendall, minor Stephanie/Carlos. It was just supposed to be a date to celebrate their eighteen month anniversary, neither of them.

Even though Logan broke up with Camille, she still has a crush on him shown when Logan exited the tunnel of just friends, his face covered in kisses. The reason she provides helpful information to BTR is probably because she knows it will benifit Logan. She helped James thrice, but one of the times it was to get this realationship back together. This is probably the 2nd longest lasting couple at the Palm Woods, lasting since Camille's first appearence to being just friends in later episodes.

But then in season 3 episode 1 they start dating again and have a more serious relationship.

logan and camille dating in real life

Big Time Love Song: Camille kisses Logan pretending it's a play, but really killing his chances of being Jo's boyfriend. Logan says the kisses were surprisingly pleasent. Logan asks Camille to the dance, a first for him asking someone out, and tries several ways to get her as his date until the actual dance, where he dresses up as a prince and rides on a horse, with her approving and almost crying tears of joy.

When she figures out he lied, but kept it going to keep her around, she says "that's so sweet". In he succesful video she hugs him and is seen near him for most of the video. I think I will! Thanks, James," Logan said, leaving for the fourth floor. Logan walked towards the pool, muttering his thanks. He walked up to the method actress, but he received a slap before he could say a thing.

After all I've done for you!

logan and camille dating in real life

I miss the times we kissed in the rain, when we'd just escape from our friends, when we'd just talk, the silences that were never awkward because we had something real. But then I broke up with you and you dated James. You don't know how much that killed me, Camille, to see you with James. So, can we-" Logan couldn't finish his sentence because Camille's lips stopped his with a kiss. At eight o' clock, Logan showed up at Camille's apartment door with a small bouquet of assorted flowers.

logan and camille dating in real life

Camille answered, dressed in a red dress that went to her knees. Let me go put these in water," Camille said, going inside, gesturing for Logan to come inside, which he did. He saw the dining room table covered with a white tablecloth, two chairs, two plates and forks, and a candle. Camille put the flowers in a clear vase and put them on the table, a little off to the side. Logan meets her challenging gaze for a split second before acting.

He steps toward her again, and she stands her ground.

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His hands come up to her face, tilting her chin before crashing his lips against hers. He tangles his fingers in her wavy hair, cupping the back of her neck to keep her in place as their mouths move against each other. They're backing up towards the opposite wall, not even realizing what they're doing until Camille finds herself caught between it and Logan's body.

Camille yanks Logan back down to her, parting her lips and letting him slide his tongue inside her mouth, fighting with him for dominance before allowing him to take control.

His hand snakes around her back, pulling her body to his as he presses himself into her. He leaves her mouth to gain some breath before attaching himself to her neck, leaving a hot trail of kisses down to her collarbone while she grips a fistful of his hair.

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Her hands move to his shoulders to push off the cardigan he's wearing over his t-shirt, and he throws it to the floor in a hurry before pulling off the shirt, too. He kisses her again, hand wandering beneath the hemline of her dress, moving between her legs, exhilarated and somehow unsurprised at the heat he finds there. He rubs her over the material, but the low whine that emits from her throat tells him she wants more, so he hooks his fingers under the band and pulls down the lacy fabric to get it out of the way.

Logan smirks at her sharp intake of breath when he touches her, watching her eyes slip close when his fingers find her clit. She moans into his neck as teases her most sensitive area, nails digging into his shoulders. She whimpers in protest when he stops, but it's only to explore a bit further, because soon two fingers are pushing their way into her entrance, causing her to let out a hiss at the sudden intrusion.

Camille & Logan

Her knees are going weak, and it's a good thing he's got her up against the wall, because she doesn't think she could stand on her own at this point. Camille rolls her hips forward, desperate to create more friction and heat between them, and feels how hard Logan's gotten. She fumbles with his belt and the button on his jeans before successfully pushing them down his legs.

logan and camille dating in real life

He removes his hand, slick with her wetness, and grinds his crotch against into hers, a low growl escaping his throat at the contact he's been craving. Camille tugs on the waistband of his boxers and he pulls away from her just long enough for her to slide them down his thighs. She gasps at the feeling, her body wanting to protest the quickness of the action, and she bites her lip to stop herself from crying out.

Her body feels like it's on fire, but the pain can't overpower the pleasure she's experiencing, so when Logan pulls out a little and pushes back into her, she moves against him as much as she can, not wanting to lose a bit of the delicious heat building between them. If he'd had time to think about it, Logan would have been more nervous now than he ever had been in his whole life. Nothing could have prepared him for this; not any of James' stories, or the magazines Kendall keeps hidden underneath his mattress, or the websites Carlos has bookmarked on their laptop.

He almost didn't believe it was going to happen until it actually was happening, and he's not nervous at all right now because all he can focus on is how good this feels, how tight and wet Camille is around him, how he fits perfectly inside her, and fuck, did he already mention how good it feels?

The sound of his name on her lips, and he knows he's a goner. Neither can stop the noises coming from their mouths as he takes her harder, going faster in an attempt to increase the pleasure between them, sending their bodies into overdrive. He palms her breast over the thin dress she has on, surprised and impossibly more aroused when he realizes she doesn't have a bra on underneath.

Logan grunts with each buck of his hips, his rhythm growing erratic as the heat courses through them. With another gasp and roll of her hips, he feels her walls pulsing around him, clenching his cock as her orgasm wracks through her. It sends him over the edge and he comes harder than he ever has before, and as his body stills he has just enough time to wonder if his own hand will ever again be good enough to replicate this experience.

She lets her legs down from around his waist, and he grips her by the hipbone as they both catch their breath, keeping his forehead pressed to hers. He's putting his shirt back on and Camille carefully puts her panties into a hidden pocket in her purse as the elevator gives another scary jolt and begins moving again, taking them back down to the lobby, where Bitters and Buddha Bob greet them with apologies about how someone forgot to put an Out of Order sign on the door.

They step out, holding hands, telling Bitters not to worry.