Quinn and huck dating advice

quinn and huck dating advice

For more on Huck's relationship with Quinn visit their relationship page: take it but then after many failures of hitting her target she welcomed Charlie's advice. I don't know what ABC was trying to do when they introduced Quinn's relationship with Huck by having him pull out her teeth and then having. Quinn pleads that she'll be good, but Huck gives zero Hoover Dams about her Chelsea Handler Reacts to Old-Fashioned Dating Advice.

Can their relationship ever be fixed? Get more scoop on Scandal's midseason finale What was it like shooting the torture scene? It was exciting and scary and weird and strange all at the same time. We really didn't have that much time to think about it too much. We talk so fast on the show and during that scene, we're just talking a mile a minute.

quinn and huck dating advice

Well, I was doing most of the talking, but it almost felt like we were doing a play. It felt that real. The fact that we really are close with each other outside of the show and really know each other made us take those extra little risks during shooting that and feeling really comfortable being up close on each other. I was straddling Katie at one point and grabbing her face and touching her teeth.

It all felt oddly comfortable.

quinn and huck dating advice

That shows in the scene. When we read the script that Quinn walks into the apartment and she sees the tarp and the tools, I never thought he was actually going to go through with it.

For a week, I was able to get a couple hours of going to scare the crap out of her, but he's not going to do it.

Cut to the next table read, literally the first page, and I'm just hysterical crying and Guillermo is crying and we can't believe that the writers have again crossed any line that we've set up for them in our minds.

That's why they're so great. How does their relationship change now following this torture?

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In this Thursday's episode, we do have a scene together that shows how they are to each other post-torture and how they feel with each other now and where they both stand in their relationship.

Do you think there is more going on between Quinn and Huck?

quinn and huck dating advice

A lot of people ask us that on Twitter and strangers on the street. There are a lot of people who want to see Quinn and Huck together.

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Guillermo and I feel like it's more interesting that they're not. We love their mentor-mentee relationship, but now that their relationship has basically gone to hell — and we can't say hell and back — I don't know if that will ever be in the Huckleberry Quinn future that it will ever turn sexual. I think it's more interesting that they're not romantically involved. But I also feel like that whatever Shonda [Rhimes] and the writers writer for them will be brilliant and we're game for anything.

Huck visits Elizabeth North at her home, threatening to kill her unless she finds out where Andrew is keeping Olivia.

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She confronts Andrew about her displeasure of Olivia's kidnapping, but Andrew convinces her to stick with the plan. Fitz demands to see Tom Larsen, to which he asks him about whom he can trust in the government and where to talk privately.

He delivers the video of Olivia to Jake in her apartment, as Tom confirmed that it was the only place safe from the Secret Service.

quinn and huck dating advice

Quinn and Huck try to analyze the video, trying to find where she is being kept. They discover a reflection in a glass showing Ian's face, but are interrupted by a woman, named Rose Marla Gibbswho wants to talk to Olivia. After a meeting with the joint chiefs, Cyrus starts to become suspicious of Andrew and Fitz and shares these suspicions with Abby. When the face-scanning fails to match with the reflection in the video, Huck visits Elizabeth and tortures her into making her find out Olivia's whereabouts.

Fitz tells Mellie about Olivia's kidnapping, which shocks her. When asking for advice on what to do, Mellie tells him to go along with Andrew's demands. Fitz declares war against West-Angola the next morning, terrifying Olivia. Andrew tells Fitz that he will not let Olivia go before his presidential term is finished.

Quinn realizes that the apartment must have been the place where the kidnappers were when they took Olivia.

As they search the apartment, Huck finds Olivia's ring and uses the Internet server to track the kidnappers. He finds out that Otto and Ian are the kidnappers.