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Main · Videos; Wink dating richard wendy pini divorced and dating richard wendy pini divorced and dating about me dating sites examples of. "Elfquest" creators Wendy and Richard Pini released their final comic book after 40 years on the title. They're now on the road meeting fans on. Karl Kesel(divorced), Barbara Kesel. 41% Wendy Pini, Richard Pini. %. Alan Moore, Melinda Francis Manapul(dating), Agnes Garbowska. %.

Of course, Elfquest isn't a person but a comic book series that has been running since under the creative direction of married team Wendy and Richard Pini.

The two began the title under their own company, Warp Graphics, before it moved to Marvel, then back to Warp, then on to DC, and, finally, to Dark Horse Comics, where it is currently being published 40 years after its inception.

Elfquest centers around a tribe of forest-dwelling feral Elves descended from a race of shapeshifting aliens who crash-landed on an unknown planet thousands of years ago. Even when it started in the late '70s, this was one of the first comic series to have a planned end from the very beginning. After 40 years, Wendy and Richard's long-running comic comes to an end with Issue 24 of Final Quest, which brings everything full circle.

Minor spoilers for the final issue of Elfquest below The final issue ever finds Cutter making amends with the Trolls, apologizing for their enslavement. The Elves are, at last, able to return home after the Father Tree is regenerated. More importantly, their original homeworld is brought back from destruction as everything concludes with a quote from Cutter: What's it like to end this comic after 40 years and what qualities do you think helped it endure for so long?

Courtesy of Wendy and Richard Pini As Elfquest was one of the first comics to have a planned ending, was this the ending you envisioned all along or did it change along the way as the book kept getting new life?

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And we had plenty of discussions, "All right, how much should we give to this event in this issue? How many pages or panels? We've got this many pages. How can this best be done? She would go through these crises of confidence with each issue and would worry that, "Oh, my God, I left that out," or "I didn't give enough stage time to this over here. I'm sobbing my eyes out, here. It's an amazing thing to watch, and she does it as good as the best and better than most. Modern coloring techniques obviously make the book look a bit different than it did 40 years ago when everything was wildly different, technologically.

But obviously, this is a book that has really done a very good job of adjusting to that technology and retaining the look and feel of the same world.

How much consideration does that require? Well, a tremendous amount of credit has to go to my colorist, Sonny Strait. Sonny, who in his own right is a famous voice person for anime and cartoons, kind of grew up reading ElfQuest.

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He sort of developed his inking technique as a cartoonist from reading ElfQuest. We met at San Diego Comic-Con, and he asked to become my apprentice. And I took him on immediately, number one, because I was a fan of his, and number two, he could draw the characters on-model.

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And as we worked together, he began to learn Photoshop and learn how to do coloring digitally. So, Sonny was the ideal choice for coloring The Final Quest because his sensibilities about ElfQuest are old-school, so he brought that old-school feeling of how the characters should be colored and lit and shaded and how magic should be depicted and all those things.

And that's why I think you're feeling a consistency between ElfQuest in the past and ElfQuest of today. Another side to that answer, however, is that Wendy has often said she has been working with pen and ink and watercolor and acrylic and all of that kind of stuff for all of her life When you paint with paint, you're not doing that; it's pigment on paper.

But when you are looking at a computer monitor, you are literally painting with light. So when Photoshop came along, she finally had the opportunity to bust loose and actually paint with light, and that has informed everything since But it's the same artistic spirit, the same style underlying whatever the medium is.

And there's another reason for the intense consistency. It has been decades that you have had an ending in mind.

Has there ever been a temptation to change it? Not the ending, but We thought Winnowill was going to be maybe just a background sort of character, a walk-on. We had no idea she was going to become a major villain and a major motivating force through the entire story to the very end.

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So sometimes a character will surprise you if you think it has less potential than it turns out having, and Winnowill is a perfect example of that. And she did help to expand the story and take it in a different direction. So from time to time, we encountered plot lines and scenarios that have deserved more going into than we originally thought.

I can say definitively that without the influence of Wendy Pini and the Elfquest world, that path in life would not have been as certain.

Wendy and Richard Pini on Saying Goodbye to 'Elfquest' After 40 Years

Defying stereotypes at every turn While Ms. Pini's artistic influence was certainly apparent, as I got older, I saw pieces of Elfquest's influence in other facets of my life.

Because of Elfquest, very early on in my life I was exposed to nuanced and fiercely strong female characters, unafraid of their passions, strength, and independence. Conversely, I saw male figures who were gentle, nurturing, and equally unafraid of embodying non-stereotypical traits.

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I saw alternative lifestyles LGBTQ and non-monogamous influencesand the detriments of hatred, bigotry, and othering. It was the progressive foundation that grew a neural network in my brain that lives to this day. When I found my partner, he was a Redlance to my Nightfall. I was always drawn to gentle men and gingers! Shout-outs to Bob Ross and Fred Rogers, too. Said partner is now the one who bee-lines to the "E" section in every comic book store to scour for classic editions of Elfquest to add to my collection.

It's the whole crux of fame and its surrealism. I have spent many years waiting in the online lobby trying to acquire tickets to San Diego Comic-Con as it was the one convention where the Pinis could be found in a given year. But if you've ever tried getting tickets to that behemoth, you know that it was futile. Then this year the Pinis decided to create an Appearances page to list where they'd be traveling for their most momentous year anniversary tour.

I figured just New York, San Diego… the usual suspects. But no, my own Chicago convention, C2E2was also on the list for April Commence shrieking and wailing and gnashing of teeth.