Ron ng and kate tsui dating

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ron ng and kate tsui dating

Hong Kong TV actresses Kate Tsui and Selena Li, who were in town on romance with fellow TVB actor Ron Ng, calling Ng her "brother". Read Chapter 1{How they met} from the story Fanfic Of Ron And Kate by I am Ron Ng." stuttered Ron. Kate's face blushed instantly. "Nice to meet you too! I am Kate Tsui." Time was Thanks for accepting the movie date. Wax and Wane (Traditional Chinese: 團圓) is a Hong Kong television drama produced by Roger Kwok and Derek Kok were cast first; upon hearing this, Ron Ng (portrayed by Ron Ng): Fun and Ying's youngest son who is dating Peace, Peace Man Ka-fu, nicknamed Fully (portrayed by Kate Tsui): Cheong's.

Thursday July 26, Hong Kong Source: It was rumored he's a two-timer, dating a wealthy girl outside of the industry, while being with Viann. Yesterday, Miss Wealthy wasn't willing to let Ron see her as a 'playmate', so she exposed a sexual SMS, an ambiguous voice recording and topless photos. Looks like Ron is in serious trouble again.

ron ng and kate tsui dating

The report said Miss Wealthy started dating Ron last year, but at the time he was dating Viann Zhang too. Miss Wealthy became the girlfriend that can't be in the light, their dates would just be at home.

Ron sent a lustful SMS to her and asked to exchange topless photos of themselves. A sound recording leaked and the voice sounded like Ron. In the recording, the man wanted her to: That's good, I can see it earlier When he saw reporters at the scene, he appeared calm, and took initiative to respond to the Miss Wealthy rumors.

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Ron admitted he knows Miss Wealthy, but they have never dated before. As for what Miss Wealthy said, it is not the truth.

ron ng and kate tsui dating

He stressed he never dated her and she even called him once to say sorry. Miss Wealthy also promised to clarify the recording was a misunderstanding.

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When asked if, according to the report, the SMS he sent of the bed and topless photos were actually sent by him personally? Ron did not deny: Fun and Ying's daughter. Gary Yung Yi-hang portrayed by Ron Ng: Fun and Ying's youngest son who is dating Peace, Cheong's daughter. Now married to her.

Ron Ng and Kate Tsui Rumored to be Dating Once Again

Man Fa-tung portrayed by Lily Leung: Fun's maternal aunt and Cheong's paternal aunt. Man Wing-cheong portrayed by Chow Chung: The older maternal cousin and rival of Fun.

ron ng and kate tsui dating

Man Kar-fung, nicknamed Funky portrayed by Sunny Chan: Ko Wai-ting portrayed by Florence Kwok: Fung's wife and Eugene's ex-girlfriend. Cheong's youngest daughter and Fung's younger sister who has been dating Gary, Fun's youngest son. Now married to him.

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Ho Kar-moon, nicknamed Moonie portrayed by Toby Leung: Cheong's niece and Fun's daughter. Roy Lai Pak-hei portrayed by Him Law: A lawyer and Cheong's godson.

ron ng and kate tsui dating

Wong Hung portrayed by Derek Kok: Ping's older brother a. Ping's husband Chan Yat-chung portrayed by Benz Hui: Chan Chik-man portrayed by Oscar Leung: