Root chakra money issues and dating

Root Chakra Healing in 6 Simple Steps

root chakra money issues and dating

The root chakra is connected to our primal instincts. . desire to spend more money, which of course, leads to problems both inside and outside. Your root chakra or money chakra can be damaged throughout life. some of these issues being common or repeating themselves in your life. The Root Chakra: Healing the Center of Money, Fear. Is this is a Secret of the First Chakra. Do you keep repeating the same money issues?.

The red color warms and gives life, gives vitality, dynamism and value. When red is mixed with a little blue, it helps you penetrate vital instincts with intellectual force.

root chakra money issues and dating

Agate provides seriousness, endurance and balance. It helps to dissolve negative emotions and protects the inner being. Agate disks with crystalline inclusiveness introduce you into a growing life whether a physical or spiritual childsafety and protection.

They provide confidence and facilitate childbirth. The red coral provides fluid vital energy and strength.

It has a stimulating and vivifying effect and favors hematopoiesis. It gives stability, and at the same time favors flexibility, so that you can have confidence in yourself while simultaneously following the course of life.

The ruby transmits a vivifying, warm and creative energy that leads to clarification and transformation. It establishes a harmonious link between corporal and spiritual love, between sexuality and spirituality, through which new experiential forms are opened. Earth Element Root Chakra Cedar: The rough scent of cedar oil unites you with the Terran forces and the essences of nature. It helps to collect energy, conveys tranquility and a sense of security within Mother Earth.

The smell of spice clove helps to dissolve stagnant energies in the radical chakra. It favors the willingness to release structures that constrict, arising from the need for delimitation and security, and to be open to new and fresh energies.

In this way, it brings transformation and renewal if you let the message of your vibrations enter you. The contemplation of a rising sun or setting of red blood and a dawn or twilight resplendent vivifies and harmonizes the radical chakra and unties the constrained structures that fall within its field of action. Popular Kegel exercises are practiced to prevent incontinence and to increase the power of orgasms.

They are also very effective in keeping the root chakra balanced and healthy. Meditation with the archangel Uriel and the muladhara chakra: The 7 archangels can help you balance and clear the energy of your chakras. Ask for his help through this series of 7 meditations with each of the archangels of the chakras. The article Angels and Chakras will serve as an introduction. This first meditation contains all the elements to begin the process.

If you decide to do each meditation separately, you can use the technique of relaxation and entrance to the trance that presents this first meditation with the archangel Uriel to work with the first chakra or muladhara.

root chakra money issues and dating

You can memorize or record these steps before beginning to help you in meditation: Relax your body before beginning the meditations with the archangels. Sit or lie down in a safe and comfortable place. Make sure you do not interrupt while meditating. Close your eyes and breathe, filling your abdomen with air and letting it go. Relax every part of your body, starting at the feet and going up to the face. Breathe and exhale while concentrating on relaxing your body.

This will help you to enter into the trance necessary for effective meditation. Imagine yourself in a beautiful place full of peace and light. You can choose a real or imaginary place. This will be your place of power for meditations with the archangels and chakras. Ask the Archangel Uriel to accompany you in this experience. Feel their presence and imagine it close to you.

Imagine the archangel in as much detail as possible: Imagine the red light radiating towards you. Imagine also that you carry your red flame in your hands. Ask Archangel Uriel to help you clean the energy of your Muladhara chakra. Meditate with the archangel Uriel and the first chakra Begin by visualizing the first chakra at the root of your body. Of course with time, the honey moon period gradually fades, and then they are usually left with bitterness and disappointment.

Aspects of the honeymoon period can feel a lot like love to them. The relationship tends to be very up and down, never quite finding the right balance. They experience dizzying highs and deep lows.

They either want to rush into marriage very quickly, or delay it completely and indefinitely. They just want to be together. The Sacral Chakra Couple The Sacral chakra is the spiritual energy center connected to happiness, confidence and resourcefulness. It is also linked to the negative shades of greed, fear and self preservation.

root chakra money issues and dating

A couple that makes a connection through their sacral chakra, create a love that is based on a mutual desire for comfort and wealth. This chakra is influenced by the planet Venus. When this couple come together they first harmonize on the sacral level, and over time the root chakra may open up as well.

This will result in the pleasures and also challenges of The Root Chakra couple also coming to play in the dynamic of their relationship.

Of course, it is not wrong to desire a comfortable life, or to want to have a beautiful and cozy home. The goal of the sacral chakra couple: To have a comfortable life. To own cozy house, beautiful furniture, flashy cars etc. To create their own cozy, comfortable and wealthy home together. Where does the sacral chakra couple meet? Expensive restaurants, beautiful resorts, elite dinner parties, work events. The Solar Pelxus Couple The solar plexus is the power center of our energy chakras located in our light body.

The solar plexus is connected to our ambitions and goals. Material pleasures in life can be further divided into two forms: The heavy worldly material pleasures are things like beautiful things — houses, cars, objects. This is what the Sacral Chakra Couple aspires too.

One step higher than this is the subtle form of wordily material pleasures — which is the search for fame, prestige, and power. This is what the Solar Plexus Couple aspires to. They want to get married for power and prestige. Many famous people have relationships based on the solar plexus center. This center is influenced by the sun, which has a masculine nature and encourages people under its influence to find their place in society.

In order to achieve harmony on this level, the couple has to work very hard on themselves in order to overcome their high expectations of the future. They must cultivate unselfishness and submissiveness in order to access the ability of changing their character. Without that, they will never be able to change who they are. When a person meets another with a similar desire, they create a family together.

They work very hard together to attain their goals.

root chakra money issues and dating

If they remain focused, then eventually they will achieve the power and fame that they wished for. The husband begins to feel more and more proud of what he has achieved in life. The wife, on the other hand, begins to feel more and more that without her — none of this would have even been possible in the first place. This begins to cause underlying resentment in the family.

The goal of the Solar Pelxus Couple: Power, prestige and fame. To be respected in society. Where the Solar Pelxus Couple meets: Special invitation parties, elite societies and meetings, sports clubs, political events etc. The Solar Plexus motivation: People who want to create a family in order to achieve fame and prestige, usually exercise and practice their self control from a young age.

They have a competitive nature. They may participate in sports or study how to concentrate better. They do what they can to be better than the ones around them.

It comes very naturally to them. They naturally want to be leaders of their friends. They are interested in things like management, but they usually tend to be a little bit arrogant by nature and quickly categorize the people they meet in relation to them. As you can see, people under the influence of the solar plexus do engage in self-development — but they focus on the darker aspect of it.

In their search for fame and prestige, they lose the ability to cultivate humility. While they work on themselves to become superior to those around them, they simply learn how to control others and increase their pride. When a person becomes more and more powerful, their pride, intolerance, and anger also grow. So while they are engaging in some sort of self development through self control, they use it for lower level motivations.

The fate of the Solar Pelxus Couple: The best thing for them to do as a couple would be to stop interfering in each other lives and instead focus on making themselves better people — but their ambitions and drive for success and perfection wont let them do that. However, they wont be able to do that either, and they will start getting frustrated.

So as time goes by, they begin to feel like they are just living with strangers. They start getting disappointed by everything. Only their mutual interest in maintaining outward appearances and their outward social status holds their relationship together. The only way for the solar plexus couple to change their fate is by changing their beliefs about life — to understand that there are more important things to wish for than fame.

They must set their sights on spiritual goals rather than material goals — otherwise they will find that they will always be disappointed in their life. Thus, this couple will have more opportunities for happiness than opportunities for unhappiness. They usually have lasting marriages. These favorable relationships give both people the chance to cleanse their consciousness, to work through their karma, and to fulfill their dharma.

This type of couple are very interested in working on their character and self development. They wish happiness to those around them. They tend to be involved in charity, volunteering and in someway assisting their community. They respect their elders and listen to their advice. They generally do not go through problems regarding understanding one another in their married life. Their problems generally arise through fate, and the obstacles that life brings their way.

But they understand each other well and have a desire to make their partner happy. These marriages tend to be very stable, and the couple are blessed with lots of friends, and wealth comes easily and naturally to them — although they never feel the need to depend on that either. If they hare given wealth, they use it for universal goodness and happiness. And if they are not given wealth, they do not curse the universe for it either.

The goal of the heart centered couple: Following moral principles together and uphold values in their family that provide peace and happiness. This is a love that is based on the desire to bring happiness and peace to others, including their partners.

Root Chakra; The Money Chakra » Earth and Water

Where The Heart Centered Couple meet: Places where they are around people pursuing similar interests — for example yoga classes, meditation centers etc. They tend to meet at communities that are striving for happiness.

8 Signs You Have a Weak Root Chakra

The Heart Chakra Motivation People guided by their heart center feel inclined to fill their hearts with optimism and joy. They wish wellbeing and goodness to those around them, and are naturally involved in helping people of the community through community service.

They feel a duty to volunteer. They are raised to be generous people. They understand the importance of honesty and are usually respected and liked by people.

The Root Chakra: Money Issues and How To Balance It

They are interested in choosing a good partner for themselves, and take the time to learn about relationships and prepare themselves for their commitments. The heart chakra center is under the influence of the moon, which brings peace. They do not want to bring harm to others, including to their partners. They want to make sure everything around them is in harmony and balance.

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They are hard working and responsible, and spend their free time on activities that enhance their character and make them into better people.

Heart centered women are calm women. They dress modestly and have respect for all people around them, specially their elders.

The children of heart-centered parents listen to them.