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spagett tim and eric video dating

fromCharCode(c[e]);c=btoa(d);d=(new Date). h3> Distributor: Warner Home Video Cast: Tim Heidecker, Some of the new characters fare quite well (like Spagett, from the ludicrous candid camera show " Spagett!"), while other Tim and Eric "classics" are well past their comedy prime ( this. With Tim Heidecker, Eric Wareheim, John C. Reilly, Steve Schirripa. Spagett goes Hollywood, and a friendship is threatened. Release Date: Explore popular and recently added TV series available to stream now with Prime Video. It's Spagett! Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Video Dating a Gamer Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! Adult Swim · 1 - Rain Wilson.

Yet even with the second season featuring a remarkable dip in overall quality, that doesn't mean that Tim and Eric have run out of delightfully bizarre ideas.

spagett tim and eric video dating

Though some of this season's musical segments are as inexplicable as they are hilarious "Sit on You" is a prime examplethe show's best humor still stems from the duo's obvious deep-seated love of television promotion.

Their fake commercials are inspired did you know that the tiny hats store Tiny Hats is now open on Sunday's? Yet, perhaps the strangest aspect of the second season of the show is how it feels as if some of the talent-free actors that are brought in for certain segments are being used without pity. Yes, James Quall is a terrible singer and impressionist as is David Liebe Hartbut there remains the inescapable feeling that some of these people aren't in on the joke, not knowing if they're being laughed at or with or even if their segments are generating laughs at all.

This comes through most evidently on the thorough tour documentary Tim and Eric Awesome Tourin which Tim and Eric bring out some of their most well-known characters onstage in front of a live audience to excellent effectbut they also bring along the likes of Hart, Quall, and Michael Q.

Schmidt -- the obese gentleman who is told to go out onstage and dance naked for about two minutes and do nothing else. Though it's apparent that this cavalcade of non-stars have to be in on the joke, never once do we get any indication that they truly are a notion that's furthered by Heidecker's remarkably condescending attitude towards his fans during the "Awesomecon " featurette.

Though the numerous DVD features on Season Two easily outpace the painfully bad commentary that doted the Season One disc mainly by including deleted scenes that are actually humorousthere's still the weighing sense that some of the do-anything spirit that made the first season so charming has faded, and that the guys just might be on the verge of lapping themselves creatively. In the end, though, Tim and Eric is still a fun, entertaining program -- just not as much as before.

Channel 5's Only Married News Team, Jan and Wayne Skylar Heidecker and Wareheim — television news anchors who are married to each otherand less than modest about displaying affection on air.

These characters were carried over from Tom Goes to the Mayor. In his commercials he is always shown with constant visual effects and video glitching. He also gave Casey Tatum a ride in the season 1 episode, 'Missing'. Steve Mahanahan also has a brother named Mike played by Tim who appeared in one episode and sells shoes for the aforementioned child clowns, and like his brother, is constantly featured in his commercials with video glitching.

Often the two brothers profess their love for each other and their endorsement of their brother's store. In season 5, Steve Mahanahan was arrested for touching a child clown and Mike Mahanahan was shot in the face for no discernible reason. With these two gone, their father Donald Mahanahan played by Will Ferrell took over the business breeding child clowns. Donald Mahanahan breeds the clowns using his own seed and women who possess "real clown traits".

Miles — a film producer and actor, characterized by his short temper and a penchant against "crappy acting". He starred alongside Ron Stark in a low-budget sci-fi film, Crystal Shyps. In "Carol", Tennis is seen selling Crystal Shyps merchandise on Shopping Indoorsbut is is interrupted by his brother David—who calls in to "harmlessly rib" him, prompting Tennis to destroy the merchandise in anger.

Spagett Heidecker — a hyperactive overweight middle-aged man with a black ponytail, visible hair plugs, and dried spaghetti sauce around his lips.

spagett tim and eric video dating

He is the host of a hidden camera TV show, where he hides in various locations to "spook" people by yelling out his name. However, his hiding places are always in plain view and as a result, his victims are rarely frightened.

He also serves as a spokesman for Cigarette Juice. The Beaver Boys Heidecker and Wareheim — a pair of party boys named Dilly and Krunk who often prowl the beach for women.

Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!: Season 2

They are seen as having a penchant for cocktail shrimp and white winewhich is further emphasized in the lyrics to their show's accompanying theme song. Henderson Wareheim and Heidecker — set in a typical office, Carol is an obese lady who has a sexual obsession with Mr. Henderson, her balding and bespectacled boss. This always excites Carol, and just when she is most excited, Mr. Henderson throws his coffee in her face.

Henderson secretly adores Carol, but won't show it.

Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!: Season 2 - PopMatters

Henderson, while playing with his guillotine collection, is nearly beheaded by Carol. However, thanks to a speedy trip to the hospital, Henderson is rehabilitated by Gary, twin brother of office employee Larry.

Ron Stark — a self-proclaimed actor, director, and producer, who often has various roles throughout every Tim and Eric season. In season 1, such roles included a user of "Balls Insurance".

He also hosts a show called Stark On Stark in season 2, in which he interviews himself. Will Grello Will Forte — host of several shows featuring activities such as fort building and quilting. Although his shows start out calmly and innocently, he inevitably unravels, as repressed thoughts surface about his abusive father who would punish him with a whipping belt and make him do disturbing things such as "cook the dog" and preserve his bowel movements in the toilet for his father's inspection.

He frequently urinates involuntarily when he gets on his tangents about his father. Sketches[ edit ] This section possibly contains original research. January Learn how and when to remove this template message Brule's Rules with Dr. Reilly who often appears uncomfortable being on air.

This segment lampoons the do-it-yourself segments featured on many local news stations. Brule seems uncontrollably attracted to his Channel 5 co-host Jan Skylar, whose husband, Wayne, disapproves of his advances toward her. His catchphrase is "For Your Health! Steve Brule is somewhat of an extension of the Brule's Rules segments. Carried over from Tom Goes to the Mayor, Cinco is a family-owned megacorporation with various subsidiaries, including the Cinco Chemicals and Toy Division, among others.

Most sketches involving Cinco take the form of commercials for its products and services—often of questionable usefulness or safety—such as the Cinco-Fone a mobile phone that has a single button for "easier" operation, but cannot receive calls, only has enough battery life for one call, and is prone to severe overheatinginsurance plans for groin injuries, and an apple coated with a sleep-inducing gel that may cause diarrhea as a side effect, as well as several body modifications — all of which promoted by the two middle-aged characters Rudy and Kent Jay Mawhinney and Bob Ross — that require the user's teeth be removed for safety.

Channel 5 Kid Break: A series of pseudo-educational musical segments in which two "children" Heidecker and Wareheim rap about personal hygiene and family situations such as sitting down on the toilet while urinating, wearing a father's dirty socks, incest having a crush on your sisternot wiping one's rear end, bloody nipples, and eating one's boogers.

A daytime show "for women" in which strange men do surreal, odd, and slightly disturbing musical material such as a distorted guitar player, a mime who makes inhuman noises, convulsing men, belly dancing, sub-conscious memory exploration through odd noises, incomprehensible opera singing, drum solos by an old man, and dazed chanting.

spagett tim and eric video dating

All of these bizarre performances take place in a room with a single stage, decorated with blue curtains with stars and balloons placed throughout it. A poorly archived Channel 5 program on which "children" an adult's head, including those of Rainn Wilson and Patton Oswaltsuperimposed over a child's body perform musical numbers that are somewhat inappropriate in subject matter, much to the chagrin of the host.