Stem cell research pros and cons yahoo dating

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stem cell research pros and cons yahoo dating

Human stem cell research, however, has caused great controversy because . an artificial womb Will pro-life stem cell supporters still maintain that .. Ginter has noted, however, that this NIH primer is already out of date as of his October 19, I, available from Jeff Ziegler [email protected] Jan 19, pros and cons of stem cell research papers. Post date while acknowledging that they look at Click Here cells, further, Over the last several decades, the ideas of both stem cell research and cloning E-mail: [email protected] they can be better educated about its many pros and cons in the scientific world. . Total views: ; [From(publication date).

Another study published in the British Medical Journal in evaluated patients with neck pain who were randomly assigned to receive treatment that involved spinal manipulations, physiotherapy mainly exercise and care from a general practitioner, which involved primarily counseling, education and prescription drugs. The people in the study kept cost diaries for one year. The study found that manual therapy was more effective and less costly than physiotherapy or care by a general practitioner.

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The American Chiropractic Association says neck manipulation procedures are quite safe. Todd Sinetta chiropractor in New York City and author of the book "3 Weeks To A Better Back," says he has conducted cervical manipulations for 20 years without adverse effects to his patients. A study published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal found the risk of a stroke following a cervical chiropractic treatment to be one per 5.

Even low risks are unacceptable, several physicians say, adding that they would advise patients to stay away from high-velocity neck manipulations. Chiropractic manipulations of the thoracic and lumbar spine areas are safe, because chiropractors cannot create enough force to damage those regions, says Dr.

stem cell research pros and cons yahoo dating

There is not as much robust musculature there," Jahavery says. Even a small chance of sustaining a ruptured artery for short-term relief that may not even last a week isn't a worthwhile risk.

Stem Cells Cloning Prons & Cons

I think chiropractic can be very helpful, especially when it's combined with physical therapy and stretching exercises. The study said that a separate review of complications after neck manipulations included vascular accidents, 32 of which were fatal.

The vast majority of these cases were associated with chiropractic treatment, the study said. Get a referral from a doctor, a relative or a trusted friend.

stem cell research pros and cons yahoo dating

Read the chiropractor's website, including patient reviews. Meet with the chiropractor to discuss his or her treatment philosophy, says Keith Overlanda past president of the American Chiropractic Association and a chiropractor in Norwalk, Connecticut. Ask about the various types of treatment the chiropractor provides and possible adverse effects.

Be aware that some doctors recommend patients avoid neck manipulations because of the risk they can rupture an artery, which can lead to a stroke. Also, be on the lookout for symptoms that may necessitate the need to go to an emergency room rather than to a chiropractor, physicians and chiropractors say. For example, many patients seek chiropractic work for headaches.

However, if someone has a severe headache that developed quickly, as well as odd sensations in their face, those could be possible symptoms of the early onset of a stroke, says Tuck. But it's my job to get the patient to the right place, whether it's the emergency room, their family doctor or some other specialist.

Consider seeing an osteopath. Osteopaths can manipulate the neck without risk of a serious injury, says Dr. Unlike chiropractors, osteopaths are fully licensed physicians who can practice in all areas of medicine.

Scientific cloning was first begun in Germany by a scientist named Hans Spemann in The process of cloning occurs when a living organism reproduces itself asexually, or through the absence of sexual acts. This term is referred to as a somatic cell nuclear transplant. The process of both cloning and stem cell research has provided scientific community with a new era of hope for patients.

Cloning allows researchers to create new cells and then extract the stem cells from them, without harming any living organisms. Extracting these stem cells from the cloned cell allows the scientists to produce more stem cells, which can then in turn be used in a number of different surgical procedures [ 1 ]. Stem cells can be classified depending on their tissue of origin. The role of adult stem cells is to sustain an established repertoire of mature cell types in essentially steady-state numbers over the lifetime of the organism.

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Although adult tissues with a high turnover rate, such as blood, skin, and intestinal epithelium, are maintained by tissue-specific stem cells, the stem cells themselves rarely divide. However, in certain situations, such as during tissue repair after injury or following transplantation, stem cell divisions may become more frequent. The prototypic example of adult stem cells, the hematopoietic stem cell, has already been demonstrated to be of utility in gene therapy.

Although they are relatively rare in the human body, these cells can be readily isolated from bone marrow or after mobilization into peripheral blood [ 23 ].

Mesenchymal stem cell have the potential to be used as a vehicle for gene transfer with the ability to form cartilage, bone, adipose fat tissue, and marrow stroma the bone marrow microenvironment. Important latest discovery by scientists are the multipotent adult progenitor cells that had been isolated from bone marrow and could differentiate into multiple lineages, including neurons, hepatocytes liver cellsendothelial cells such as the cells that form the lining of blood vesselsand other cell types.

Central nervous system stem cells are difficult to be characterized and there are not easily accessible [ 45 ].

stem cell research pros and cons yahoo dating

The major cons of these methods are that the therapeutic gene frequently integrates more or less randomly into the chromosomes of the target cell. In principle, this may be dangerous, because the gene therapy vector can potentially modify the activity of neighboring genes positively or negatively in close proximity to the insertion site or even inactivate host genes by integrating into them [ 6 ].