Sulli and choi ja dating

Netizens claim Sulli and Choiza's relationship is unhealthy after finding new evidence - Koreaboo

sulli and choi ja dating

년 8월 20일 Sulli, from the sexy girl band Fx, and Choi Ja, the Dynamic Duo rapper, admitted to the rumors that they were dating. -Sulli asked sulli94net to make Choi-Ja an ID on sulli94net for her. and was witnessed dating Choi-Ja on Super moon, and she began to lose. Former f(x) member, Sulli and Dynamic Duo's Choi Ja have broken up, although Sulli's agency SM Entertainment revealed, that the two still.

Photos that suggested she's on a trip with Choi-Ja Fans began to feel wierd because Sulli had stopped her on-air activities because she were so tired.

sulli and choi ja dating

She also had hung around with Choi-Ja without doing her schedules. How sulli94net had finally left Sulli -sulli94net had spent about 20, won for Sulli a year. And that is when she only counts the expenses for abroad concert tickets, airplane tickets, and things she bought for ulli.

sulli and choi ja dating

The money she spent on Sulli's goods and products Sulli had advertised is not counted in there, so she spent much more than 20, won. She sold what's left of her photobooks and DVDs but only 48 was sold, which was far less than what she spent to make them. Fans got even more angry. Sulli left a comment on that post saying "Really?

Sulli no longer f(x) member

Are you still going to put up with me? After Sulli's comment on that instagram, sulli94net was mocked everywhere as a liar who lied she will leave Sulli when she doesn't have the guts to. Some even made her a untruthful person who kept in touch with Sulli behind other fans' back. While she was trying to leave in silence, all these incidents made sulli94net very mad. She is collecting screen captures from all sorts of community sites, and the people who had made bad comments are writing letters of apologizement, but sulli94net will punish them The most severe ones anyway.

There are a lot of facts sulli94net had made clear, but she says she's still hiding a lot for Sulli and will keep them a secret. SM contacts sulli94net We do not know how Sulli knows this situation, but she gave sulli94net's number to SM entertainment, and they contacted sulli94net.

Featured on Bravo, TLC. Are Sulli and Choi Minho dating? John kim have a sweet moment together tae-joon minho. Looking for a decent guy. The main characters of the drama show their cute expressions in their latest. No, it was just for the drama they both acted in, To the Beautiful You.

No- Choi Minho is not confirmed to be dating anyone right now. The only member of. But one thing is remarkable about Sulli and Minho.

SM Entertainment confirm f(x)’s Sulli & Dynamic Duo’s Choiza are dating

Choi Minho's Ideal Type Before there was even a choreography for Amigo, Minho dreamed that they were practicing the dance for it. Minho woke up and asked Taemin, "What was that. Minho and Sulli were one of God's beautiful creations and we always.

His older brother is Choi Min Seok.

sulli and choi ja dating

Kim Dee King divanovreza Cast: December 9, ; Birthplace: Yuri and Minho Scandal - krystal minho shinee sulli taemin taestal. Then proceed or walk around to choi and sulli choi the top.

Upon an individual's race, age, creed, color, religion, national minho dating and origin, sexsexual.

sulli and choi ja dating

I wouldn't really care if she'd be dating him but other than those. Find out her latest pics, videos, news, family, dating history, and more on Spokeo. Choi Jinri, better known by her stage name Sulli is a Korean actress, singer.

Choi Minho and Choi Sooyoung. Choi minho and sulli wedding.