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Maureen O'Sullivan from Tarzan and His Mate (). and Her Sisters' The epic Woody Allen film is one of many pairings between the director and his then girlfriend Mia Farrow. .. Tarzán y su compañera ()» Descargar y ver online . Buy Tarzan And His Mate: Read 28 Movies & TV Reviews - viajeras.info The second it was over, I went online and ordered it from viajeras.info Very dated and quite silly, but Maureen O'Sullivan was quite cute and athletic. 's " Tarzan and His Mate" finds Johnny Weissmuller, the quintessinal Tarzan, in his. Apr 2, Past to Decide upon Own Tarzan and His Mate [VHS] on a secure In case you and most up-to-date rates connected with Tarzan and His Mate [VHS] well Tarzan and His Mate () - IMDb Directed by Cedric Gibbons, Jack TARZAN AND HIS MATE (), watch free movies and free online movies.

It does not even take Tarzan's breath away to have a set-to in the water with a crocodile, and Jane expects him to emerge from the fray victorious, as he does at all times. Here he rides astride rhinoceros and has encounters with a variety of animals. It is all in a day's work! He even expects Jane to be as agile as he is, seeing to it that she does her daily dozen, in the shape of springing from branch to branch and taking headers into lakes.

Tarzan is no easy person to please. He speaks only an occasional word, and even then he gets mixed up, which is apt to make one conclude that there must be days that pall upon Jane. Yet she prefers the jungle to Mayfair. They yowl to each other and cover distance far quicker via the tress than they could on the ground. In case there should not be enough excitement furnished by jungle fauna and the villainous Arlington, who, be it known, would do anything for a couple of hundred ivory tusks, there is a host of savages, evidently of two different tribes.

These natives are quite expert with their spears and arrows. Aside from the wild tale, this film is a marvel from a photographic standpoint. Tarzan has his hand to hand encounters with leopards, hippopotamuses and other beasts, and Jane has anything but a merry time with several lions.

Some of them are evidently riddled with bullets, but just when one may think that the beasts' teeth have been extracted and that their mouths are wired, one perceives Tarzan's arm in a lion's jaw equipped with splendid white teeth. In another instance one perceives an elephant limping along and finally lying down to die in a spot known as "the elephants' burial ground.

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Needless to say that Miss O'Sullivan and Mr. Weissmuller acquit themselves in the same favorable fashion they did in their former hectic experiences. They are living together in natural frivolity, ignoring the precepts of Tsar Hays and obeying no civilized conventions except, perhaps, those of birth control.

A wild, disgraceful, highly entertaining orgy of comic, sensual and sadistic nonsense, Tarzan and His Mate was brilliantly directed by Cedric Gibbons, and acted with vigor by Weissmuller and O'Sullivan. Variety Review It may be silly, but it continues to be fascinating, this "Tarzan" theme. In Tarzan and His Mate, second of the Metro series with Johnny Weissmuller, the monkeys do everything but bake cakes and the very human elephants always seem on the verge of sitting down for a nice quiet game of chess; yet the picture has a strange sort of power that overcomes the total lack of logic and probably most important it is an extraordinarily beautiful photographic specimen.

The picture will doubtless draw business. Jane's father is dead and so this time Harry has teamed up with Martin, a less scrupulous partner who is eager to earn some money off of the elephant ivory.

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Together they set off into the jungle hoping to find Tarzan and Jane again so that Tarzan can lead them back to the elephant graveyard and because Harry is still in love with Jane and wants her to come back to civilization with him. Tarzan, who they eventually do meet up with, isn't keen on the idea of their looting his jungle and so comes into conflict with Harry and Martin.

Along the way of course Tarzan must fight off lions, alligators, rhinos and a vicious native tribe. The amount of sexual chemistry between Tarzan and Jane in the first film was a surprise to me and if anything they amped the sexiness up even further here.

Jane is shown naked in silhouette as she tries on clothes and stockings, spends most of the movie in a loin-cloth bikini and even goes completely nude for a swim with Tarzan a scene that was cut from many prints of the film at the time of its release.

After she gets all dolled up in one scene, Tarzan approaches her, examines her all over, smells her perfume and then carries her off to his nest where the next scene shows her waking up in bed; clearly naked under the covers. It's quite obvious that the big draw for her staying in the jungle is the hot sex she's having with Tarzan. I know that Maureen O'Sullivan would get my vote for the s actress I'd most like to be stranded in the jungle with.

Another trend from the first film that is carried on here is the overt racism. When one of the native bearers refuses to go any further, Martin quite casually shoots and kills him and neither Harry or Martin are the least bit perturbed by it.

And once again they don't mind laying into the natives with their whips. Unfortunately, the very poor rear projection also makes a return in several of the action scenes. When Tarzan is dodging the rhino you can clearly tell that he is standing in front a movie screen.

Although just a scene later he is actually riding a rhino, so there is some trade off. Some of the scenes look quite good and others not so much. For their day, the special effects of the film were complex, involving such devices as matte paintingsminiaturessplit screensand rear projection. By July 1,Van Dyke was dropped from the project, and Gibbons was announced as the film's sole director.

In Septemberhowever, the Hollywood Reporter announced that Jack Conwaywas to take over the direction of one of Gibbons' units. Icebergco-starring Leni Riefenstahlone of the last German-U.

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When it resumed, Gibbons was no longer the director, in his place was Jack Conway as dialogue director with James C. McKay directing a number of animal sequences. McKay actually directed the film. His official credit on the picture was Animal Director. McKay had a resume full of various credits, and he jumped back and forth between the jobs of director and editor. McKay was initially given the director's chair for the sequel, Tarzan Escapesindicating M.

M must have been happy with the work he did on Tarzan and His Mate; however there would be many changes to the cast and crew on that film too including Elmer Sheeley replacing Cedric Gibbons as art director! M animal trainers, doubled for Weissmuller. Trapeze artists Alfred Codona and the Flying Codonas, who had performed in the first Tarzan film, also doubled for Weissmuller and O'Sullivan, and acted as the elder Cheeta.

Dressed in ape suits, The Picchianis performed in the film, and one of the troupe doubled for Weissmuller in a tree jumping sequence. Nelson also doubled for Paul Cavanagh.