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Toomtam and vill dating. Published: Wasted money on unreliable and slow multihosters? StoreStatSource ezflaun, 47, 0. Main · Videos; Rules of dating kang hye jung and tablos daughter. Stubbornly is something fine inter this into a percussion popularization whereas you spruce a. In , Vill Wannarot was paired up with newcomer Toomtam Yuthana with her most challenging role up to date as Gandamanee in Sud Sai Pan ().

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Anyways I hope you all enjoy. The song is of course from Toomtam's previous drama with Vill. Yom Jum Non Fah Din:: Hosted by laimtxiasthao Song: This song is so beautifully depressing and so is everyone's part. Khun Chai Puttipat James J. Khun Chai Ronapee James M.

I don't own any of these videos. They belong to their own rightful owners. I'm currently working on a Hong Fah one. Ruk Sam Sao singer: Prik Thai eng sub credit: When a young lad visited the temple to meet up with Monk Songthanari, she asked the Monk, Who should I marry? The one that loves me, or the one that I love?

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Monk Songthanari gave a gentle smile to the young lad, and simply replied, There is a story that will help you determine who you shall choose.

And before I tell you the story, I must introduce you the characters: If interested, go to this link http: You're probably gonna need some tissues!! It's been a year since Koo Gum aired, but I finally got the time to watch Bie's version! I'm in love with it! Probably one of my favorite lakorns of all time! I haven't watch any of the other versions and probably will not since this one was really good! Bie played so well as Kobori.

He was such a charming and sweet man. He was stationed to work in Thailand and one day as he was roaming around town, he saw Peung walking along the market streets. He instantly fell in love with her.

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Even though Bie is Japanese, Peung fell in love with his sweetness and gentleness. Peung tries to restrain her heart because her mother objects their relationship. Their parents separated when the twins were born. Their father, Visake, took Gan with him, while Nee is left with their mother. She later remarried a poor man who works as a principal at a school.

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Nee is bitter about her poor life and blames Visake and Gan for it. Therefore, she uses her older twin sister's name to fool with men around her. Thit soon inherits a fortune from his father's family and becomes rich.

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It turns out Visake, Gan's father, is a close friend of Thit's paternal family. Gan finds out that he is the sole heir to the Suriyakan family fortune. He taunts her character, making false accusations about her. A lot of misunderstandings occur because he thinks she is a two-faced person who plays with men's hearts. He also believes that she is stealing her younger stepsister's boyfriend. Thit's grandmother soon realizes that Thit and Gan have feelings for each other although he still thinks of Gan as his "Gandaowasee" that he met a year ago.

She wants to see Thit marry someone he loves, so she proposes they marry each other. Gan refuses the proposal at first, for she knows he is mistaking her for his other Gandaowasee and that he doesn't truly love her. She threatens to kill herself if Gan doesn't marry Thit. Gan gives in, accepting Thit's wedding "proposal. Soon Gandaomanee gets into the picture, trying to win back Tit now that he's rich.

She wants a better life for herself and will do anything to get what she wants.