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She said Changmin and Victoria are dating. I was like OH MY I did notice that Yoseob and Junhyung were less enthusiastic than normal. Yoseob started to Hyunseung was moving so fluidly and generally just being a sexy bitch. Ugh. Gayoon tried her hardest but kinda failed miserably. They started. BEAST's Yoon Doojoon wants 4minute's Heo Gayoon as his girlfriend Actress Woo Ri confessed that a nude pictorial with B2ST's Yoon Doo Joon was created . Gayoon yoseob dating. Nct is an interesting concept i know i haven't been on top of my music reviews or anything for that matter but the nct initiative has always.

The young man, indeed, found no problem about having hix ex around for now. After everything, maintained a harmonious relationship with BEAST, especially with this man was a right thing to do. Moreover, he did not dislike him, or in another way, there was a debt that should be paid later.

Only imagine about hundred of fans came here with banners and flowers would make HyunSeung felt headache. HyunSeung let soft music cradle his aching mind in a short nap until JunHyung shook him gently when they already were at CUBE, readied for a hard day. Thank to God, the whole day ran smoothly and when the sun was shrouded by darkness, HyunSeung followed JunHyung to his apartment. He wanted to put an end on this then focused in his more important issues.

JunHyung gulped the night air gratefully. It was cold and dry even after nightfall, so unlike the hot and damp air of the summer when they had been together. Because from now on, everything should come clean and clear, they were both well aware of it. Sometimes I have a thought of coming back to you. During this cold war with her, I feel very guilty for what I did to you. I had thought so, until the day I found her. He had meant this exactly as he said it. Slowly, he approached her then kneeled down, next to her.

A weak but sweet smile appeared on his thin lips when his own voice was singing softly from the phone in her hand. Carefully but firmly, HyunSeung brought down his head to place a tender kiss on her lips and stayed there for a long moment with eyes closed. In her dreaming state, HyunA seemed to hear a loving lullaby, composed by his own concerns that she stubbornly refused to hear while awake. She still remembered why she had chosen this apartment, the whole place was shaped in big windows, welcomed sunlights every morning… which later she found that he shared the same taste with her, just different reasons.

But… hey… last night, if her memory did not fool her, she had fallen asleep on the couch. Not in her room. Then… the lullaby had been singing last night was not a form of imagination. HyunA sat up slowly and looked down to the place next to her. She smiled a little, though it was tinged with melancholy. The girl bowed to everyone in the room before talking to the composer and producer, tried to pretend that she did not see that thorn, the thorn name Yong JunHyung.

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HyunA looked at him then looked at the producer, pondering what she should do or perhaps deep down, she secretly wished that the producer or anyone else could save her from this awkward moment. HyunA could not help but reluctantly nodded and followed JunHyung out of the room, while her mind still shouted crazily that she should not do this.

Strangely, like the whole company had been evacuated to somewhere else, there were only two of them silently walking and hearing their own footsteps echoed back. The rest is up to you. The whole plot had been revealed but she still struggled about what she should do from now on. Do you have any plan for future? I think you should think about what should do next. Will you come to watch? That boy works like crazy, huh. BEAST is in comeback and he still manages to attend a musical.

The respond from audiences was good as he regarded, which made him happy for they acknowledged his capacity and that he had stepped further in the career he chose to pursuit from the beginning. But every time this darkness welcomed his sight, HyunSeung could not help but felt so cold. Nothing made him more vulnerable than loneliness, especially from her. Their strict schedule and their quarrel prevented him from caring her like the happy past.

HyunSeung easily felt his heart dropped to his toes every time he came back and saw an instant noodle cup on their table. HyunA liked it but eating them every fucking day unquestionably was not her choice. More than that, not his choice! For the first time since he came back from hospital, HyunA decided to make it to the last judgement.

While she loved him, longed for his touches and above all, she cared for his health but the insane obsession of uneasiness still insisted in the back of her mind; she, simply could not stand the feeling of being embraced by a pair of arms that had just wrapped around another woman.

But only touch me after you finished your last stage. Though he was not sure what she was getting at, but one thing was clear. The seal was lifted off. She restarted her old home fashion like old days, walking around the whole apartment only with his shirt on. However, she did not figure out the reason why HyunSeung usually ignored her presence lately. She remember once she was angrily asked him why, was it the way he took revenge on her? And his answer was beyond her imagination which made her giggle all day.

His cuteness-overloaded answer, honestly saying, became the brilliant reason for her to tease him more. The truth, sometimes was not enough. Such as go to bath without closing the door or loose more buttons of his shirt when they got chance to be together… Looking at his frustrated expression was more than the most interesting comedy in this world to her. His cute sometimes was rewarded by a light kiss on his cheek, that HyunA thought she also rewarded herself with his bright grins.

Once she secretly checked his phone, and found his calendar board was on a countdown with last day was the day they could be whole again. HyunA could swear that was the best moment in her life. Honestly, HyunSeung felt a great burden had been lifted off his shoulders and heart. But I have personal errand to do. The happiest one she had ever seen from the day they had started to work together. Maybe he had a date with a special girl.

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