Dating site for singles that want children

Childfree dating: find like-minded love with EliteSingles | EliteSingles

dating site for singles that want children

For many singles, desire for long-term love goes hand-in-hand with the don't want kids do (apart from avoiding dating in North Battleford?). I have a question about childless women ages on online dating sites who say they definitely want kids. My single male friends are in their mid to late 30's and prefer to date childless women to start a family with. Is there not a single guy out there who does not want children? The world's only % FREE dating site for the select few that do NOT have or want kids: www.

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One is 45 and the other The 46 year old is married and unable to conceive. The 45 year old doesn't even have a man in her life. Oh, and I have a male friend who is Never married; no children.

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He's Jewish, and he's been dating a Christian lady for 4 years who is 50 years old with 2 grown kids. He told me that the relationship can only go so far because he can only marry a Jewish woman so there would be no conflict when they raise their kids. Conflict when they raise their kids? He's going to too old to move by the time he has these phantom kids. And, no, he doesn't want to adopt.

So most people want their own. Go online Now that you are quite clear in your mind about who you are looking for, you need to explore opportunities which attract other like-minded singles. These days one of the best options for this is to sign up with niche dating websites that cater to child-free dating. On these sites, it is far less likely that you will have to explain your decision to a great length and face many negative attitudes toward it.

These sites vary significantly on their general attitude toward children, so look around for one that you feel comfortable with.

Childfree dating: find like-minded love with EliteSingles

On the flip side, these sites may have limited numbers of members and you may not be able to find partners who are compatible on other fronts like finances, geography, personal appeal and so on.

A useful alternative is to sign up with larger mainstream dating sites which have significantly larger databases of members and where you can clearly mention in your main profile that you are interested in child-free dating. In fact some of the more thorough services use detailed biographical information and personality profiles to match people which is why they often ask whether or not you want to have a family, and how important that issue is to you — that way you are more likely to be matched up with contacts who share your stance on children among other things.

However some of the dating services are scams, so be careful when giving out personal information and paying for the service. You can even explore online childfree forums. Although they are meant for general communication, it is not to say you cannot find someone who you would click with on these forums.

dating site for singles that want children

In fact many of these organize live meetings every now and then which in turn may greatly increase your odds of finding a like-minded person in real life. Discussion of exes should be avoided, and it's best not to mention intimate tattoos, shameful things you may have done on Greek islands, or your irritable bowel syndrome flare-ups, unless your prospective partner is really persistent when it comes to finding out why you won't go halves on the cheeseboard.

dating site for singles that want children

But what about babies? When I was a single lady, popular culture taught me that the quickest and most effective way to make a possible paramour run away screaming was to announce that you hoped to be married and pregnant with twins within the next five years.

In fact, some of my friends used that very technique to ditch unsuitable suitors before pudding. But why should talking about your future hopes and plans make you seem desperate or needy? French actor Emmanuel Limal, despaired at this state of affairs and, now living in Copenhagen, set up the Danish dating site Babyklar.

This seems surprising — in the media it is often suggested that women are the ones who are most keen to procreate.