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devyn simone dating expert for men

Simone and Kelly stress the point that this is about what you want to a man is almost 80 percent more likely to get a date from a woman he. 'Love at First Swipe': Online dating is all about personal branding time with relationship expert Devyn Simone as his partner in crime. The show ends with Lynette on a date with a man who had seen her revamped profile. host and style expert, Clinton Kelly and online dating guru, Devyn Simone who and then the women choose a date from one of the men that liked her profile.

Jonathan Storey via Getty Images Kelly: But if every photo is just your face, people are going to think you're hiding something. Probably because you are.

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And hiding is not a good way to start to a relationship. Just know that people can tell when you're hiding.

How To Get More Right Swipes On Tinder, According To Experts

So if you're self-conscious about your appearance, the worst thing you can do is try to hide it with a bunch of selfies. Normal people want to date a whole person, not just a head. You should just be the best version of yourself: Not the ratty t-shirt and jeans you wear around the house on the weekend, but the stylish outfit you would wear out at night.

Same goes for guys. They want to see that you're OK in jeans and a T-shirt for a casual date but that you'd also be OK wearing a dress or suit to attend a work function or a nice dinner.

devyn simone dating expert for men

This applies to both men and women. But like, who cares? Kathrin Ziegler via Getty Images Kelly: But let's be honest a little mascara and lip gloss never hurt anyone. After spending her adolescent years collecting research, both from books and personal experience, Devyn established herself as an authority, even in her teens, as someone who could give great relationship advice.

She was the host of a top teen talk show and was crowned Miss American Teen before she was Though she appeared on two more MTV shows, she was still driven by her first passion: Devyn Simone delivers personalized matchmaking services to help clients meet their ideal partner.

The two friends met for dinner one night and, for kicks, started looking through Tinder.

devyn simone dating expert for men

Devyn laughed as she remembered the moment. The show is now broadcasted on international networks, and viewers still message Devyn and Clinton about how the duo inspired them. After that adventure, Devyn decided to focus on a more personalized brand of matchmaking. Today, as a Three Day Rule matchmakershe delivers hands-on consultations to clients who come to her looking for guidance on how to best approach dating and finding a match. Devyn told us this passion had her asking questions about relationships and the factors that lead to successful outcomes at a very young age.

Devyn helps singles renew their dating lives using hard data, personal experience, and academic research.

Devyn On Dating - Matchmaker & Dating Coach

Her goal is to change their online dating experience and general attitudes about dating. People are making connections, and they are falling apart before they really grow legs. Many clients need a little one-on-one coaching to get the process rolling.

devyn simone dating expert for men

Devyn has clear goals in mind for her clients. With Devyn, clients learn how to establish and communicate their personal brand to potential mates.