Gergen the saturated self summary for dating

gergen the saturated self summary for dating

Volume: Issue: Published: Online Date:: Pages: Type Of: Offline Mode. No data connection was found. Use the menu to find downloaded articles. Tap on the. Social saturation'' is Gergen's term for ordinary people living with constant change, bombarded by electronic messages, open to a vast range of personal. Main · Videos; Kenneth gergen saturated self summary dating. I hideously smite accompany that gill is magic. What reverts the intoxication smite a friendly.

The book is a great Psychological dissection of certain modern constructs that influence our psyche: Underneath the picture the author asks "When one's erotic interests are aroused by the body of Toontown's Jessica Rabbit That's a deep question The writing style is also pretty general and reader friendly without being bland.

Gergen avoids all the pedantic pitfalls that most POMO books fall into: Highly recommended if your here wondering what you should read next on the overwritten subject of POMO - you should read this Dilemmas of Identity in Contemporary Life Highly relevant commentary on the self in postmodern society.

  • Kenneth J. Gergen

Take Gergen's discussions and use your brain to apply them to today. If you don't feel like the embodiment of the saturated self, I don't think you're really alive. Dec 29, Brian rated it it was amazing Reading this book sparked a personal intellectual revolution when I read it back in I'm still trying to work through all the implications.

This view was proposed as a successor project to what Gergen considered an inherently flawed empiricist conception of knowledge.

The Saturated Self: Dilemmas of Identity in Contemporary Life

From Gergen's perspective, all human intelligibility including claims to knowledge is generated within relationships. It is from relationships that humans derive their conceptions of what is real, rational, and good. From this perspective, scientific theories, like all other reality posits, should not be assessed in terms of truth, but in terms of pragmatic outcomes.

gergen the saturated self summary for dating

Such assessments are inevitably wedded to values, and thus all science is morally and politically weighted in implication. As he saw it, this same form of assessment also applies to social constructionist theory. The question is not its accuracy, but its potentials for humankind.

gergen the saturated self summary for dating

This latter conclusion informed most of Gergen's subsequent work, in areas including therapy and counseling, education, organizational change, technology, conflict reduction, civil society, and qualitative inquiry. In one form or another, this work is concerned with transforming social life.

For the most part, his preferred direction of change is toward more collaborative and participatory relationships.

gergen the saturated self summary for dating

Additionally, he has been concerned with fostering a " relational " view of the self, where the "traditional emphasis on the individual mind is replaced by a concern with the relational processes from which rationality and morality emerge. It also attempts to answer charges of moral relativism with a non-foundational morality of collaborative practice, and to outline a way to bring science together with concerns for the sacred.

Gergen's work is associated with social constructionism.

gergen the saturated self summary for dating

Other major interests in his diverse works include analyzing the effects of technology on social life, examining connections between social construction and theologyand promoting a more optimistic model of aging. Notable concepts[ edit ] Concepts that Gergen has written about include: The moral and political effects on cultural behavior of disseminating scientific knowledge.

The Saturated Self: Dilemmas Of Identity In Contemporary Life by Kenneth J. Gergen

Theory that unsettles common assumptions, and opens up possibilities or new forms of action. By constructing the world, and particularly individuals, in terms of problems, there is an objectification of deficit and a suppression of positive possibilities. Realities and Relationships Cycle of progressive infirmity: With the dissemination of information about categories of mental illnesspeople come to see themselves in these terms.

As a result, they seek help from the mental health professionswhich are in turn, expanded in numbers. With the expansion of the mental health industry, new diagnostic categories are developed and disseminated.

The Saturated Self: Dilemmas Of Identity In Contemporary Life

The society becomes progressively infirmed. Realities and Relationships Multiphrenia: The condition, largely attributed to technologies that increase social contact, of being simultaneously drawn in multiple and conflicting directions. The Saturated Self Pregression. To unsettle the modernist value placed on progress, the proposal that for every change that is effected in societal life, the repercussions will unsettle multiple conditions that people define as positive.

gergen the saturated self summary for dating

The Saturated Self Positive aging: As an alternative to the pervasive view of aging as decline deficit discourseit is possible to discover and construct myriad ways of creating later life as a period of unparalleled growth and enrichment. First and second order morality: All collaborative relationships will be about some understanding of the good.