Mlp dating sim for mobile phone

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mlp dating sim for mobile phone

We've seen a lot of attempts at pony dating sims over the years, but they all tend to either die off with only a trailer or two, or release half. This is the page for posting tips and hints for the game. Android Users: If your game only pauses (so none of the timers update) and takes up battery life when you're not Go to Settings, General, Date & Time, turn off Set Automatically. Note: They don't work on mobile devices, Adobe Flash Player 20 is and pretty much everything was created by:iconheartwarmer-mlp: (Me).

One can repeatedly buy and sell wells or fancy bushes for cheap Experience. In some towns, the cheap path tiles drop when placed. You will get most of your back and gain more. Prior to spending in the Store, it may be best to wait for a sale or to check if the pony is obtainable through the Equestria Girls mini-game. If you want to make a pony move to a certain place, tap the pony, then double tap the place you would like it to move to.

Take care that the place has to be on your screen otherwise it won't work. When you start the game be sure to play with the ponies that require quests first. In Ponyville, initially expand areas only towards the Harmony Stones. Don't expand areas unnecessarily because the price for expanding each new area will become more expensive.

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Soon enough you will have to clear SIX expansion areas, which would cost you from 5, bits for zone five up to 17, bits for zone 11! These first four are the only ones you will need to skip, simply because in the beginning, it is hard to come up with 67, bits at that point.

mlp dating sim for mobile phone

Derpy aka The Pony in the Box will help you replenish your spent gems. In Canterlot,the stone path from the map itself can be sold,use this to minimize your outcome from expanding area. When you begin the game, before collecting shop rewards or hunting for Derpy, review your Events and Quests menus to activate or participate in anything that may requireor element shards to complete.

Follow the My Little Pony Game Facebook page or Instagram account to stay informed regarding upcoming changes to the game. They alert their followers with news about contests, gift codes, and new game updates. Shop strategies Usually buildings offer the same per hour for the two items it offers, so it may be profitable to spread your ponies out and just build the faster item if you don't mind checking back often.

Equestria Daily Settings

Place all of the job buildings as close together as possible, so you don't have to scroll across the map to finish their jobs. It is best to always have access to a shop that will be continuously working for the duration of any of your absences from the game. The "proper" which should be tended too as one does low priority tasks. The strange which probably have the worst production timers.

The sleepers which can be used while sleeping. The non-playingwhich should be used by those who really can't play the game. Outdated tips as of Update If your shop employs three ponies it is more profitable in per hour to build the first item instead of the second item Example: Lemon Stand gives bits for Lemons in 3 minutes with three ponies, and bits for Lemonade in 4 minutes 30 seconds with three ponies.

mlp dating sim for mobile phone

One can move ponies to a shop that is about to complete its production cycle to get the third pony bonus, and thus better use available assets when attending to the game. One good way of economically utilizing your ponies is to ask the question, "considering my habits, how long are the average intervals between my checkups on the game? It may be worth it to change production based on your intervals. If the second item in one of your shop's production cycles is about to finish 30 minand you fear that you will lose productivity in your absence minsit may sometimes be a good idea to switch the production cycle to the first item mins which may will keep your ponies busy continuously during your absence, and thus gain you more.

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You can then switch to the second item 30 min when you are at a time where you can tend to the game more often, like when making edits to a wiki every 10 min. Each shop generally has one position that doesn't require a worker with any stars the Windmill has two. When you get a new pony, find a shop whose workers all have two or more stars and replace one of them with the new pony.

Then put the experienced pony in a different shop with an open position. Avoiding parasprites and changelings Before you follow any of the below tips, you should ask yourself whether you actually want to avoid changelings or parasprites. Element shards are much easier to come by since the Everfree Forest update thanks to Zecora's Hut and its totems which should eventually grant you more shards than you'll need.

Most importantly, defeating them will occasionally yield hard-to-earn at a better rate than feeding the Harmony Stones. To avoid changelings, always travel back to Ponyville before exiting the app. It doesn't guarantee "no changelings", but it does minimize the chance of getting them. Changelings don't really need to be avoided. Unless you accidentally tap on them, they will just walk peacefully around Canterlot not blocking your building space.

Another way to avoid parasprites is to fill up your land with decorations and dirt road. Don't let your game go unplayed for 24 hours or more. This is one of the biggest ways to get parasprites.

mlp dating sim for mobile phone

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mlp dating sim for mobile phone

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