Rules for dating my best friend

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rules for dating my best friend

8 Simple Rules for Dating My Best Friend I am protective of my friends and do not want to see any of them get hurt. I know that I can be a little. In fact, when we met, my now-partner was on a date with my best friend. They dated casually for a few weeks before they split up and we got. Funny rules for dating my best friend. Results 1. Mar 26, no wife on dates, want to find and production information. Senior dating game? Visit mtv. Jan 14, and not.

Up until now you and your best friend have shared everything, no secrets. This is what makes a best friend a best friend. Now your relationship with each other has progressed to the next level of friendship, "the rules" level. To tackle such a difficult topic, I would suggest that you bring up the subject in person and not over the Internet or on the phone.

You can start talking about boys with a little girl gossip, i. Then move the conversation to what ifs. What if a girl likes a boy and he doesn't like her, would it be ok for her best friend to like him? What if a girl had been in a relationship with a guy and the relationship ended, would it be ok for her best friend to start liking him? After talking about the different what if scenarios you each can think of, you can then suggest that you have "Girl Rules" to protect your friendship and recommend some ideas you think are important.

You can have girl rule 1 and girl rule 2, etc. Write the rules down for each other so there is not confusion later on. Once you have all your rules in place, you can move the conversation to each of you sharing your current boy likes and which rules apply.

Funny rules for dating my best friend

This will give you an opportunity to talk about the boy you wrote about and how you feel about him. Girl rules don't always work in friendships. Sometimes a friendship will end over a boy.

But, having rules will reduce the likelihood that any boy will come between best friends. I am a year-old girl and I have had some very close friends for about two years that I love very much. Now there suddenly is a rift between several of the other girls and me, because I have started to see a guy the second guy I have ever gone out with in my entire life that one of them said she liked for several months. One of the other girls has also indicated that she likes this guy, while I have kind of hinted that I have been interested in other guys.

This special boy that "everyone" likes has not been dating any of my friends, but been friendly with all of us. A couple of weeks ago he and I started to talk more frequently and discovered that we really liked each other's company.

Now that I have told my friends that we are starting to go on dates, they are almost accusing me of a crime. There is no problem between him and me, but the crumbling relationship between my friends and I is really hurting me and I can't really understand what I am doing wrong.

After all, he was not dating any of my friends, and I don't see why they have monopoly on him just because they happened to say that they liked him before I did. Now I wonder if there is an unwritten rule out there that says that you can never be interested in a guy, or date a guy, that your friends are interested in too, even if he is not interested in them, but likes you?

He was actually the one who started pursuing me. I would have understood their reaction if I had pursued a relationship with him and he was actively dating one of them, but I have not caused any break ups between anyone here.

rules for dating my best friend

I feel like I have to tell them that I really like many guys, just to be sure that they can accept me dating anyone in the future. What have I done wrong?

rules for dating my best friend

Please give me advice about what to do and what to tell my friends. I want to keep their friendship, but I also really like this guy. Why can't we all be friends like we were before he and I started to acknowledge that we liked each other a little more then just friends?

Jan Expert Reply Dear Jan, My guess is your friends had been confiding to liking this guy while you implied that you were not very interested in him. You did this by hinting that you were interested in other guys. Then, without your 'close' friends knowing, you and this guy started talking more frequently and then started going out on some dates. You did this without sharing the news with people you call your close friends. My guess is their reaction to you about this is coming from feeling deceived by your secrecy.

There is no unwritten rule out there that says you can never be interested in a guy or date a guy that your friends are interested in too. However, there is an expectation in friendships that you share personal information with each other.

You treated your close friends as if they weren't so close. Then you expected them to react positively to the news that you and this guy were together. What have you done wrong? I guess this will have to do.

rules for dating my best friend

Holidays and Weekends This article is the deciding factor in the sharing of the best friend, who gets him what weekends and holidays, etc. The best friend must have, at the very least, an entire weekend in which to get his friend really drunk, and make passes at other girls. There is no discussion in this matter. It is one of the most important holidays for guys. He will not let him do things that would break up his relationship with his girlfriend, unless said girlfriend is a b—.

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The friend is merely there as a wingman and for moral support, someone to laugh with about all the girls who slapped him after a his crappy pickup lines. I believe this holiday can be split between both the best friend and the girlfriend. However, the best friend is entitled to come into the New Year in a drunken stupor, making ridiculous claims about how he will turn his life around this year. She may not hold her boyfriend back from drinking too much, nor can she hover over him all night.

This belongs to the girlfriend. Do what you wish with him. Let him meet your family. This is a shaky holiday. I ask for only one weekend during the month of December to get the friend drunk off Eggnog and rum. The friend must attend every birthday party of his best friend. The girlfriend has no say in this. The friend can decide whether to allow the girlfriend to come or not.

Strippers are allowed at this party, and no complaints will be accepted on this subject. All other birthdays are to be agreed upon be all parties, except for the 21st birthday party of the friend. The best friend retains all rights to throw his friend a kick-ass party. This one is iffy. These days are to be agreed upon by all parties.

If the girlfriend takes up a larger percentage of these, then the best friend gains the rights to Labor Day Weekend. Ideally, the weekends need to be split between the best friend and the girlfriend. There are several ways to do this. A split between Friday and Saturday nights. Two weekends each for the girlfriend and best friend every month. Ground Rules This article describes the rules of conduct at any time the best friend or girlfriend is with the friend. The best friend will not allow the friend to have sex with any other member of the female, or male, species while he is watching over him.

Of course, if the best friend has a secret desire to break them up, then by all means, get him drunk and encourage him to make out with the next girl he sees. The best friend is allowed to get his friend as drunk as he feels necessary — necessary has no limits.