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tag brothers rules for dating

Along with Akers, Konesky and Schultheis, the Tag Brothers include Rules were drawn up, among them the choice of February as tag month. Jeremy Renner as Jerry, left, and Jon Hamm as Callahan in the movie 'Tag,' A group of military vets asked for a copy of the “Tag Participation Agreement,” the legal document that outlined the rules of the . The release date was moved up. In fact, they call themselves the Tag Brothers. Patrick Schulteis, who grew up to be a lawyer, drew up three simple rules: "February only.

Despite its quick start in the Bay Area, tag ran in fits and starts in those early years. One time I got invited to a party at Tombari and Konesky's place. We had a good rager going on, and then I crashed on the couch. They got up at the crack of dawn and left me there with a note I found when I woke up saying, "Tag, you're it!

Joe and Mike, they went into hiding. I knew Patrick and Brian rented a house that wasn't too far, so I called up, and Dennehy answered. I said, "Want to tag Patrick? I remember sitting in the front room, Brian was hanging around and he walked out the front door for a minute.

He came running back in and tagged me. I ran out, but Bruiser [Bruya] was already gone. That was the last day of February; Patrick was it for the year. Sometimes tag can get pretty rough, as even Jeremy Renner found out when he broke both his arms doing a stunt during the filming of TAG the movie. Sometimes even the wives have been caught in the crossfire.

Caferro wanted to tag Tombari, but he was in Seattle and Tombari was in California. So I took the tag from Caferro and then flew down to San Jose. Konesky picks me up to go meet Joe with his new wife, JoAnne. He says, "I'm going to tell Joe I got a new stereo I want to show him. There was a complete lack of any other clever plan — just put Sean in the trunk and see what happens. A block away, I climb in the trunk. You don't know how its gonna play out. I didn't want to leave Sean in the trunk too long.

So, you know, I'm thinking, let's do this. Mostly I remember the anticipation of it all. I hear the key in the lock, then it popped.

I see a hand coming down, and for some reason it was JoAnne, not Tombari. She got so startled, she backed up and fell over the curb. Joe was stunned, and I jumped out and nailed him. JoAnne was limping when we went out later that night, but she was laughing.

tag brothers rules for dating

We all felt horrible. I still feel really bad about it. Even though most of the guys kept the game to themselves, family members and co-workers started to figure it out — especially during the month of February, when it became kind of obvious. During February, the game definitely brings out the worst in everybody. Let's put it this way: In the month of February, I carry costumes in my car — wigs, extra clothes. I've changed in my office and gone down the freight elevator to avoid being tagged.

When my family members would find out about it, they were like, "Tag? I don't get it Out with his college friends, Schultheis' stepson told the story of his dad's weird pastime. One of them knew a reporter at the Wall Street Journal. Pretty soon, journalist Russell Adams was making calls. I had doubts about the story at the start.

I wondered if readers would relate to 10 guys they never heard of who chased each other around for a month each year. I thought my editors might ask for something broader, like a trend story about adults who play kids' games.

I told Russell, "We're just 10 idiots who play tag. This is not a story. Then I got the response [from my editor] to my proposed story on the tag game: I got a call from Russell, and I couldn't get back to him. Really, I wasn't sure it was legit. Guys were talking about how this reporter was calling, but I thought, this is bullshit. Even on the Monday before it came out, I was thinking, why would tag be on the front page of the Wall Street Journal?

I go to work on Tuesday, WSJ pops up, and there we are. At the time, Dennehy was just a couple weeks into a new executive job at Nordstrom. The Journal latched onto that business connection, and his head shot — done in the trademark Journal "hedcut" style — accompanied the start of the story on the front page.

The next morning, in Starbucks, I picked it up, and the barista said, "Is that you? At one point, among the 10 Tag Brothers, they were fielding 60 calls a day. On Monday, I didn't believe any of it. By Friday, we were hiring an entertainment attorney. We didn't know how to navigate these waters. We needed to get somebody who knew the business. There was so much happening, even within the first two days, we did a conference call, and I said, "Guys, how are we going to deal with all this?

Steilen wasn't just any Hollywood player; he was also a G-Prep grad, but six years older than the Tag Brothers. It was Spokane calling; an old friend and fellow Prep grad was on the line. I'm having coffee one morning, and Bob Sestero calls me from Spokane. He's like, "Have you seen the Wall Street Journal?

I had to pay five bucks to pull it up on my iPad. Bob still owes me five bucks. There are two kinds of tag wives — those who are very protective, and those who are like, whatever, bring it on. If you ask me where Mike is, I'll just tell you. We probably need a contract for the wives. The wives are a key part of it. To begin with, they let us get away with this shit. It's not just my wife; my whole family has thrown me under the bus.

There's a lot of betrayal, a lot of calling people's wives, their children, even people we work with. All of them have been directly involved in tag.

The game is so much better now. With all the wives and kids participating, it's exploded. And it has strengthened relationships between the families and kids — kind of like they're cousins, but related by tag, not by blood.

Some classic tags were in the offing — not one, but two tags that took place in church, along with the notorious Zag Tag. Just after the story came out, Tombari and I went over to Montana to tag Raftis. It was pretty funny — the choir saw us coming and all kind of smiled knowingly at us. Raftis didn't even see us.

Even the congregation was chuckling at that point. I could tell something was going on, and then there they are — Joe and Mike sitting in the front row. Everybody kind of laughed, and then it was pretty cool — he wove tag into his homily. It's very easy to translate the tag game into a homily.

tag brothers rules for dating

Our whole faith is founded on friendship with Christ. We all have a yearning for the permanent, for the eternal. With the friends who stick with you, you have that fidelity — that faithfulness. I got tagged right after that. Then we went and had coffee and donuts afterwards with the parishioners. They were all great. When Judge John Schultheis passed away init was a big loss for Spokane. Al's Church would be full that Saturday, the 16th.

Do you even have to ask what month it was? Guys were wondering, is the funeral fair game? I said, "You know my dad. Of course it's fair game! I sat with Beef [Joey Caferro's nickname], and there was a lot of talk of, "Is this respectful? My dad had a great sense of humor and loved to tell jokes and play practical jokes.

And he's got a history with Caferro — when Joey got married, he officiated the wedding. Dad was cracking wise the whole time, teasing them both. It was funny as hell. Pretty soon, Beef was like, "Yeah, I think I'm gonna do it. When all the guys were coming up to communion, they were tapping me on the shoulder to offer their condolences.

Beef came up to me, tapped me on the shoulder and mouthed, "You're it. Dennehy has always been a tough tag, rarely getting over to Spokane for visits. But the word was out that he had tickets for a Zags home game with his brother Shaun and their wives.

February 28, — the last night of the month. Mengert was it, and Tombari helped come up with this plan. They wanted the Spike costume, but GU wouldn't allow that. So Tombari got the Bullpup mascot costume from G-Prep.

We went in the restroom, Joe handed me a duffel bag. I'mand this costume was made for like somebody And these things are really hard to see through. I'm out there, and then the real bulldog, Spike, he kind of confronts me, with like his palms open, staring at me. So I've got to hurry, and I look down and they've got unbelievable seats — like courtside.

I had to wait for a time out, and the whole gym kind of quieted down, watching me. He walked down the aisle, scooted through the row towards center court, and just handed him a note that said, "Tag, you're it.

His brother just started roaring laughing. And Brian had that look of like, you gotta be kidding me. But that was not the end of the Zag Tag, as Akers was up to his old tricks, having told Dennehy to text him after the game. But it was not to go out for drinks; they only needed to meet for a second so Akers could relieve Dennehy of his tag with mere hours left in the month. So we all met Mengert up at JJ's. Akers had snuck in, he was hiding.

We were all in on it. We all went up there to celebrate. Mengert was so proud.

tag brothers rules for dating

As Mengert walked out of the bathroom, he was facing the table where they'd been sitting. They're gone, he's confused, looking around for them. I tap him on the shoulder from behind and say, "You're it, Huckleberry! There was nobody left to tag — we had all gone out to my truck to watch through the window. Mengert put the Bullpup head back on and flipped us off for a nice photo opp.

They all wanted to come back in if I promised not to tag them, so I did and we all had another beer. We've had some pretty good betrayals, but that one ranks right up there. That was a dirty, dirty maneuver.

Meanwhile, back in Hollywood, Steilen's role that first day would turn out to be just the kind of providence tag needed. Even though the Tag Brothers thought all the sudden attention was mostly a lark, as he read the Wall Street Journal story that morning, Steilen did not.

Right away I thought it was a great premise and that it could be something special. But I also assumed I wouldn't be the only one going after the story.

I started making some calls. First he called his friend and partner on past projects, Todd Garner, a seasoned Hollywood veteran. I thought immediately it could be a movie. Once I had tried to buy the rights to The Full Monty, and I originally thought of TAG as a Full Monty kind of story — a group of friends finding ways to stay connected, to help each other out.

In that first week after the article hit, Steilen, through his brother Nate, had managed to connect with the Tag Brothers — offering to guide their project. G-Prep, again, was the common denominator.

They told me they already had two offers, and I knew people were going to start throwing money at them. I said, "Guys, I think it's a really funny idea. I can't write you a check, but if you give me time, I think I can put a pitch together and maybe sell it to a studio.

We had a number of options, who to go with. We decided that if anybody could tell our story, it would be Mark. Our shared culture definitely informed how the movie came together.

That let me bring a level of candor to it; I never worried about telling them the truth. Still, for them, it was a big leap of trust, like, "Steilen's a Prep guy. Let's give him a chance. Soon they did things few groups of friends ever even contemplate: They formed an LLC, signed away the rights to their life stories, hired an entertainment attorney and retained the services of a Hollywood talent agency.

They got a payment up front relax — nobody's retiring and perhaps more if the film pulls a Titanic at the box office.

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Meanwhile, Steilen had a production team in place, a story and even managed to get Will Ferrell and Jack Black tentatively attached to the film. That was plenty to open a lot of doors. Still, in Hollywood, they have something kind of like Catholic purgatory, where ideas for movies go to find out if they'll actually ever get made.

That's where TAG landed. Even after we all signed contracts, they were saying it's still a slim chance that this is going to become a movie. We all had pretty low expectations.

I told them we're all going along for a ride. One out of a million gets to the goal line, so you gotta enjoy the process. We had already sold our life rights, which gave them 18 months to do something with the project.

We went through a couple cycles like that.

year long game of tag: Friends who flew across the world to avoid being 'it' | Daily Mail Online

Garner and I went out and pitched it — it's like a little road show to the studios. A couple of studio execs had seen the article. I'd worked out the story pretty tightly, and we got a few interested right away. None of us thought anything would come of it. All of sudden we hear there's an out-and-out bidding war.

Then you're going, "Wow. In the end we picked New Line because their treatment showed that they got that the game is not only about tagging buddies, but staying in touch as we all get older. With New Line Cinema on board, the rest of the team started to fill out. The concept moved to an R-rated film, instead of PG, with the idea to have an all-star cast, instead of two big leads. Ferrell and Black were out. TAG would be his first feature film. When I read [the script], I was sort of blown away that these guys had found this perfect workaround for staying in touch with your childhood friends.

Jeff Tomsic is terrific; he clearly gets us. We had a bunch of different actors interested. Everybody had the same reaction: This is more than just a comedy.

I'm not a cynical person, but even so it was a little bit scary to make a movie that's this earnest and hopeful. One thing that's rare in the world of comedy is finding a big heart and making that the core intention.

The team was thrilled by how many great actors joined the cast. From the obvious star power of Jeremy Renner, Jon Hamm and Ed Helms to up-and-coming talents like Jake Johnson and Hannibal Buress, the five Tag Brothers in the film instead of the 10 in real life represent a range of great acting chops.

There's even a bit of karma as one of the actors and an original Tag Brother share the same name: Even getting guys like Hamm and Renner to read your script is amazing. You can imagine how much stuff they get offered. And talk about hitting a home run with the women in the cast — Isla Fisher, Rashida Jones. When I saw the emails, I was like, are you kidding me? Can't tell you how glad I am that I was able to come through for the guys. I think the Jeremy Renner casting is a stroke of genius.

Having an actual superhero playing a superhero in the game of tag is brilliant. Despite everything seemingly coming together, there was still a hurry-up-and-wait element to it all. One day we got the call: Studio time was booked. After everything that came before, TAG was finally happening. New Line's parent companyinvited some of the Tag Brothers down to Atlanta, where final scenes were being shot. To see people hanging around — actors, electricians — all wearing TAG gear, there were even TAG vans, it was all pretty surreal.

The people were so nice. It's funny, but we were kind of celebrities down there. They're setting up a shot, and I see Konesky walking right up to talk to Rashida Jones. Some of my own friends came to the set, and when I met the real Tag Brothers I realized they were so much like my old friends. It was incredible to watch [the two groups] get along. Knowing these guys now — the Tag Brothers — is my favorite part of all this.

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For a final capstone to the saga, Warner Bros. Right about the time you're reading this — June 7 — they'll be mingling with the stars and striking a pose on the red carpet. On June 8, Warner Bros.

An epic game of tag

Back in the mids, Tombari and his wife, then living in California, got a knock on the door from a friend. A neighbor invited them to inspect his new car, but what they didn't know was that Father Sean Raftis, then the current 'It,' had flown in from Seattle and was hiding in the trunk. He jumped out and tagged Tombari, whose wife was so shocked that she fell and tore a knee ligament.

The most ambitious attempt at a tag ended in failure for Tombari when he traveled all the way to Munich, Germany to tag Konesky. The tag ceased for several years after the boys left Gonzaga Preparatory School but it started up again in after they had a high school reunion On that occasion Tombari managed to tag his rival, but it wasn't allowed to stand as it occurred on March 2nd.

Another cross country trip involved Konesky traveling from his home in California to pay a visit on Chris Ammann who was living in Boston. Konesky spent two days in the bushes outside Ammann's apartment, sitting in his friend's favorite bar and driving up and down his street, but with no success.

Ammann had gone out of town for the weekend and as a result, Konesky was 'It' for that year. Konesky has plenty of experience of being 'It' and recalls many years ago that he even went as far as breaking into someone's house in an attempt to tag one of his rivals. In the early hours of the morning Konesky tiptoed toward Brian Dennehy's bedroom, before flipping on the light and bursting through the door. Dennehy's wife screamed at him to run, but as Konesky recalls: