16 niche dating sites

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16 niche dating sites

Single and ready to mingle? Perhaps you're looking for a revenge hookup? Maybe your overbearing mother demands you finally find a nice. From simple revenue models to familiarity with their customers, niche dating site creators believe they have a handle on their specific market. Mar 16 , pm Nicholas Albertus owns 48 dating sites in 11 different countries, and most of his sites are geared It's the first time that the dating entrepreneur has launched a dating portal that isn't aimed directly at a niche segment.

Dating: Niche Dating Sites

You'll find articles and advice here as well. Unlike many other dating sites, here you can send e-mails to other users for free.

16 niche dating sites

Through a partnership with the Humane Society, you'll even find pet care tips. You can search for users who are looking for romance, or you can look for "pet dates" that are not necessarily romantic but that involve you and your pet spending time with another user and pet for example, a walk in the park with your dogs.

Users post pictures and profiles of themselves and of their pets, and other users can rate the cuteness of the pet pictures. Senior FriendFinder is a free dating and friendship site for an older crowd. You can search profiles by location and then by age and relationship type friendship, a serious relationship, or marriage.

There are three chat rooms with telling names-lobby, gazebo, and boudoir-for engaging in different types of chat, a magazine with interactive polls, and blogs to keep you informed on the dating scene. Prescription4Love specializes in matching people with medical and health conditions such as STDs, cancer, HIV, obesity, and others for friendship or romantic relationships.

The forum section of this site allows users to post concerns or questions about life, love, or questions specific to STDs. Guest membership is free and allows you to set up a profile and look at other profiles.

10 Remarkably Niche Dating Websites

Browse photos of other users and mark them "yes," "no," or "mayB. If they like your photo too, you can begin to contact each other through the site. If you think that's you, be prepared for some harsh judgment by the other users of the site. In order to become a member, you must submit a photo and go through a trial membership period where other users vote on how good looking you are. If you don't make the cut, you won't be able to look for love on this free site.

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Player View Grid View 1. Tired of meeting people who don't share the gluten-free lifestyle you lead? Then Gluten-Free Singles is just the dating service you've been looking for 2.

16 niche dating sites

For all the people out there who love horses but not making love to horses Equestrian Cupid can help you find other singles who share your passion for the majestic four-hoofed creature.

Whether you're a clown by career or a clown by choice, this Clown Dating site will help you find others that share this hysterically fun lifestyle. Do you live for spicy tastes and hot peppers?

7 niche dating sites to make Valentine’s Day less of a disappointment

Then let Hot Sauce Passions match you with others who share your fiery flare. Are Amish people even allowed to use computers?

16 niche dating sites

Well Amish-Online-Dating is a website that showcases the Amish steps into the 21st century. Active sinceMeet-an-Inmate has been linking free men and women with pen pals and partners that are currently stuck behind bars. Are you an extremely wealthy person looking to date an equally wealthy person?

16 niche dating sites

Then look no further than Millionaire Match so you and your significant other can go have fun with your boats and your fancy parties and whatever else you do with all that cash. Also can we borrow some cash?

16 niche dating sites

Darwin Dating is a site which claims it's for "beautiful people only" implying it's exclusively for the evolutionary superior attractive folk out there