Cougar life dating site reviews

Cougar Life Review - All The Inside Info Our Experts Found

cougar life dating site reviews

reviews for CougarLife, stars: "I'm not too sure if its good or bad In my opinion there are only two legitimate cougar dating sites out there where you. Is Cougar Life the only legitimate cougar dating site? Our in-depth Cougar Life review answers that question and if you will find hot older women here!. I'm very much inclined to say it's closer to being a “scam”, than a legitimate dating site. Though perhaps my experience is too limited to tell. So, I was probably.

For instance, you may read how a member likes to spend Friday evenings or which activities bring them satisfaction. Usually, the profiles contain numerous high-quality photos. But you may expect not all the photos to be on a display: Later on, you may get a personal invitation to view the album.

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You should also take care of your profile: Also, you are being notified if somebody looks through your profile. Safety Policy When it comes to Cougar Life scam policy the vendor does not differ from the similar services.

The new members of the platform do not undergo any identity checks or verifications of their personalities. Giving you a guarantee of anonymity, the site does not take the responsibility for risks connected with fake accounts and scammers. You are the one to take care of yourself and to avoid suspicious users. Meanwhile, reviews on Cougar Life claim that your confidential data is under protection.

cougar life dating site reviews

It means that all your personally-identifiable data such as your name, email, address, bank account details, etc. Pricing You may explore the site and send winks for free. However, if you want to contact a Cougar Life girl you would need to upgrade your membership to the Premium level. The Cougar Life cost per month varies due to the duration of your subscription.

cougar life dating site reviews

Thus, you would pay for: The longer you plan to use the services — the less you pay every month. The only downside is you can't save your search filters, so you have to set them each time.

Unfortunately, you can't send and read messages as a free user. The only way to show your interest in others is to send them a "Flirt", which is the site's version of a Like.

The profiles are quite detailed The profile information can be changed later Profile pictures are visible to everyone for free To view someone's private photo gallery, you need to send a request.

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Once they grant you permission, you can freely see their private photos. When it comes to profile information, Cougar Life profiles are very informative.

Aside from these basic info, you can also check the text boxes to learn more about their personality and what they're looking for.

cougar life dating site reviews

Unfortunately, the site doesn't encourage its members to complete their profiles, so several members have half-empty profiles. App Has a similar layout and color scheme to the desktop version Can find matches on the go Screens load easily While the app offers nothing new in terms of features and special functions, it is still a good addition to the Cougar Life dating platform. You can find matches no matter where you are, and you can easily access the Find a Date screen to find cougars who are down to meet.

What about all the guys boys that just want to ef you on here it sucks. Women on here are treated like free prostitutes!!

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Mar 23, Scam Be real dude. You weren't bored, you were horny as hell and you thought it'd be easy to score with an older chick. Oct 9, Romance Scammers I joined up on Cougarlife. I came across a message from a very handsome guy who wrote in all caps and went on to say he had lost his wife 4 years earlier in a car accident and that he was very lonely and was ready to move on and find his new love.

He called almost every day HE painted a story of misfortune and that he was stuck without money for his hotel He was quite artful in his seduction I had felt the cosmos was finally producing the man I had longed so deeply for. Much to my horror I eventually figured out he was a Nigerian Romance Scammer. I checked IP addresses much later to find some email came from "Nigeria" while others from the Middle East. Sent poems pulled off the internet, sings little songs to you, wants you to have phone sex with you He went by the following user name on cougarlife: Will shower you with attention, calls and texts and IM's He destroyed my life as I once knew it.

He feigns affection, as well as remorse when he's found out Nov 7, no relies I joined cougarlife to honestly see if i could get with an older woman a few times just for fun.

I joined CougarLife and like many after either seeing some very attractive women or getting a message from a few of them I decided to become a paid member. I am not just looking for a quick hookup I would love to meet someone and settle down. After I paid for a 1 month membership I chatted with a couple of women but never met any in person. I have contacted CougarLife and they promised me a full refund in 5 - 7 days. That was almost 3 weeks ago and now they are reneging on that promise.

I had a paid membership on this site a few years ago and I did meet and amazing woman and we spent almost 2 years together but things did not workout. Many of the profiles on CougarLife are fake and have been made up by the company. I was told by one of their employees that they have a percentage of made up profiles to get more men to join. Also there are many of them that are real profiles that never got deleted where a person left the site.

2019 Cougar Life Review – All The Inside Info Our Experts Found

CougarLife is like any other dating site, they will do anything they can to make money and remember if you post any pictures they become property of CougarLife and they have the right to do what ever they choose with them. Please do not waste your hard earned money not only on this site but any other dating site.

cougar life dating site reviews

They are all the same a big SCAM!!!!!!! Apparently you only have a set number of credits even if you pay for a whole year upfront like I did.