Is parship a good dating site

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is parship a good dating site

Dating site for singles looking for a serious and long-term relationship; Offers a free . Of course, I looked for a dating site with good reviews and found Parship, . Hallo All, I have arrived to Germany around a year ago and registered to Parship site, to see if i can meet nice lady, here in Germany. For this review I'm going to be taking a look at Parship, a dating site that . So this is at least is a good sign that the company is not trying to rip.

The completion of the personality test also results in a compatibility score. The score is between 60 and points. And a score of points is considered as average. The score is shown against all of your matches on the site, giving you an idea to how well you are matched with one another.

This is basically the results of the compatibility matching. However, you can still tweak many of the criteria like age, location and height etc. Unless you are a paying member, you will find that profile photos are unfortunately blurred out. You will of course also find features like, messaging, email, winks, as well as the option to add people to your favourites list, and also block people that irritate you.

If you would prefer to flirt in privacy on your mobile, then with Parship you can. They have a mobile optimized web version of their site that you can access using your mobile browser, and also an iPhone app. The Traffic Test I always like to check the traffic number of active members of a dating site before paying for the service. It obviously makes little sense to pay upfront, to only discover there is no one in your local area that you would like to contact.

I customized my recommended partner settings to only show females between the ages of 25 and 35, and living in the West Midlands.

Parship Review

I was very surprised by the results. How many profiles do you think were returned? No, a grand total of 4! Only 4 people are matched to me in the entire West Midlands.

I changed the location to London, and 60 matches were returned. So slightly better, but still very low for London. So I would recommend making your own traffic test before opening your wallet. The Scam Test The online dating industry is worth over 2 billion pounds, and more and more people are looking for love online than ever before. This has unfortunately lead to a large number of dating companies abusing members, by tricking them into signing up through the use of computer generated messages, and pseudo profiles.

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Today the Nigerian scammer is really the least of your worries. I therefore always recommend leaving your profile description blank, and not uploading a photo for at least 7 days.

Parship Review January 2019

If you are messaged within this time, they are most likely scams. Since real members will not message users without a photo and no description in their profile. So this is at least is a good sign that the company is not trying to rip you off, and also that their spam filters are working well.

Membership Prices You can join for free, but free membership entitles you to very little. The costs for Parship in are: Your subscription will be automatically renewed at the end of your 1, 3 or 6 month period.

There are two ways to log in to Parship. Is Parship open to gays? Yes, Parship welcomes gay members. Do passwords in Parship need to have a format? Can I download the Parship app without charge? If yes, where can I download it?

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Downloading it does not require any fee. Photos How many photos can I upload in Parship? Members can upload up to 12 photos. Can I upload photos in any format? What is Parship's policy in uploading photos?

Every newly uploaded photo is subject to review, which can take up to 24 hours. How will I know if my photos have been approved by the Parship moderators? Yes, it is possible. How do I retake the Parship Test? Premium Members can retake the Parship Personality Test by contacting the customer service two weeks after the automatic renewal of the Premium Subscription. Where can I see my Parship Test results?

Just go to "My Profile" and click "Test Results.

is parship a good dating site

It can also help determine if you and another member have the same points of view on certain things. How does the Icebreaker work? When you receive their Icebreaker invitation, you will also have to answer the questionnaire. Then your answers and theirs will be evaluated.

is parship a good dating site

How long will messages be stored in my Parship inbox?