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warranted superior saw dating site

Warranted-Superior. hand saw. 7 TPI. 26 1/8 inch blade. 29 1/4 inch length with wood handle. iron medallion and screws. Made in USA. we use recycled. We can date pre-Hamilton Disston saws to a year period (marked "H. Disston" , been stacked in an incorrect series of dates on the Disstonian Institute website. It has a different medallion with an eagle, but it reads "Warranted Superior". “I have a question about Warranted Superior medallions. Is there any way of dating this style medallion, or knowing what saw it came off of.

They also appear on buildings old and new across the United Kingdom in the Royal Coat of Arms, which is similar to the UK coat of arms, but with an additional lion on top of the crown.

warranted superior saw dating site

Other old tools made in the UK bore the WS medallion too as seen on the head of this brace. Now that we have established that, it leaves us with a number of interesting questions. Well simply put, they were proud to say their tools came from the UK and using the coat of arms certainly added prestige. Seriously though, in the UK it was seen as a mark of the utmost quality.

This Old Tool Restoration of a Warranted Superior Saw

The word Superior simply means that the saw was made from the best materials available at the time. Saw makers who used the WS medallion were in effect saying that they wholeheartedly stood behind their tools and were prepared to guarantee their excellence.

It also made practical sense to use WS medallions if you think about it. As any saw restorer knows, removing and refitting split nuts on old saws can give rise to many an anxious moment. They are easily broken even when taking the utmost care. Saw manufacturers such as Spear and Jackson and W.

Got a Warranted Superior saw medallion need help dating it

Tyzack, Sons and Turner were two such companies that used their own branding. As any marketing consultant will tell you, when a brand is established and successful, it is in effect a differentiator.

It has history and a loyal following. You mess with it at your peril and at the risk of losing brand loyalty to your competition. There were many more saw manufacturers in the UK who chose to use their own branding on their medallions.

It has often been written mostly by American bloggers and forum posters that saws carrying a Warranted Superior medallion were second line saws produced by saw manufacturers. For a short time in the 's and 80's, some Disston saws had patent dates stamped into the handle. Every other date must have been derived by a medallion's presence on a saw that was introduced or discontinued by a certain date, as evidenced by its appearance in or disappearance from the product line in a dated catalog.

Working with this type of information, Taran claimed the dates in his timeline were accurate within five years. The manufacturing dates assigned to post-Civil War medallions are reliable because there are so many saws to compare and a good amount of information about the Disston company's history after is available.

Of all the saws available to collectors today, perhaps 1 in was manufactured before This tiny sampling of information makes a timeline much more difficult to establish. The appearance of about ten pre-Civil War medallions that were not in the original timeline indicates that there is more work to do, but it has not been easy.

warranted superior saw dating site

For several years I have piled all the data that has come to light since the publication of the original type study on top of the foundation it created. The result is inaccurate. All of the other medallions both large and small have been stacked in an incorrect series of dates on the Disstonian Institute website. I have tried to put every medallion that has come to light into the timeline. Some were found in online auction pictures and others were donated by visitors to the "Institute". What has resulted is probably a nearly-complete collection of all types of Disston medallions with the first twenty-five years of production dated incorrectly.

The new timeline in the Disstonian Institute will have two columns of photos. One for full-sized saws and the other for panel saws and backsaws.

Saw Talk #30: Warranted Superior Medallions

Another change is in the order and dating of several of the pre-Civil War medallions. Research is showing Disston backsaws had their design changed significantly over several years in the 's. This progression of design and the introduction of medallions sometime near the middle of that decade give evidence of which medallions were the earliest. The oldest Disston saws seem to be the few that exist with no medallion.

Collectors like Phil Baker have much more data than I, and Mr. Baker has written about the saws extensively. He believes the first Disston saw medallion is the one some refer to as the "Eagle in Flight.

As before, this is a work in progress and will be revised again when the need arises. Because I don't think all things on the internet should be disposable, the first edition of this page will be kept on this site just like an old book that has been updated, there for reference and comparison to this, the second edition of the Disstonian Institute medallion page.

Erik von Sneidern Link to the old version of the medallion page.

  • Got a Warranted Superior saw medallion need help dating it

Backsaws often lived pampered lives inside toolboxes, taken out only to be used at a bench and put away. Handsaws were not so lucky, usually rode hard and put away wet, mostly used outdoors.

The Medallions and Timeline of Saw Manufacture

There are not so many handsaws left to give evidence of how the design of the saws evolved and how they were labeled. Collector and researcher Phil Baker has a remarkable collection of early backsaws that demonstrate the evolution of Disston's saws, a few of which are shown here.

warranted superior saw dating site

Henry Disston's backsaw design changed dramatically over a span of five to eight years during the 's. This handle from a 16" saw has typically English full cheeks and a hook at the top, front of the handle.

Baker estimates the date of this saw to Here is a similarly-sized saw from approximately featuring the hook and an "eagle in flight" medallion, which is described in the next section.

This shorter backsaw has the hook, no medallion, and a finely detailed handle with lambs's tongue. Baker estimates its date to This similarly-designed handle has the medallion and may have been made The handle features a double nib, both top and bottom, which coincides with a brass back on these early backsaws.

The hook is still featured on this saw. It has a different medallion with an eagle, but it reads "Warranted Superior". It has the "optimistic" eagle medallion and the handle design is not as fussy, so was sturdier and less work to manufacture. The hook never reappeared on Disston saw handles.

Saw Talk # Warranted Superior Medallions - by Brit @ viajeras.info ~ woodworking community

The other, more significant, design change taking place during this period was the deepening of the angle of the handle from 25 degrees to 35 degrees. What follows is a progression of all medallions produced by Disston from the 's until Notice also how the dome screws have changed. It is made of brass nickel plated So what is the deal with Warranted Superior on saws?

There are two very different usage of this statement. On British saws, it denoted often a truly superior products, while ironically, on American saws, it denoted a second line product from the big makers; Namely Disston, Atkins and Simonds. Most American saw makers were purchased by one of these three makers, listed above, and continued with their other makers saws except that they would not stamped them with their "good name" and instead put their Warranted medallion on them.

Are they a lesser product?

warranted superior saw dating site

Arguably, some are as good as the major labels manufacturers, but they did not wanted to lessen their good name by putting it on a less expensive products. Brand name loyalty was and may still is strong in those days. Ever wondered why they are so prolific out there? So if you find any American Warranted superior saws, chances are pretty good it was made by Disston!