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amy goodman asian dating

Democracy Now! is rated 3 out of 4 stars by Charity Navigator. Democracy Now! receives out of for their Charity Navigator rating. Democracy Now! is a . She is executive producer and host of Democracy Now!, a daily, the Indonesian and American involvement in the Southeast Asian nation. By Amy Goodman with Denis Moynihan. A United States military video was released this week showing the indiscriminate targeting and killing.

And it was downhill from there. I went into the evening thinking that it was about a two-to-one shot that Clinton would win. So, I mean, I was—I was not shocked that Trump won—surprised, but not shocked—for the reasons, some of the reasons, that I gave.

But I will not deny to you that it was a very depressing evening. I did not want to deal with the media. So, I will not deny that it was a depressing evening. This also catapults you into the position of the most powerful, non-Democratic Democrat in the country.

But yeah, it—but I think your point is that last week or two weeks ago Chuck Schumer, who is now the leader of the Democrats in the Senate, put me on leadership. And he gave me a position that I wanted, and that is to be chair of the outreach effort.

And what I am going to do is use that position, with your help, with all of your help, to transform the Democratic Party. You know, Secretary Clinton and her supporters are hurting now. But it goes well beyond the presidential race. Right now in the United States, as you know, Mr. Trump will be inaugurated. Right now, the Republicans control the U. Democrats, I had hoped—we thought we had a better than even chance of gaining control. Democrats picked up a few seats in the House, but the Republicans will continue to control the House.

Not only that, in about two-thirds of the states in this country, there are Republican governors. And in the last eight or so years, Democrats have lost some legislative seats in state capitols all over this country.

So I think any independent assessment, without casting any blame, says the current approach has failed.

amy goodman asian dating

Well, the current approach clearly is not succeeding, and we need a new approach. And the new approach, I think, is to, A, create a state strategy. That means we start playing ball in states that the Democrats have conceded decades ago.

But more importantly, we create a kind of grassroots party, where the most important people in the party are not just wealthy campaign contributors, but working people, young people, people in the middle class, who are going to come in and going to start telling us what their needs are and give us some ideas as to how we go forward.

And I accept this responsibility as outreach chair with a lot of trepidation, but also with excitement. And the issue of who will head the Democrat—the DNC? I am strongly supporting a congressman from Minnesota named Keith Ellison.

And the significance of his being the first Muslim congressmember at a time when the president-elect says he wants to set up a Muslim registry? Obviously, there is great symbolism in that. But to me, to be honest with you, as somebody who is not a great fan of identity politics, I am supporting Keith because he is a strong progressive whose whole life has been about standing up for working families and the middle class and low-income families. But your point cannot be denied.

And that is, it will be a statement to the entire country that the leader of the Democratic Party is a Muslim, that we want a party of diversity, that we will not accept for one second the bigotry that Trump has been espousing during his campaign. What do you think Donald Trump represents?

amy goodman asian dating

And who do you think he represents? For a start, in terms of the campaign, what he did is, as I indicated in my remarks, he touched a nerve.

And it would be wrong to deny that. There are some people who think that everybody who voted for Donald Trump is a racist, a sexist or a homophobe or a xenophobe. Are those people in his camp?

amy goodman asian dating

These are people who are disgusted, and they are angry at the establishment. And the Democratic Party has not been clear enough, in my view, about telling those people, whether they are white, whether they are black, Latino, Asian American or whatever, women, gay, whatever, that we are on their side.

And too often what we look at is identity. We need more African Americans in the political process, more Latinos. No question about that.

Arrest warrant issued for journalist Amy Goodman after pipeline protest coverage

But we need people who will have the guts to stand up to the billionaire class and corporate America and fight for working families. You were considered a fringe candidate. Maybe you, yourself, considered yourself a fringe candidate.

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When did the moment come when you actually felt the Bern? I was mayor of the city of Burlington for eight years, where I took on Democrats and Republicans to win election.

Bernie Sanders: The Democracy Now! Interview

And I knew, you know, that the message that we had—I could see it in Vermont. You go to the rural areas, by the way, where people are not necessarily pro-choice, where they may not be enthusiastic about gay marriage, where they may or may not believe that climate change is real, but they are sick and tired of having to work two or three jobs, not being able to send their kids to college, worried about their own parents.

I picked that up, OK, in Vermont. And I thought that the message that resonated in Vermont—and I won my last election in Vermont four years ago with 71 percent of the vote. I did not believe for one minute that Vermont was any different than the rest of the country.

But what ended up—to answer your question, what happened is, before I decided to run—and the book goes into it—we went around the country. How responsive would people be to our message? But anyhow, it was—and I thought nobody would show up at a meeting.

We had people coming out: So we were driving around. Suddenly we see this long line of people, and I comment to the guy next to me. This is early on. And what we were beginning to see with the turnouts, the turnouts at our rallies, more and more people coming out, more and more excitement, more working people, more young people, who indicated to me, in a million different ways, they were sick and tired of establishment politics and establishment economics. They wanted real change.

And I will tell you, as the campaign progressed, that it was an awe-inspiring moment, a humbling moment, to be walking out on a stage—I think it was in Portland, Oregon, where the Trail Blazers play in the NBA—and you look out, and there are 28, people at a rally in Portland, 25, in Seattle, 27, in Los Angeles.

So people were starting to come out. The word was getting around. And it was especially gratifying to see so much beauty in the faces of young people who want real change in this country. And yet, who heard you were the people in that room, in each place. You were having the largest rallies of anyone, including Donald Trump, certainly far surpassing Hillary Clinton. And, you know, that was repeated over and over by those that owned the media. It was all of the networks that were Trump TV.

March 15th, Super Tuesday III, was the night when Rubio gave his speech, and Ted Cruz gave his speech, Clinton gave her speech, and Donald Trump, they waited for half an hour for him to give his speech and showed the open podium, as they often did. They showed more of the open podium waiting for Donald Trump than ever playing your speeches. And they played all their full speeches.

They did not play one word of your speech. You were speaking in Phoenix, Arizona, to the largest rally of any of those people that night. I wish I could disagree with you. No, no, no, Amy is raising a very—and we go into it in the book. What was it you did that was so newsworthy? And there are a couple of points. Trump was tweeting out about how ugly or horrible or disgusting or terrible his opponents were, in really ugly terms.

Perfect for the media. That is a great second sound bite. And then they got to have somebody else: During the primary campaign, somebody—I think it was the Shorenstein school of media at Harvard, just over there. Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders. In this Democracy Now! I interviewed him before a live audience at the Free Library of Philadelphia in late November.

I asked him about the standoff at Standing Rock in North Dakota. So those are the three issues there. I think what we have done is, number one, demanded that the president do what he did with Keystone.

A lot of people put a lot of pressure on the president, and he finally did the right thing. And that is to kill the Keystone pipeline, which, by the way, under a Trump may be reopened again. But that is what he should be doing. And certainly, the demand must go to the North Dakota authorities that the kind of military presence that exists there is simply not what is acceptable.

So, we have written to the president. We are going to continue to put pressure on the president to do everything he can to protect the Native Americans in the area and the protesters in the area.

Do you feel the same way today? What I said—and sometimes it got taken out of context—is that there was an investigation going on and that I wanted to spend—that history, 10 years from now, trust me, no one will remember these damn emails.

What they will worry about is people not having healthcare. It is not my style—and sometimes, amazingly enough, I get criticized for it—for running, you know, ugly and negative ads. I prefer to stay on the important issues facing the American people. There are other areas we could have gone, as well, that Trump went into, that we chose not to do it, because I think, in my own state, I can tell you that people do want to hear a serious discussion on serious issues.

Well, let me tell you the reason I ask this now. He runs a vast business empire. He is the top government official. And I think, with Trump, the major point is this guy has business enterprises all over the world. Every decision that he makes is going to impact his bottom line of some business that he owns all over the world. So it remains a huge issue. Couple of years ago they had a severance package for a former CEO.

You know what the guy got as a golden parachute? And now what they want to do is shut the plants down and move to Mexico and hire people in Monterrey for three bucks an hour. So it becomes symbolic of a disastrous trade policy.

And we are going to hold him accountable. Chmagh was a father of four. The video shows a group of men in an open square in Baghdad, leading the two Reuters employees to a building nearby. Noor-Eldeen and Chmagh are shown, each carrying a camera with a telephoto lens. Request permission to engage. Uh, we have no personnel east of our position. So, uh, you are free to engage. WikiLeaks and its partner for this story, the Icelandic National Broadcasting Service, added subtitles to the video, as well as arrows indicating the Reuters employees.

amy goodman asian dating

Sustained automatic-weapon fire erupts, and most of the men are killed instantly. Noor-Eldeen runs away, and the cross hairs follow him, shooting nonstop, until he falls, dead.

A voice in the helicopter, seeking a rationale to shoot, said: All you gotta do is pick up a weapon. The weapon used was a millimeter machine gun, used to pierce armor. With everyone in sight apparently dead, U.