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cat string theory dating divas

Apr 3, Best-selling author Sherry Argov's back with a book that shows women how to transform a casual relationship into a committed one - the secret. One of the biggest mistakes you can make in a relationship is snooping. We are all guilty of it. . He Says: The Cat and String Theory. If you dangle the string in. Main · Videos; Tao and sehun dating sim cat string theory dating divas cat string theory dating divas japanese dating sim for guys android sdk japanese dating.

Drunken sex might be fun while you are young but it just doesn't work as you get older. Foods heavy in saturated fat can eventually clog arteries and lead to poor circulation which, as I stated above, plays a negative role in libido.

However, you do need fat for the production of hormones, it is absolutely required. This is why natural and unsaturated fats are needed in a healthy body. Have you see those women who are rail thin lately, the so called perfectly toned models without an ounce of fat on their bellies? Sex for them is probably horrible because they are not able to produce enough testosterone to get excited. This should make every woman feel better. Speaking of women, try adding more soy into your diet.

Soy actually binds estrogen receptors and it even helps the vaginal areas stay lubricated! Soy is also beneficial to men as it aids the prostate. A surprising aid in libido increase is natural sunlight. Natural sunlight is detected by the body through the eye's retina.

Natural light suppresses the production of melatonin in the body which is produced both in the retina and in the pineal gland of the brain. To make a long story short, melatonin produces hormones which suppress the natural appetite for sex in the body. You produce more melatonin in the winter months and less in the summer months when the natural sunlight is at a peak in volume. It could also explain why promiscuity and a heightened awareness of sexual activity is more prominent in the warmer and sunnier climates of the world.

Have you ever noticed that? For couples that live in a colder and seasonal climate, you can still get boosts of natural sunlight with plenty of outdoor activities in the daytime such as skiing. The Independent Woman and the Metrosexual Man A lot of people are starting to wonder why dating in the big city has suddenly become such a perplexing and complicated experience. And when, exactly, did this happen?

The dating scene has always been a little troublesome for some people and could even feel like more of a chore than what should be a fun time.

But lately the single jungle of Houston and other large cities are changing and evolving into more complex designs of mass confusion. We seem to be moving faster and faster into complete chaos rather than assimilating into the well preserved roles that our mothers and fathers laid out for us. Gender roles are changing and this is the basic concept that is generally holding many of us back from entering successful relationships. More and more people are remaining single for longer periods of time.

Part of this is because we are finding it difficult to accept and understand the new gender roles of our mates, even if we, ourselves, are holding to those new standards. The roles of women have gone through the most dramatic changes. They have changed more in the last two generations than in the last two millenniums. Due to mass media, urbanization and politics, women have achieved equality to men in education and the workplace and everywhere else you look.

And thanks to the sexual revolution, we have freed our minds. Our new found independence is something we fear giving back. The independent woman does not want to be controlled or told what to do. She will never again be the docile little lamb once sought after for marrying purposes.

This change in the lives of women in large cities has led to a second major change, this one in men. Men have started to take over some of the duties that women had always controlled. There are women working alongside these men in the office. And thanks to sexually homogenous advertising, the meterosexual has been created.

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This new male breed has matching ensembles for every occasion, never has a bad hair day, loves manicures and smells like roses. He has no problem shopping, attending the opera and buying new shoes. The metrosexual is completely in touch with his feminine side but there is just one thing: Suddenly, the roles that we are used to having our mates fill are no longer being filled.

The metrosexual is now asking why he has to pay for every date, open doors and pick a woman up at her door since the women are now so independent and financially equal.

cat string theory dating divas

Yet these men still secretly yearn for that woman who will do the housework and raise the children just like mom did. The independent woman has become too afraid to give back that independence she worked so hard for only to begin relying more on a man than herself. Why should she when the danger still lies of being tossed aside one day? Yet, in her heart, she also desires the manly man who will sweep her off of her feet and take away all of her problems, just like her daddy once did.

We have now entered what appears to be a never ending cycle that can only be broken by trust. The once praised nuclear family with the hard working father and stay at home mother is slowly dissipating. From now on, men and women will be taking on more equal roles in relationships and families. Romantic Vacations If you have entered into what could be a serious relationship, then at some point in time the two of you should escape into a private romantic vacation.

A retreat for just the two of you. When your relationship begins to fuse into a single life force and your entire world suddenly begins to revolve around each other, things can sometimes start to get routine or dull. The excitement might be starting to fade, although the love is just as strong as it ever was, and life is getting back to its boring old self. This is especially true once you move in together. You get up, go to work, go to the gym, do errands, clean the house and go to bed.

You cuddle up and watch the same television shows together, make plans with the same friends on the weekends and go to the same restaurants for dinner out. There is absolutely nothing wrong with becoming comfortable with your lover.

Life can't always be a daytime soap opera. But opting to take a romantic vacation together can turn out to be an indelible time together you will never forget. There are many types of vacations you and your lover can take.

Choosing the one that is right for you makes all the difference.

The Cat String Theory – Make The Women Chase You!

Many people say that a vacation with your loved one is actually one of the more stressful times you can have where you relationship is concerned. This is actually very true; but it doesn't have to be. If you pick the wrong type of vacation, you could potentially be at each other's throats and ready to kill by the end of the week.

There are two main types of vacations a couple can take: A romantic vacation or a sight-seeing vacation. But what is the difference? The two categories I have chosen are very generalized but there is a major difference.

With a romantic vacation the two of you will get plenty of relaxation, rejuvenation, pampering, lounging and easy time to spend together. On a sight seeing adventure you and your lover will be on the go-go-go.

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You won't stay in one place for too long, you will be constantly planning the next place to go and the next sight to see and you will be busy navigating and trying to communicate with the locals if you are in a different country. You might have a wonderful time, but the stress is going to build and build. There is absolutely nothing wrong with a wonderful sight-seeing tour with your lover, especially if traveling is your passion.

But if you are looking specifically for a romantic vacation, then you might want to rethink the European tour. A vacation for two in Europe, for example, might sound wonderful and even romantic. The problem is that you are going to want to see as many sights and countries as you can in your short time.

The majority of your time will be spent on the road or train, in banks exchanging currency, looking at maps and trying to find somewhere to eat and even find a bathroom. Pretty soon you will find yourself quarreling about which place to go next and because you spend so much time side by side together, you might get a tad bit annoyed with each other.

This is normal, but not very romantic. If you want to escape into a romance filled and lascivious vacation, then what you want is to go to one place for the weekend or for the whole week.

cat string theory dating divas

A resort will have the best effect. Whether it is a resort in the snowy Alpine peaks or a resort on the sandy white beaches of the Carribbean, love and romance will be the number one priority.

There will be nothing to worry about. Drinks are brought to your lounge chair and meals are paid for. You can take turns deciding what to do for the day, but for the most part you both know you are going to get plenty of lounging, napping and love making into the day. There is nothing to cause you any great stress and the two of you should be all smiles for the entire vacation. A romantic vacation is a peaceful vacation. You should also take into consideration a few tips to make your amorous vacation just perfect.

First, leave your work at home. Don't try and use your cell phone to make business calls and leave your briefcase and laptop where it belongs: If you get caught thinking about business, your lover might be less than thrilled; he or she might even be downright insulted. Also, make sure everyone in your office knows not to call you, don't even give them the name of your resort.

Second, try not to worry about what is going on back home. Let your worries and anxieties slip away into oblivion. You are on vacation, try and realize this.

Some people have a difficult time letting themselves wind down. Third, make a decent effort to be loving to your partner. You are not the only one on vacation, you partner also deserves this break.

Make unexpected and loving gestures in the name of love and romance. If you give a little, you will get a lot in return. It will make your vacation the most romantic getaway you have ever had Stop Nagging! One of the predominant reasons for the demise of a relationship is nagging. Usually thought of as a feminine trait that only women are supposed to do, men also have the ability to badger beyond belief.

Most people who nag their partners don't even realize they are doing it. The only thing which incessant nagging will do is push that special person away. This is always the exact opposite of its intent. The prevailing reason why most people harass their lovers is because they don't feel like they are getting the response or attention they should be getting.

Someone might nag about household chores, getting a new job, quitting smoking, not staying out late, financial issues and more. But saying the same thing over and over and over again is nagging.

+++++++++ How to Get a Girl to Chase You & the Cat and String Theory (TWISTED… but true)!!!!!!!!!

Even if you find new ways to state your demands, you are still saying the same thing and the object of your affections is still being and feeling nagged. The nagger wants a certain response and usually feels as if the other person is just not listening, so the nagger NAGS some more. Meanwhile, the person getting the heaping piles of orders, demands and nagging comments is getting pushed away. He or she will just end up walking away, ignoring the nagger even more and causing a great big fat circle that will not end until he or she ends the relationship.

I knew this one girl a few years ago who I befriended because we ended up being in the same circle of friends. She was a fun girl, a likable character and absolutely gorgeous But she always had a tough time keeping a guy. She was dating this man for a while. He was quite a catch and considered one of the most eligible bachelors in Houston.

He was charming, handsome, well established, cultured and financially well endowed. This girl, whom I shall call Kiki, was about to turn thirty. For her birthday Kiki's paramour told her that he was taking Kiki to a mutual friend's house for dinner and drinks. During the car ride over to her secret surprise party Kiki let loose on her boyfriend. She told him over and over that she could not believe all he was doing for her 30th birthday was taking her to dinner with friends. She nagged him terribly, even yelled at him, during the 40 minute ride.

Needless to say, she apologized when she discovered all of her closest friends and family waiting for her. A surprise which he so thoughtfully arranged. Kiki never saw a diamond ring that night. He never even told Kiki about the ring. The next day he returned the ring and broke it off with Kiki. To this day she has no idea that he was about to propose and that he broke it off with her because of her childish nagging.

I still don't have the heart to tell her. Although I do adore this woman with all my heart, I will say he did the right thing. I think most people out there would not dare to be so rude and act disappointed with your lover's gift making him or her feel badly. This was an extreme case of aggressive nagging. It was done only to make him feel bad because she felt neglected. There are a lot of men and women who act like this. If you nag and treat your new romance in this manner, it won't last.

Nagging will never get you what you want. I will say it again: If you feel like you might be nagging your lover to death you might want to think about why you are doing this.

You might even want to seek counseling. If you love your significant other and you want to keep your relationship intact, you must realize the negative impact that nagging will create. The unnecessary stress will eventually push your mate towards breaking up, divorce or straight into someone else's arms. If you feel that you are not getting the consideration or feedback you desire, you can get that attention back when you stop the pestering.

You will stop pushing that person away and he or she might actually start to give you the response you wanted all on his or her own. If you are the person being nagged you might feel like there is nothing you can do.

I don't want to tell you to bite your tongue, that will only cause anger to rage inside of you. If you get nagged enough without saying a word, you could eventually blow up. Instead of saying nothing, remember why this person is nagging you: If you want it to stop, think of a way that will appease this person. This will quickly put a lid on the nagging, for the moment anyways.

And only try to calm these situations if this is a relationship you are willing to keep and work for. Aphrodisiac Dinner Date Dinner dates with new companions can make or break a budding romance.

First dates can be nerve racking. Planning the date can be particularly difficult. Where should you go, what should you do and what would be enjoyable?

You might worry that your date will not like the restaurant, the food or worse yet, the company. Once the date begins you may sometimes struggle with conversation, feel awkward and suffer from anxiety. Don't be ashamed, it happens to everyone. What you need to do is have a plan. Once you have a course of action in place, you can stay focused. You will have more on your mind than the impending fate of your date. With this in mind you should be able to focus on the fine details of your production instead of wondering if he or she will like you.

This will immediately restore your confidence and it will give you something else to worry about! A quintessential part of your grand design should be controlling what kind of delicacies are to be consumed.

Well planned and prepared meals can be a journey through sensuality. You don't have to be a master chef to concoct a tantalizing meal, but take some time to familiarize yourself with natural foods and herbs which directly affect the senses as well as hormone and vitamin levels.

A great meal can be an aphrodisiac on a number of levels: The absolute best and incomparable sort of dinner date you can arrange is one that you prepare yourself at your own home. In this scenario you can be the male or the female, it does not matter. When a guy cooks for a girl, the woman feels special, elated, curious and very vulnerable because the man is in complete and total control.

And when the woman cooks for her special guy, she gets to showcase any special culinary talents which can serve as a hint of more to come. When you cook for someone at home you can control the food, the ambiance, the music and even the romance.

You are also alone. You have a little bit less stress on both parties because you are not in front of a crowd of other diners and waiters, you can forget about small formalities and you have a better opportunity to be yourselves. And not to mention cooking for someone is incredibly romantic in itself. It shows heart, thoughtfulness and a generous effort to please the other person. The definition of an aphrodisiac is something that arouses or intensifies sexual desire. There are hundreds of different natural foods and herbs that are thought to be aphrodisiacs usually stemming from folklore and myths.

To be exact, there are no foods that will turn on sexual desire like the flick of a switch. Forget about Spanish fly. All that ever did was aggravate the urinal tract causing people to confuse the tingling sensation in their pelvic region with one of a sexual nature. However, there are certain natural foods that can help alter and guide the moment, and you might be surprised. Asparagus may be at the top of list as a natural aphrodisiac. Vitamin D is responsible for hormone production including sex hormones while vitamin E is responsible for increasing the amount of oxygenated blood being pumped into your sex organs.

Notably, asparagus has always been considered an aphrodisiac even in the past because of its phallic appearance. The rest of the nutrients in asparagus increase vitality and work to energize the body by erradicating ammonia. Other foods rich in the sex vitamins are eggs and sunflower seeds. I don't think we can work in the eggs for a romantic dinner, but try sprinkling your salad with some delicious sunflower seeds.

Another aphrodisiac at the top of the list are chiles. Not only do chiles increase the heart rate, they also release endorphins into the body. But the hormones have another effect, they give us a natural high. Chocolate, a popular aphrodisiac, also helps increase the endorphin rush. Oysters on the half shell are not as potent as you might think. They contain very little nutritional value and the effect they have are on men, not women. First, the sweet and salty smell is very similar to the female pheromone and second, they contain a high amount of the zinc mineral which is a key ingredient for testosterone production.

Aphrodisiacs do not have to have an effect on the body as described above. Delicious and fragrant smells can put people in the right mood and even make people feel more comfortable. For example, men are insatiably attracted to the smell of apple-cinnamon candles while women are pleased with smell of lavender and rosemary spices.

Use your imagination with the food selection as well. Some foods are just sexy. Grapes and champagne, chocolate covered strawberries, artichokes with hollandaise sauce and lamb chops are just a few of my favorites. Beauty Divine The quest for beauty, age defiance and physical enhancement are at an all time high. The beauty industry, comprised of simple salons to mega-corporate giants, pulls in billions of dollars annually.

People are obsessed with making themselves beautiful and more attractive for their own personal satisfaction and so others can see them they want to be seen. Not only do people search for ways to enhance themselves, but they also seek beauty and attraction in other things, most notably a dating partner. Some people might conclude that canvassing the importance of beauty in the dating world is a bit gratuitous.

We all know its out there and it can even be considered nature's cruelest form of sexual selection. You either have it or you don't. However, I think it is a poignant topic of consideration whether you are just now entering the dating realm or you have been in it for years and whether you are male or female. Today's society places heavy weight on good looks in the work place and in social scenes.

You can't escape it and you can not deny it. Amidst growing liberties, democracy, the abolition of racial and religious oppression and the rising demand for an open mind one would naturally assume that our advanced culture would not treat certain individuals better simply because of advantageous genetic facial features. But we all know that this is the furthest from the truth. We see it every day. Doctor Nancy Etcoff, a faculty member of Harvard University and a psychologist at Massachusetts General Hospital, has beautifully illustrated the ageless hunt for beauty in her book Survival of the Prettiest.

I was enthralled with the hundreds of references throughout history Dr. Etcoff found and adapted to the importance of beauty.

One of the most interesting ones involved Eleanor Roosevelt. When asked if she had any regrets she remarked that she only wished she had been prettier. To hear a statement such as this coming from a heroine to women everywhere, it makes one want to examine why and how being beautiful or handsome plays such a dubious role in our every day lives. Etcoff examines this very thought further in her book, I think it would be best if we just accept our idealistic qualities and move on to facing them.

When it comes down to selecting new single men and women we choose to date, our very first assessment of the potential mate is based on looks. Most people will say that they are looking for more profound qualities such as character, motivation, sensitivity, a commonality in activities, beliefs and a sense of humor and that looks, although important, are not at the top of the list.

Of course everyone wants to feel as if he or she had more noble intents in mind. And although this may be true, nature tends to sway our first choice. Psychological tests upon tests show that we all gravitate towards the more attractive person at first.

This is not something that we can readily help, nor can we consider it malevolent behavior. It is simply programmed into us from commercials, magazine ads, celebrities and more. It is a learned responsive behavior. While not everyone looks like Naomi Campbell or Brad Pitt and there are only a few genetic anomalies in this world who apparently represent what we all should look like, we can all take steps and measures to improve the way we look and how we appear to others.

It is the very first rule in dating! The first person you need to impress is yourself. When you look good you feel good. Take advantage of what modern science has created in the field of beauty.

From getting the basic proper shampoo and conditioner for you hair to hair regrowth products and surgery, from makeup to enhance your features to elective surgery for more dramatic effects.

Your wardrobe should be a priority issue as well. If you are still showing up at the door to pick up your date in those same ripped jeans you have had since the 's, think about a complete wardrobe overhaul. Getting in shape is an absolute must. Not only does it show that you care about your body, it is essential for your health and it will help you to feel great physically and emotionally. The better you feel about yourself, the more confident you will appear. And confidence is a very sexy and appealing part of your overall appearance.

In her book Dr. Etcoff assumes that people, mostly men, are more attracted to beautiful people for short term relationships while beauty is less important when seeking a committed relationship. However, it is that attractive quality of sex appeal which will get you in the door. When you are just getting to know people for dating purposes such as with the use of online dating resources, your appearance is going to be one of the most compelling forces in attracting dates.

Everyone wants someone to fall in love with them for the right reasons, but you can't change basic human instinct and the natural affinity for beauty. You don't have to be the most beautiful or most handsome person in the room, but you can take the time and effort to look the best you possibly can.

Tick Tock Goes the Love Clock You wake up in the morning, still tired from staying up too late the night before, and hit snooze about seventeen times before stumbling into the shower. By the time you start rinsing the shampoo out of your stinging eyes you are already thinking about everything you have to do today. You put your makeup on in the car and get to work late as usual in desperate need of a caffeine fix, do errands at lunch, pick up your dry cleaning before the store closes after what is most likely another late day in the office, make time for tanning and an hour at the gym, and get home to a house you have to clean.

Every day is almost the same, you are busting your hump trying to get this and that done while your list of errands keeps growing. And thanks to living in an exponentially growing population in an overpopulated city you spend an obnoxious amount of time in the car giving you more time to think about everything you still need to do. By the time you get home each day, you clean a little, shovel your special diet food that you ordered online who has time to actually shop in a store and leisurely browse anymore?

Then you stay up late with your mind like a maelstrom worrying about everything you did not get accomplished. When does anyone have time for a relationship? People who live and work in the city without a significant other or children are always on the go. You might think that a single man or woman lives the life of leisure: And I suppose that there are plenty of single men and women who just stroll home after work, order pizza and plant their tushes on the couch to watch their usual prime time television line up.

But these are the people whose tushes are the same size as the couch. Hey, no ambition, no life. However, these days our lives are getting busier and busier for most people. There is so much for us to do every day. Even the singlets of this world are screaming for more time.

I seriously wonder how people are able to raise children today. I know I barely have time for nookie at the end of the day.

Perhaps it is because many people living in the city go through several stages of social behaviors and desires in their lives. These were the days of buying raman noodles in bulk and picking up a bartending job in the evenings. You can't even afford to date at this age.

And if you could, when would you have time? Finally you get a better paying job and you move up in the business world. But now you have entered a whole new social world. You are financially able to drop the second job, get some new digs without holes in the seams and start enjoying the night scene with everyone else. How can you possibly start a relationship now? He or she might actually find out that your not fabulous. Besides, it is much more hip to have a new fling every week.

This is the period of our lives where we are all poseurs. After a few years of fun and reckless behavior, you get promoted to a more prominent position in the business world. Now you realize your responsibility and you may even take it seriously. Your life might change, but your busy schedule does not. It just gets worse. When you actually get involved in that serious relationship, you must devote time to it.

To do so, you have to give up things that you don't necessarily want to give up. I always believed that we work so that we can have time. We work so that we are able to luxuriate in vacations with our loved ones and so we can buy expensive lingerie to keep the spark alive. But instead of spending as much time as we can with our sweethearts, we end up spending our time washing the car, burning the flab in pilates class, picking up the cat food and cursing the poor slob who broke down in the middle of a one lane road during rush hour.

We are so greedy and obsessed with our appearance and materialistic needs that we find it difficult to give our own time, our most precious commodity, to someone else.

Then again, when we daydream about the kind of future life we want, we envision a life surrounded by family and friends, a house in the burbs, a loving spouse and children and spending the days at home being independantly wealthy. We see ourselves doing what we really want and need: However, I will forever allege that this was not my fault.

Time was moving much too swiftly and although I tried my best to stay in the sexy and swinging twenties, I lost my grip and fell flat on my face in my thirties. I am led to believe that I will not be allowed to return. Aside from my momentary lapses of self pity, there are some great benefits to being a woman in her thirties.

As you probably guessed from the title of this article, I am now in my sexual prime. It seems like a cruel joke. Guys can't think about anything but the tent pole in their pants while in their teens and early twenties. But by the time women get to the same stage, the men are calling in reinforcements of Viagra. I am sure you have all heard about this before. Women hit their sexual prime at thirty I almost half expected to become some raging ball of hormones as if I was pushed on by a button when I turned thirty.

I was looking forward to it. To my dismay, no such transformation has occurred. Shedding light on this curiosity of mine was Dr. Sandor Gardos, a doctor in sexual education. Gardos, the notion that women hit their sexual peak at 30 is very misleading.

You will find many websites and articles on the very subject talking about how women get their groove on and peak at 30, or 35 while others say But if you are talking about a hormone flux, this is simply not true. Men and women develop the same hormones at the same time: The only reason why women seem so much more interested at a later age is because we were taught NOT to be interested in sex when we were kids.

If you experimented with sex like the boys did, you would be labeled the town Jezebel. Only when women mature are they able to feel more comfortable talking about and practicing sex.

They finally open up and begin to feel normal about desiring sex. Then it becomes a whole new world for women. The reason why people argue about the age of the sexual peak in women is because it varies for each women. It might take some women, for example, longer to learn how to orgasm.

But when each woman finally feels comfortable with her body and the virtues of sex, it just might be like hitting puberty for her, especially if she had always lived a reserved or conservative life.

This can be a great time in a woman's life; a true sexual awakening. Men are looking for that same magic. Women think that if they are perfect, beautiful and rich, they will get the respect and love they crave. When a man meets a woman who seems too perfect, too sweet, or too agreeable, he tends to become bored very quickly. Neither are good traits.

It is not something physical. Nor will good sex make him care. This is a sensitive area. Anything more than can be counted on one hand is too many. In the beginning, a guy might ask her what she likes. The nice girl makes the mistake of shrugging her shoulders and saying: If he makes you happy, he feels more secure. The Taj Mahal was built for a woman. Tell a guy what you like to do and what you like to eat. If he can depend on you to speak your mind, he will view you as a more legitimate candidate.

Weed out the contenders from the pretenders by assessing their attitude about waiting for sex. When you start asking: Men want to feel in control. All you have to do is be feminine, charming and enjoyable.