Dating a jamaican rasta man

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dating a jamaican rasta man

Date: Monday, 16 June , at a.m. There are Jamaican Rastas who are Chinese/African, Euro/African, Indo/African, Arab/African, as well as those. Posts about dating a jamaican man written by Empress Blogger. So a Rasta man has become quite fond of me. He is actually from Jamaica, is a vegan, post a lot of pics of lions, and inspirational quotes.

If you are not Rasta your self, a Jamaican Rasta man may be difficult to deal with, and hard to understand his motivations. Be gentle with your Rastaman Be gentle with your rastaman, he is special and a true gift from God in the deepest meaning possible.

dating a jamaican rasta man

Forgive him when he hurts you and is unaware of it. Give your Rasta man space to be him self Give your rastaman space to be him self.

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If you are not Rasta, this is of the utmost importance to keeping your relationship with him healthy and thriving. Not giving your rastaman space is a very fast road to having him run away from you. Give him lots and lots of love, but be pure and clean spiritually give rasta lots of love Give your Jamaican Rasta man, lots and lots and lots…did I say lots?

So, give him lots of love and affection, and loving attention. Jah makes beautiful things. Bob Marley had many lovers and many children Bob Marley had many lovers and as a result had many children.

This was his own personal choice. Those men are probably with women who value the faith, and value themselves, among other things.

Tips on dating a Rasta Man....Help!

You also have to remember, Bob Marley was a Superstar! Superstars have groupiesand we all know he is not the first man to have a baby with another woman outside of his legal marriage — and he wont be the last!

Are all Jamaican men promiscuous jamaican men sure are sexy There are a lot of Jamaican men who are promiscuous. But I have said it before and I will say it again. I truly believe this is because in places like Canada and the United States they get spoiled. Most of the women accept this bad behavior, so the men do it because they are getting away with it. One or two bad experiences and we women feel all the men are like that. Some say its the hair dreadlocks I say its his inner self that attracts women.

The innocence of his soul that is showing, ok yes.

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Combined with the dreadlocks, and some dark beautiful skinthis is very alluring. My own Jamaican Rasta man, at least I hope?? The other day a guy from Bosnia of all places picked me up. As the Emperor has said: It is simple a way of life, pure and original as was given by the most high. However, if some of the topics discussed on this Board were to be presented to Jamaican Rastas, such as acceptance of polygamy, there would be a howl of protest because being Rasta in Jamaica is about being CHRISTly, not merely African.

For most Jamaican Rastas, the possibility of emigrating to Africa is remote, especially without the concept of moving in a large group to establish an effective community. For all its problems, Jamaica is still the best place on earth, so the reggae artists who regularly tour Africa still head 'home' to Jamaica when their tour is over, rather than using the opportunity to settle in Africa. These basic differences between Black American and Jamaican Rastas make it difficult for me to overstand a lot of what goes on in this Message Board.

This revelation was emphasized by the Emperor's gift to the West of the Ethiopian Orthodox faith as a new overstanding of the Christ Life and a new way of worshipping. Thursday, 19 Juneat I initially was not going to reply to this message but after a few days of pondering over the message and replies presented I could not hold back from responding. Empress Makeda brought up some points that really stood out in my mind.

I feel as a writer the I chose some words that are very broad when speaking as an ambassador for "Jamaican Rasta". You are kind of bold to speak for the whole of Jamaican Rastas when you declared these issues do not concern Jamaican Rastas. Why wouldn't race or racism concern the Jamaican Rasta? Can you please cite references to this.

I have only read Blacks on this board declaring to non-blacks that they are not going to allow them to dictate to InI on what needs to be done or how things are done. I have read commentary of non rastas and rasta cussing at each other concerning different issues. There are deterents on this board such as J23 and Hylima and their crew.

This has really been the only time I read cussing and arguing violently.

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Besides a young bredren who claims to be a "Jamaican Rasta" who started cussing everyone, one of the names he went by was Kebra. Are you sure you are not speaking of YOUR excellent relationship with non black folks.

dating a jamaican rasta man

Most Jamaican Rastas I know do not even have any dealings with non blacks on a daily basis. They try and deal with their immediate family and their concerns, they don't interact with non-blacks until it involves money.

I am not even going to say anything further about the Bob and Cindy comment, I think that was reasoned upon already. Africa is discussed as modern political history and current affairs, not only a Repatriation objective. What is wrong with learning about African tribes. That does not mean you have to agree with everything or embrace it in such a way, but to know a little about them is not going harm you. I for one am certainly not an expert on Egyptian history, but I read some of the information that ones on this board provide.

I have learned a lot from this board. So you are saying the information provided on this board only is a Repatriation objective? That doesn't make a whole lot of sense. How can we not talk about all of these things. It is of paramount importance, which leads me to your next comment about Jamaica still is the best place on earth.

How can you give up a continent for an Island? Okay now I just thought about how this discussion became a rivalry of whose ghetto is worse. Kamau are you boasting about the death tolls of Africans killing each other in Jamaica.

dating a jamaican rasta man

We were first discussing the "Jamaican Rasta" and then somehow got on the subject of the ghetto youths. I suppose you fly the Jamaican Britain flag. The Jamaican Rasta do not get caught up in that cause when the police pull you over to get some money when you don't have none they send you to jail and when you go to court they still hail the Queen of England.

I know exactly who and how things are run in JA.

dating a jamaican rasta man

I read all the Jamaican newspapers as if I was dere right now.