Dating tips with d trix food

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dating tips with d trix food

D-trix called to offer Jerel a job to edit videos and film Until one day he had to make one of the biggest decisions of his life to date. . you do not have that, you are finding ways to pay a bill, finding ways to tip at a restaurant. I'd like to go on that kind of date, but what I usually get is invitations for drinks, a popular bar, pub, chain restaurant, or fancy restaurant, as long as it's well- reviewed, local, and you .. No, you gotta guide these poor cluless guys away from those places. Trix on Why Would a Man Dump the “Woman of His Dreams”?. I like to go on dates:D | See more ideas about Picnic time, Summer picnic and Gather couples for a bowling night & other tips for date night At Home Dates.

He was set, full-time job, paid well, working for a huge client in the dance and youtube community. Until one day he had to make one of the biggest decisions of his life to date. Over the last couple of months working with D-trix, Jerel felt overworked and unhappy with his job.

dating tips with d trix food

He saw two choices: But Jerel has learned that, if you are not taking risks in life then you are not living. You are only playing it safe. In other words, you are letting fear get in the way of the bigger picture, goals, and dreams you have had for yourself. Jerel came up with the final decision to quit. Almost instantly he felt a huge weight lift off his shoulders and an insane amount of excitement and motivation smother his entire body. Shortly after quitting Jerel became stressed due to having no work and no money.

In desperation, he applied to become an Uber driver.

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Jerel hated his job. He did not quit for this. As the months flew by Jerel finally landed small editing and filming jobs for his friends.

Pay was small but he was satisfied and happy.

dating tips with d trix food

As the small jobs came about, he began filming more than editing and noticed how much more exciting it was to film using his own creativity. Never expecting any of this success, Jerel has become extremely grateful for all the opportunities that have come his way. Within the past couple months, his name was being thrown out and clients started asking to film weddings, dance events, fitness inspiration videos and even other YouTubers for their personal channels.

Filming became a non-stop gig for Jerel, and his business became a real thing. Full-time and paid well all by himself. Just two months ago, Jerel received a phone call that would change his life and make his dreams come true. To start off in LA as a dancer, the first thing every dancer wants to do is to go on tour with an artist.

dating tips with d trix food

And through all the years of hard work, the struggle to pay bills, the worry of when the next job is, has finally become all worth it. Less stress than dancing! No counts to remember, no injuries from half inch vertical jumps, and he gets treated well compared to some dancers on tour.

Jerel is currently on tour today.

Meet North Hollywood Videographer, Photographer, and Dancer: Jerel Mascarinas

But it does not stop there. This tour is only spot dates, in other words, he gets to go back to LA every other week or couple days. With that being said, when he is back home, he consistently contacts his clients to let them know he is ready to film.

He takes no days off, and it becomes stressful at times, but it is all worth it. The only way to survive in Los Angeles is to keep on pushing even if you are already down on the ground. No matter how insecure and unconfident you may feel, never give up. Has it been a smooth road? My journey in Los Angeles has been the rockiest road I have ever walked on.

I live day by day without knowing what job I will have next month or how I will pay bills in the following three months.

dating tips with d trix food

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dating tips with d trix food

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