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I recently upgraded to the latest build of Firefox Quantum () and I sometimes have a ton of tabs I want to save for later if I'm doing It would update the date and time modified info when I did that old "save contents of. I'm not sure about other users, but I often get into situations where I'd like to save my current session (windows and their open tabs) for later. Ever wanted to save a set of browser tabs and return to them later? Here's how to save and restore browser sessions in Chrome, Firefox, and.

Not only can you easily add a new bookmark from the toolbar button, but you can access them all with a click. The start page displays your bookmarks as tiles by default, lets you add new ones quickly, and gives you buttons at the bottom for your favorites, recently-visited websites, and recently-added pages. You can customize the start page with a theme, import or export your items, and select a different layout.

Save and restore Firefox tabs with Session Boss

Additional features include a search box, bookmark sharing, and group creation. If you want a start page tool for your links, Atavi Bookmarks is a great option. Tackle Too Many Tabs Whether for work, school, or home, there are often times when so many tabs are open at once that you can get lost. Here's how you can turn Safari into a productivity powerhouse. Read More will save you time and aggravation. Tab Lister Tab Lister provides an easy, one-shot view of your open tabs.

When you click the button in your toolbar, a new window will open, closing your tabs, and listing those you had open on a single screen. From here, you can go to a specific one, open them all back up, or save the view for later. The extension also lets you remove tabs from the list individually.

If you work with many open tabs at once and would like a convenient way to group them onto one page, Tab Lister gets the job done. Recent Tab List Recent Tab List is another option for quickly opening a specific tab without having to navigate to it.

A handy tool for those who work with numerous tabs at one time, just tap the toolbar button to see the list.

Save and restore Firefox tabs with Session Boss - gHacks Tech News

You can then select any one to move right to it, filter the options if you have many, and see recently-closed tabs as well. For a fast way to find the tab you need, Recent Tab List makes it easy.

Tab Across is a cool tool that lets you save your browser session with the open tabs. In addition, the extension allows you to save the session of tabs to Evernote, OneNote, Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus as well as within an email. If you are conducting research using many tabs or need to share the sites you found easily, Tab Across is helpful. When you click the toolbar button, you can save your current session, load the last session, import or export, or perform a cleanup.

This tool also provides options for you to restore your last session upon startup, all tabs in a single window, and perform an auto-save every so many minutes.

So, if you like the idea of being able to restore your session in a fast and simple way, take a look at Session Restore. Tab Stack Our natural way of reading is from left to right and with this in mind, Tab Stack moves your active tab accordingly.

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The extension saves tabs automatically in 15 minute intervals and if that is all you want, you don't have to interact with Session Boss at all other than opening its interface when you need to restore tabs.

You may save tabs manually as well. It takes two clicks to save the active window or all windows, and the process itself is fast. While I did not test Session Boss with hundreds of open tabs, it worked well with a few dozen tabs open in the Firefox browser. The extension displays three backup lists in its interface. It lists user sessions and auto backup sessions separately, and lists all sessions as well.

How to save all open tabs quickly in your browser of choice - gHacks Tech News

Each features a search and various sort options to find sessions quickly if plenty are listed. You may sort by time, group or name. The latter is useful if you use Session Boss' rename functionality to name saved sessions.

Session Boss lists all saved windows and tabs of the selected session. You can click on any address to open it individually, or use controls to restore all tabs at once. The extension gives you several options to do so: Restore sessions over existing windows by replacing them. Restore sessions with new windows keeping existing windows and tabs open.